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This presentation helps to sensitize students about the different types of keyboards. There are other types but i used the ones I thought my students would find interesting.


  • 1. Types of KeyboardsHOW DO KEYBOARDS DIFFER?By Nichole Graham-Treston

2. IntroductionThis pr esent at ion seeks t oexplain t he dif f er ent types ofcomputer keyboards suchincluding gaming keyboar ds,lapt op keyboar ds ander gonomic keyboar dsTher e ar e also ot her t ypes ofcomput er keyboar ds, such asf oldable keyboar ds and 3. Laptop Computer Keyboard The lapt op comput er keyboar d is a smallver sion of t he t ypical QWERTY keyboar d.A t ypical lapt op has t he same keyboar dt ype as a normal keyboar d, except f or t hef act t hat most lapt op keyboar ds condenset he symbols int o f ewer but t ons t oaccomodat e less space. Ther e ar e also of t en ext r a keys such aspower but t ons, volume but t ons, playbut t ons, r ewind but t ons, mut e but t ons andot her s. 4. Gaming Keyboards Gaming keyboar ds ar e similar t o normalkeyboar ds except t hey gener ally cont ainext r a f eat ur es such as illuminat ed keys,mult imedia keys, an addit ional LCD scr een,palm r est and ot her f eat ur es. I lluminat ed keyboar ds ar e usef ul f orplaying games, dur ing t he night , when it ' st oo dar k t o see t he keyboar d normally. Themult imedia keys ar e also usef ul f oradj ust ing t he volume, f or changing t hemusic t r acks and f or doing ot her t hings,while cont inually playing your game. 5. XTAn obsolet e t ype, t hesekeyboar ds only suppor t t he oldercomput er s such as I BM8086/ 8088, XT-286. Notsuppor t ed by pr esent comput er s,keyboar ds ar e much lar ger t hant he moder n keyboar ds and t heEnt er key is backwar d-Lshaped. 6. MINI PS/2The MI NI PS/ 2 keyboar ds ar ever y small in size and ar ecompat ible wit h t he PS/ 2comput er s. This keyboar dr esembles t he lapt op keyboar dand it is squar e in shape. Thiskeyboar d is composed of f ewerkey and do not have det achnumer ic keypad. 7. The Roll-Up KeyboardThese keyboar ds f eat ur e 104 keys ina st andar d QWERTY layout , but wit ha nif t y t wist of being t he mostpor t able keyboar d seen t o dat e.Simply r oll t he unit up when your edone wit h it ! A gr eat t ool f or lapt opuser s who miss t heir f ull-sized KBwhen on t he r oad, or LAN par t ywar r ior s looking t o light en t heir load. 8. Optimus KeyboardEach and ever y key on t heOpt imus Keyboar d is ast and-alone display t hatshows you exact ly what it iscont r olling at t he ver ymoment . 9. The Keyboard 10. Das KeyboardWher e is t he let t er s? Daskeyboar d believe wit h no keyst o look at when t yping, yourbr ain will adapt and memor izet he key posit ion t husincr easing t yping speed. 11. The Virtual Laser KeyboardThe I -Tech Vir t ual Keyboar d uses alight pr oj ect ion of a f ull-sizedcomput er keyboar d on almost anysur f ace. Used wit h PDAs and Smar tPhones, t he Vir t ual Keyboar d pr ovidesa pr act ical way t o do e-mail, wor dpr ocessing and spr eadsheet t asks,enabling user s t o leave lapt ops andcomput er s at home. 12. The SafeType Keyboard This well t hought at keyboar d will allow yout o t ype in a r elaxed posit ion, saving you t hepain. All t hat despit e it s f ut ur ist look. Thesupplement ar y keypad allows t he user t oposit ion t he 10-key numer ic pad wit h ar r owkeys anywher e t hat is most usable andcomf or t able. I t can be on t he lef t or t her ight , or even in your lap. 13. The Wrist KeyboardComplet ely sealed, it can oper at e int he r ain and ot her har shenvir onment s. A cur ved back pr ovidesa secur e and comf or t able placementon t he wr ist . The keyboar d layout isopt imized t o pr ovide alphanumer icent r y. Car ef ully posit ioned ar r ow keysease menu-or ient ed t asks. TheWr ist PC keyboar d comes wit h anopt ional wr ist st r ap t o pr ovide t hecapabilit y of at t aching it t o yourwr ist . 14. The FrogpadThe Fr ogPad mobile keypad wit h it sinnovat ive 20 f ull-size key layoutopt imized ar ound t he most f r equent lyused char act er s set s a new st andar din inf ormat ion access wit h super iorpor t abilit y and er gonomics, globaladapt abilit y, r apid lear ning and easeof use. I t s unique pat ent ed keyst r okealgor it hms enable it t o be used ineit her a r ight or lef t -handed modeand wit h any int er nat ional languageset . 15. Maltron 3D Ergonomic KeyboardThese f ully er gonomic t wohanded keyboar ds f it t heshape of hands and t hedif f er ent lengt hs of f inger st o r educe movement andt ension.