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Presented to Silicon Valley iOS Developers meetup group Nov 18, 2014. Hosted at Coursera in Mountain View, CA. Notes: As you know, Coursera is a leader in online education with nearly a thousand online courses that you can watch on an iPad (and more). They've promised something interesting to share with us Monday as well: a look Under the Hood of Scalable Apps by iOS engineer Brandon Tram and Android engineer Michelle Wong. Thanks also to Paul Robinson and Saul Mora at Coursera for agreeing to host us!


  • 1. Under the Hood ofScalable AppsBrandon Tram (btram@coursera.org)Michelle Wong (mwong@coursera.org)

2. University of Waterloo Co-op program Mobile - iOS & Android 3. Universal Access to the Worlds Best Education 4. Mobile @ Coursera 5. Coursera iOS 1.0What aboutscaling up?Forget scaleSHIP IT 6. Scaling up How do wemeasure growth?What aboutadding X & Y?This legacy codeis not so greatTest? Test? Test? 7. New Methodologies86% of time is spent using apps, 14% is spent browsing 8. Feature ModulesWhat about integrating large features? 9. Coursera Debug Tools 10. Activating Tweaks Employee verification Volume key Overlay icon Secret gesture 11. Tweaks: Other Examples Client-side FB Tweaks Remote GroundControl Rollout.io 12. Tweaks Challenges Defining a useable interface Activation method Changing app state at runtime 13. How do wemeasure growth? 14. Analytics LifecycleProduct Team PartnersEventingPlatformAnalyticsTeam 15. Event: pause_clickedProperties:- video id- video time- play back rate- subtitle language- volumeMetadata:- timestamp- app version- os version- etc 16. Mobile Metrics 26% of all video views 6.5 million viewsiOS Android Web60%26%14% 17. Debug X-Ray Event key, metadata filtering Send to email, Google Drive Tweaks-enabled 18. Dispatch Sources 19. Dispatch Sources 20. Analytics Challenges 21. Takeaways You have a great app in production or market Scale team: feature flagging Scale user growth: accurate analytics tracking 22. Thank You!btram@coursera.orgmwong@coursera.org