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Website developed for Blood & Marrow Transplant Program - Uof MN Medical Center


<ul><li> 1.</li></ul> <p> 2. 3. 4. Organ Transplant ProgramUniversity of Minnesota Medical Center &amp; Childrens Hospital, Fairview<br />www.uofmnbmt.org<br />Rebranded existing Fairview Transplant program website that had not been updated in 4-5 years<br />Developed project from wireframe to launch including <br />Design the user interface, conceptual diagrams and wireframes<br />Presented design work to medical and executive teams for review and feedback<br />Completed strategic analysis, content audits, competitive analysis and online intelligence<br />Drafted web content and populated staging site with copy and graphics<br />Identified key subject matter experts for content review<br />Conducted graphics assessments and managed photo shoots<br /></p>