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Social Media is a way to promote your website/blog. This presentation is about driving traffic to your website/blog using twitter. Twitter is no.2 social media after facebook. I have put best efforts to provide you the ways to drive traffic using twitter, based on my experience. Hope this helps you. Happy Twittting. Happy Social Media Promotion TO All. I welcome everyone to share their views.


  • 1. Dhruv Thaker
  • 2. Social Media like twitter, facebook, pinterest, stumbleupon etc. are a great way to promote your website. I am sharing the ways to drive traffice to your website using twitter based on my experience .
  • 3. Your profile tells you about yourself. So, take care while writing for your profile page. Include your blog /website in profile page.
  • 4. As I have experinced more tweets can get more followers. So, If you are consistent in tweeting, you have more chances of getting more followers, and thus,more visitors to your website.
  • 5. Using #keyword is the way to make the people searching for particular thing reach to you. I am giving one example, I wrote about childcare, so I included #child. And this made related people follow me. Twitter Trends, Another way is to look for the twitter trends. You can also set trends, countrywise.
  • 6. You can connect with the like minded people on twitter. Twitter suggests you people to follow. Just see on left of your twitter page. Just right click and see the profile and page of the people and if you like to connect with that people, just follow them.
  • 7. You will find Suggessions On left of your twitter Page.
  • 8. If you communicate with people regularly, they will find that you are really serious on twitter (I think this.). If possible use @username, and communicate with the people as much you can. Share with them.
  • 9. Sharing is always good. Not only on twitter, this can help you drive traffic to you website/blog on any social media. So, if you share images or articles, infographic etc. with the people and if they find it interesting, the y will surely read it and I think this factor can be a major factor to drive traffic to your site.
  • 10. Dhruv Thaker Twitterid: @dhruvthaker3