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  • Unit 5 : Part AA Time for Memories

  • Unit 5 Pre-Reading Activities Background information Intensive Study After-reading

  • Pre-reading Activities: video watchingDirections: Watch the video and fill in the blanks.

  • Pre-reading Activities: video watchingBack when I was a childBefore life removed all the innocenceMy father would me high And dance with my mother and me and thenSpin me around till I fell asleepThen up the he would carry meAnd I knew for sure I was lovedIf I could get another chance

  • Another Another dance with himId play a song that would never, ever endHow I love, love, loveTo with my father againWhen I and my mother would disagreeTo get my way I would run from her to himHed make me laugh just to me

  • Pre-reading Activities: listeningThen finally make me do just what my mama saidLater that night when I was asleepHe left a dollar under my Never dreamed that he would be gone from meIf I could steal one final glanceOne final One final dance with himId play a song that would never, ever endCause I love, love, loveTo dance with my father again

  • Sometimes Id listen her doorAnd Id hear how my mother cried for himI for her even more than meI for her even more than meI know Im praying for much too muchBut could you send back the only man she lovedI know you dont do it usuallyBut dear Lord shes To dance with my father againEvery night I fall asleep this is all I ever dream

  • 1. Do you think that your parents are the most important people in your life? Why or why not?

    2. What is the ideal relationship between parents and their children in your view?

    Pre-reading Activities:. Discussion

  • Pre-reading Activities:. Discussion

    3. Some parents believe that they raise children so that their children will look after them when they are old. Do you accept this view?4. Some parents are often willing to sacrifice a lot for their children. Do you think it is good for them to do so? Please elaborate your position with examples.

  • Senior Prom1. Definition: A prom is a formal dance at a school or college, usually held at the end of the academic year. A senior prom usually refers to a formal dance party held at the end of the final year of high school.

  • 2. Preparation for a Senior PromDirections: Listen to the following paragraphs and fill in the blanks given below.1) Planning for the prom begins . Shadi Sakr, 23, was on his high school prom committee, but later decided to leave, and did not attend the prom either. people were getting their licenses, deciding on they wanted to wear, reserving their six months in advance for the , he says.2)Proms are not . Depending on parents and individual teens , hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent on the prom.

  • 3) This is usually for the following items: for girls, ; for boys, renting tuxedos (); the actual ; renting a hotel room; renting a limousine () or some other car; beauty salon for girls to get their done and the after-prom party.4) In some places, there is almost an entire day pre-prom preparation, with a to commemorate the event.

  • The writer recalls the days when she and her mother would meet and chat about life under a pine tree in the park nearby.After the writers mother died, the writer still brought her sons to the same spot which brought back fond memories of her mother. Such visits and gatherings under the tree had created a close bond between her and her sons.Structure Analysis

  • Questions and Answers1.What did the family often do under the pine tree when the writers mother was alive?The family used to have picnics and gatherings quite often under the pine tree in the park.2.What did the writer and her mother usually talk about under the tree?They usually talked about what was happening in their respective lives.

  • 3.Why did Mother look unusually solemn one day and ask her daughter strange questions?Mother acted unusually that day because her heart disease was deteriorating and she was dying.

  • True or False1,The writers sons come to the pine tree often after their grandmother died because their grandmother used to take them there. 2,The writer always brings her sons to the pine tree and talk to them about family picnics, gatherings and their grandmother.( )( )

  • 3,Her son rarely hugs her, and when he does, it is like a special treat something that gives her great pleasure and delight.4,The park with the pine tree is a meaningful place for the writer.5,The writer visits the pine tree after her mothers death occasionally only because she misses her mother.( )( )( )

  • Unit 5When people die, they cease to exist in this world physically. But for the author of this essay, a pine tree in a nearby park brings back fond memories of her dead mother and she knows clearly that love and memory will never die. Now, she brings her sons to the same place.

  • A Time for MemoriesSharon WrightOne warm and pleasant summer afternoon, I sat on an old blanket under a pine tree chatting with my mother. For years, we had been coming to this park for family picnics and gatherings, and my mother and I often sat in this same spot.

  • In recent years, we usually just talked about life, but sometimes we recalled events from my childhood. Like the time I was thirteen and had my first date, when Mother brought me to this spot under the tree and told me about the facts of life.Orthe time a few years later, when my hair turned out pink for my senior prom and shed held me while I cried. But the most special event that occurred next to this tree was when I told Mother I was getting married.

  • Tears filled her eyes and this time I held her while she cried. She told me she was sad to lose her little girl but happy to see that I had turned into a beautiful young woman.Over the years, wed watched the pine trees in this park grow tall and straight until their needles seemed to touch the clouds. Each year of their growth seemed to match our increasingly close relationship and the deepening love we had for each other.

  • On this particular sunny afternoon, Mother and I sat quietly breathing in the scent of freshly mown grass. She was unusually solemn and took me by surprise when she asked me, Who will you bring here after Im gone? I gave her one of my arched-eyebrow inquiries, then smiled. After a few moments, when she didnt return my smile, I began to wonder what made her ask such a disturbing question. Mother picked up a blade of grass and began to shred it with her fingernail. Id become well acquainted with my mothers habits, and this particular one indicated she had something serious on her mind.

  • For several minutes, we sat in silence gathering our thoughts. A couple of blue birds squawked nearby and an airplane flew overhead, but they didnt ease the awkward moment between us. Finally, I reached over and took my mothers hand in mine. Theres nothing you cant tell me, Mother, I said. We will handle this together, like we always have.

  • She looked into my face, and her eyes filled with tears that spilt down her cheeks cheeks that were alarmingly pale. Even before she said it, I knew what was coming. Mother was dying.I held her tightly while she told me that her heart condition was worsening and couldnt be repaired. I think I had known for quite a while but had not been willing to admit it to myself. Shed had several heart attacks and, a few years ago, even open-heart surgery.

  • What I didnt know, and what she had kept from me, was that her condition wasnt improving. We talked about her options, which were few; we cried, held each other and wished for more time together.That was many years ago now. Mother died soon after that day, before my sons had a chance to know her. I still come to the park, but now I bring my boys. I still sit under that same sturdy pine tree on an old blanket and talk to my sons of family picnics, gatherings and the grandmother they never knew. Just as my mother did with me, I tell my children about their youthful funny

  • Behaviors and praise them for their accomplishments as young adults. We come to this special place to create our own memories memories that I know would make my mother smile with pride.

  • Not long ago my oldest son wanted to come to the park and talk, so we came and sat under our tree. He hemmed and hawed for a few minutes, then he finally told me he was getting married. I cried tears of joy as my son hugged me his hug a rare and special treat. I told him how proud I was of the man he had become.As I sat there that cool April afternoon soaking up the sun and the smell of freshly mown grass, I felt I had come full circle under this giant pine tree. Holding my son in my arms, I was happy for him, just the way I knew my mother had been happy for me all those years ago when I told her I was getting married.

  • Looking over my sons shoulder, I saw that several young pine trees had been planted recently. As these trees grow straight and tall, I thought, will the lives of my family continue to grow with them? I wanted to share this spot with my grandchildren, too.

  • The branches above were swaying in the breeze and


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