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  • 7/25/2019 Unlimited Fafnir 04 - Spirit Howling


    Copyright Notice

    Copyrigh 2015

    First Edition

    Some righs reserved; all wrongs reserved. Tis unauhorized English digi-al publicaion o volume 4 o he novel series Unlimied Fanir may bereproduced or modified wihou atribuion, bu may no be used commer-

    cially wihou permission rom he auhor or he copyrigh holder.

    Tis novel is brough o you by sukasa (auhor) and Korie Riko (illusra-or), via Kodansha Bunko. Tis English ranslaion is being done a Baka-suki by Enropy (ranslaor) and Belakuro (edior). Te easer was done

    by jonahanasd (ranslaor).

    Conens in his publicaion were eched on 30 Nov 2015 (local ime),and are up o dae wih he revision o 06:23, 30 Nov 2015 on Baka-suki

    websie. Local changes were made as needed.

    Tis publicaion was executed(pun inended) independenly by dream-er2908 / dreamer2908@gmail.com. Te ex ace isArno Pro, designed byRober Slimbach, issued by Adobe. Te headings are se in Nuvo Pro, de-signed by Siegried Rckel, issued by FonFon.

    Please suppor he auhor and he ligh novel indusry by purchasing au-horized copies o his ligh novel or derivaive producs when i becomesavailable o you.

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    is a ligh novel series wrien by sukasa and illus-raed by Korie Riko. he series is serialized in Kodansha Bunko. Nine

    volumes have been released so ar, as o Augus 2015. Produced by Dio-media, an anime adapaion aired during he Winer 2015 anime season,covering he irs hree volumes o he ligh novel.

    Tis is volume 4, eniled Spiri Howling, released on 02 April 2014 by

    Kodansha Bunko (ISBN: 4063753638 / 978-4063753639).

    Story Synopsis

    Making a conrac wih Yggdrasil and losing memories as he price, Yuu re-vealed his whole secre o Iris, and she deermined o recover his memo-ries.

    A he same ime, Kili, a D who had been deemed disaser, showedup a Erlia principaliy, Firills home counry. o respond o her proecionreques, Yuus class headed o Erlia.

    Tey enjoyed hemselves wih dance and ood in he exraordinary or-

    eign counry. However, he spiri-eaing devil birdYellowHraesvelgrcame o hem

    I promise youNo mater wha happens, his kiss is he one hing Iabsoluely won' orge.

    Ill proec you a all cos.(Back cover o volume 4)

  • 7/25/2019 Unlimited Fafnir 04 - Spirit Howling


    Table of Contents

    Prologue ..................................................................................... 12

    Chaper 1: Te Princess Who Fighs Dragons ................. 19

    Chaper 2: Silver-Armored Hreidmar .............................. 124

    Chaper 3: Yellow Hraesvelgr ......................................... 207

    Chaper 4: Noah o Soul Desrucion .............................. 278

    Epilogue ................................................................................... 320

    Aferwords ............................................................................... 339

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    Tree years ago, o proec my homeown rom being

    desroyed by Blue Hekaonkheir, I made a deal wihGreen Yggdrasil.

    Because he knowledge o power ha Yggdrasil rans-mited o medaa regarding weaponry rom a los civili-zaionwas oo vas in volume, I los memories every ime

    I downloaded.

    My younger siser Misuki would surely eel sad i she

    ound ou abou his, hence I kep i secre rom her, be-cause I did no wan o see suffering on Misukis ace

    Bu i was already oo lae.I had even orgoten ha Misuki was no my siser by

    blood. Even my precious eelings owards her had been

    los.I am mysel. Simply his alone would already hur

    Misuki. A some poin in ime, I was already no longer my

    original sel.And i was acually jus now ha I finally noiced his


  • 7/25/2019 Unlimited Fafnir 04 - Spirit Howling


    13 / 344 Unlimied Fanir Volume 4

    I conessed his secre, which I had kep hidden in my

    hear unil now, never disclosing o anyone a all.

    I old he girl who should be he mos precious o mecurrenlyIris Freyjaorcing her o shoulder he heavy

    burden I could no wihsand on my own.Inside he mildly rocking ranspor ship, in ron o he

    cabin assigned o me, I embraced Iris ighly as hough cry-

    ing ou or help, elling her everyhing.I sruggled inernally, rying my hardes o squeeze ou

    words ha sounded like a guily conession.

    Iris silenly lisened o me.

    Sorry or elling you his kind o hing ou o heblue

    Afer I finished, I apologized o her wih a heavy con-science.

    Wha am I doing?

    Sunned a my own weakness, an inense wave o regresurged in my hear Bu ime could no urn back.

    Hmm You old me so much in one go, my mind is o-

    ally muddled.Iris replied o me wih a wry smile and wrapped her

    arms around my back.Full o chagrin, my hear pounded in response.

  • 7/25/2019 Unlimited Fafnir 04 - Spirit Howling


    Prologue 14 / 344

    Bu i heres one hing I definiely el, is ha youre

    relying on me, Mononobe, so don worry!

    Iris separaed rom me and looked me in he eyesquarely.

    Tis ime, is my urn o help you, Mononobe.Iris declared wih clear deerminaion on her ace.

    Tere was no he slighes hesiaion in her eyes. She

    simply ocused, saring a me.Iris

    Tis isn somehing o ell everyone, righ? In ha case,

    les go ino he cabin o alk. I wan o hear more rom you,

    Mononobe, o hink abou wha should be done.Tus, we enered my cabin and sa down side by side

    on a bed, o coninue he conversaion.Specifically, she asked me how I los my memories and

    why I could no ell ohers

    Iris asked wih an expression o unparalleled serious-ness on her ace while I answered all her quesions honesly.

    Finally, she sopped asking quesions and he cabin re-

    urned o silence.I saw Iris silenly sare a he ceiling or a while beore

    whispering sofly:

  • 7/25/2019 Unlimited Fafnir 04 - Spirit Howling


    15 / 344 Unlimied Fanir Volume 4

    For you, Mononobe, alling in love wih me mus be

    he mos painul or you.

    No, hasI reflexively ried o deny wha she said, bu words

    ailed me mid-senence.Because Iris was righ on arge. Wha made me eel he

    wors was ha I had berayed my pas selI had berayed

    my promise wih Misuki.Even afer becoming siblings I will sill love you

    more han anyone else, Misuki, and we will ge married

    when we grow up.

    I had apparenly made such a vow o Misuki duringour childhood.

    Having orgoten such an imporan promise, alling inlove wih Iris, I was no longer he Mononobe Yuu whom

    Misuki knew.

    Hence, I could no longer bear i. I el inense guil orconinuing o preend o be Mononobe Yuu, which was

    why I revealed everyhing.

    Mononobe, you don need o orce yoursel o deny i,because even i is rue, Im sill very glad.


  • 7/25/2019 Unlimited Fafnir 04 - Spirit Howling


    Prologue 16 / 344

    Unable o undersand Iris, I asked her. Iris leaned her-

    sel over and resed her head on my shoulder.

    Yes, only because is he curren Mononobe, I eel likedoing his Te curren Mononobe loves meTis

    means ha our eelings are muual, righ?Well, I guess youre righ

    Ten is fine. I eel very happy jus knowing his alone.

    Iris smiled wih blushing cheeks, looking up shyly ame.

    My guil-filled hear insanly el slighly warmer.

    Mononobe, now is no he ime o agonize or eel los.

    Les hink ogeher abou he uure.Te uure?

    Yes, we must find a way to get your memories back.Hearing her say ha, my jaw dropped in surprise.

    I could no undersand. I really could no comprehend

    how Iris could say his so nonchalanly.Are you serious?

    Eh? Yes, o course Im serious. Do you hink ill be very

    hard, Mononobe?No, his isn an issue o easy or hard You do realize

    wha i means, righ? I by any chance, I rerieve my memo-ries

  • 7/25/2019 Unlimited Fafnir 04 - Spirit Howling


    17 / 344 Unlimied Fanir Volume 4

    Tere would be no harsher realiy han ha, so I was

    unable o finish my senence.

    Bu Iris seemed o realize wha I waned o say. Shesmiled a litle sadly.

    I know, hen you won be he curren Mononobe any-more Bu is okay, because Ive decided o help you,


    Iris was making hersel very clear. Even i i migh meanlosing her curren happiness, she would sill go ahead.

    How could she become so srong?

    Tinking back, she was like his already rom our firs

    encouner. I was never able o undersand Iris syle and be-havior. Wheher in a good sense or a bad sense, she was al-

    ways beyond my predicion.Probably because she was so impossible o under-

    sand Ta was why I ell in love wih her.

    I sared a Iris ace, mesmerized, only o see her slighlyavering her gaze shyly.

    Umm Alhough I made such a bold promise, I acu-

    ally haven come up wih a specific plan, sorry.Don apologize. Tank you. Is he hough h