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United States Constitution Exam Preparation. Article Two of the Constitution. Article Two of the Constitution. Purpose is to Enforce Laws Title - President. President / Vice President. Term of Office – 4 years Term Limit – 2 terms - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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United States Constitution ExamPreparationArticle Two of the Constitution1Article Two of the ConstitutionPurpose is to Enforce LawsTitle - President

2President / Vice PresidentTerm of Office 4 yearsTerm Limit 2 termsElected by Electoral College; majority vote to win PresidencyMust take An OathQualifications:35 years oldNatural Born CitizenLive in the United States for 14 yearsTitles: Commander-in-Chief, Chief Executive, Chief Diplomat, Head of State, Head of Government3Privileges & PowersPresident is PaidPower to Make TreatiesPower to Make AppointmentsPower to Pardon & ReprievePower to Call Special Sessions of Congress

4Removal from OfficeImpeachmentTreasonBriberyHigh Crimes & Misdemeanors

5Presidential Line of SuccessionPresident1-Vice President2-Speaker of the House3-President Pro Tempore4-Presidential Cabinet6Presidential SuccessionCabinet LineSecretary of StateSecretary of the TreasurySecretary of DefenseAttorney GeneralSecretary of the InteriorSecretary of AgricultureSecretary of CommerceSecretary of LaborSecretary of Health & Human ServicesSecretary of Housing & Urban DevelopmentSecretary of TransportationSecretary of EnergySecretary of EducationSecretary of Veterans AffairsSecretary of Homeland Security7Legislative Duties of the VPPresident of the SenateVotes only if there is a tie in the SenateJudge of Impeachment Trials (except in the case of President or Vice President)Presides over Joint Session of Congress to count Electoral Votes


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