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A soft keyboard sometimes called on screen keyboard or software keyboard is a system which replaces the hardware keyboard on a computing device with an on-screen image map.Soft and compatible keyboards are typically used to enable input on a handheld device so that a keyboard doesn't have to be carried with it.


  • 1. A soft keyboard sometimes called onscreen keyboard or software keyboard isa system which replaces the hardwarekeyboard on a computing device with anon-screen image map. Soft andcompatible keyboards are typically usedto enable input on a hand-held device sothat a keyboard doesnt have to be carriedwith it.

2. These kind of keyboards can usually bemoved and resized, and usually canallow any input that the hardwareversion does. Apart from that, otherfeatures such as speech synthesis orword completion or prediction, may beincluded. A soft keyboard is perhaps themost common type of virtual keyboards. 3. Although there have been a numberof portable keyboards and keyboardalternatives developed for handhelddevices, they have often been awkwardand error-prone. With a soft keyboard,you can enter data by tapping keys on thekeyboard display, generally with a stylus ,so that accuracy depends only on hittingthe right key. 4. Some soft keyboards comprise programsthat recognize the likelihood of certainkeystrokes, so that they can choose themost likely choice when a keystroke isambiguous. Soft and compatible keyboardsare typically used as an on-screen inputscheme in devices with no physicalkeyboard, where there is no room for one,such as a tablet or touch screen equippedmobile phone or pocket computer 5. Virtual keyboards are also used asfeatures of emulation for systems thathave fewer buttons than a computerkeyboard would have. For people who arenot able to use a regular keyboard, thesesoft and compatible keyboards allowinput through a variety of means,including mouse or trackball control,touch screen , and head-pointing devices. 6. These keyboards optically detects andanalysis human hand and finger motionsand interprets them as operations on aphysically non-existent input device like asurface having painted keys. Theperformance of these new virtual softwarekeyboards is highly customizable. Assignunique sounds to a group of keys, setcommands and macros, and use pengestures instead of the Shift key enable fasttyping with better feedback. For more 7. THANKS


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