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  • English Grammar fundamentals-iI Course: B.TechSem. IISubject: ECLSUnit: II Homophones, Homonyms and Homographs


  • What do all of these words have in common? How are they the same?HomophoneHomonymHomograph

    Each begins with the root word homo.

    Homo means same.All of these words have to do with sameness.

  • HomophonePhone = soundTelephone = across soundHomophone = same sound

    Words that sound the same but have different spellings are homophones.

    Examples: petal / peddal or to / two / and too.

  • HomophonesA type of homonym: words that sound alike, have different meanings, and are spelled differently.

    Sea My family is traveling to the Carribbean Sea for vacation.SeeIf I dont wear my glasses, I cant see!Their Their class won the pizza party.There Please stand over there to wait for your turn.

  • HomophonesSeeMeetMeatSea

  • HomophonesBlewBluePairPear

  • The phone began to just as I stepped in the house.(Remember: Press enter after you circle each answer!)ring wring

  • The phone began to just as I stepped in the house.ring wring

  • The duck is near thatover there.reed read

  • The duck is near thatover there.reed read

  • I loved the secondof that play.scene seen

  • I loved the secondof that play.scene seen

  • The of bread baking was all through the house.scent sent

  • The of bread baking was all through the house.scent sent

  • The watch doesnt to be working.seam seem

  • HomonymNym = namePseudonym = fake nameHomonyms = same name

    Words that sound the same and have the same spellings are homonyms.

    Examples: bear / bear or stalk / stalk

  • HomonymsWords that have different meanings and are either spelled the same or sound the same.

    Fair I went to the county fair.Fair It is not fair that I cant go to the party. BaseI slid into second base.BassI caught a giant bass while fishing.Pair I washed my pair of socksPear I ate a pear for lunch.

  • Homonymstheirtheretheyre

    totwotoo bybuy itsits youryoure

  • What is a Homonym?

    Homonyms are words that :sound alikeare spelled differentlyhave different meanings

  • Lets look at some common Homonyms!

    WordDefinitionPicture theirpossessive of they


    theyre contraction for they are

  • More Work with HomonymsWordDefinitionPicturetodirection

    tooexcessive; in addition

    two number

  • Its vs. Its WordDefinitionPicture itspossessive of it is

    its contraction of it isRewrite the following sentence using a homonym:

    The dogs leash is long.

  • Youre vs. YourWordDefinitionPicture yourecontraction of you are

    yourpossessive of you

  • Bare vs. BearWordDefinitionPicture


    bear animal; to endureThinking like a scientist, create a simple scenario using both homonyms to the left. (A paragraph using both homonyms will suffice.)

  • A flower found in your eye.iris

  • Look at this to see what the time is.watch

  • Your money is not in danger when it is in this.safe

  • Practise for a match as you travel on the rails.train

  • Press down hard with your foot to stick this on the envelope.stamp

  • A learner in the middle of your eye.pupil

  • A sixtieth of a minute is not first.second

  • A place where a group of fish learn.school

  • A keen supporter to cool you down.fan

  • Move your hand as the water comes in.wave

  • A less heavy way to start a fire.lighter

  • A dog does this on the outside of a tree trunk.bark

  • Shake with fear holding the arrows.quiver

  • Smooth, not odd numbers.even28410612

  • Does it squeak when it moves the cursor?mouse

  • The colour of a fruit.orange

  • Glue the long piece of wood.stick

  • A season to go boing!spring

  • A tree in the middle of your hand.palm

  • Homographsgraph = writingbiography = life writinghomograph = same writing

    Words that have the same spellings but sound different are homographs.

    Examples: wind / wind or bass / bass

  • HomographsA type of homonym: words that are spelled the same but have different meanings.

    bowI tied a bow to the present.bowThe hunter used a bow and arrow. bowThe dancer took a bow after her performance.tearA tear rolled down my face after the sad movie.tearI told my little sister not to tear my homework. lead Can I borrow some lead for my pencil?leadPlease lead the students quietly down the hall.leadI lead the class down the hall.

  • Homographs: words which are spelled the same but have different meanings

    Example:I went on a trip to Hawaii.Trip in this sentence means to go somewhere.Tie your shoelaces, or you will trip.Trip in this sentence means to fall over something.The word trip is a homograph because it was two meanings but its spelled the same.

  • HomographsRulerRulerA tool used for measuring length.A king or queen.

  • HomographsPoolPoolA table game where you shoot balls into pockets.A place for swimming.

  • HomographsSchoolSchoolA large group of fish.A place for learning.

  • HomographsPitcherPitcherA container for liquids.The baseball player who pitches the ball.

  • HomographsBlockBlockA cube-shaped toy used for building.The section of a neighborhood.

  • HomographsChestChestA container with a lid used for storing valuables.The upper part of your body.

  • HomographsTopTopThe highest part of an object.A toy that spins.

  • HomographsBatterBatterThe baseball player who hits the ball.A mix to make cakes and breads.

  • HomographsPitPitA deep hole.The hard seed of a fruit.

  • HomographsScaleScaleA tool used for measuring weight.The rough skin of a fish or reptile.

  • HomographsStarStarA mass of gas in space.A famous person.

  • HomographsBatBatA flying mammal.An object used to hit the ball in baseball.

  • Read the following sentences:

    Jill got water from the well.Jill wasnt feeling well at school today.

    well (n.) a deep hole from which water is drawnwell (adj.) healthy

  • Example: 1. The dove flew by the window. 2. She dove into the pool.dove /dav/ (n.)a small white bird dove /douv/ (v.)the past tense of dive

    Non-example: 1. The knight drew his sword.2. It was the middle of the night. Knight /nit/ (n.) a soldier who followed the kingNight /nit/ (n.) when it is dark outside

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