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Adobe PhotoShop progress

These two images are screenshots that I have taken from Adobe Photoshop. This is to demonstrate the difference in my work over the last few months. I have now been able to fill in the gaps where footage was missing and make it much more of a substantial and successful music video. To do this I went out on various different occasions with a camera and took more footage, taking my narrative into consideration. These screenshots show my work on Photoshop and the fact that I have independently uploaded my footage and edited it to create my own music video.

These screenshots show how I have manipulated my footage to fit with my narrative, I feel that the black and white filter works well with my narrative as, in my opinion, monochrome adds to the emotion that I want to gain from my video, I also feel that it fits well with the romance that I have included in my video. This screenshot shows what I did to edit this shot. I have zoomed in on the edit that I selected and inserted an image of the footage showing what it looks like now.

A vast majority of my shots are in slow motion. I have included this screenshot to show how I have reduced the speed of my footage. A lot of my footage has been reduced to 60% so that the overall duration of the shot is longer. I have done this as I feel that making the action in the footage slower, fits well with the song as it is not fast paced. The vocals are also very calm and acoustic, which I feel is parallel to what is being seen in my music video.This screenshot shows how I have incorporated fades into my music video. I have purposely chosen this effect as it again adds to the emotional effect I am trying to portray. I also feel that it fits well with the song, lyrics and pace. I think that this edit is an important feature within my music video as it is also a successful way of portraying the passing of time. The screenshot on the left shows exactly what I did to manipulate the footage and the screenshot on the right shows what it looks like after this has been incorporated.