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  • 1. This originally is the text I decided to usefor the main title of my poster. The text isOrator Std size 90pt. The way the text isspaced out makes it a lot clearer and easierto read. I originally decided to use a whitefont colour although this does not standout effectively.Therefore I then decided add effects to thetext. This picture shows I changed thecolour only. I used a darker red colour tomake it bolder and stand out more on thepage. Although something was still lacking.This is why I decided to edit the titlefurther.Further editing I did the text includedadding bevel and emboss, gradientoverlay, drop shadows, inner shadows andstrokes. This made my text seem more 3dand bolder on the page. This will thenmake it easier for the audience to read asits more eye catching in comparison to thefirst picture we see.Using Photo Shop To Edit Text