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<ul><li> 1. OUR FASHION STYLE </li></ul> <p> 2. Hi friends Im Asli. My style is cool and comfortable. I always want to look fabulous I love sunglasses and tights. 3. My style icons are Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift and Avril Lavigne 4. I love jeans and T-shirt. I dont like any outfit. I love leather jackets and denim jacket. I love dressing differently and love bracelet. 5. NIGARS FASHION STYLE My favourite clothes are jeans and T-shirt. I'm indispensable flared trousers. I love my navy blue skirt. My clothes should be comfortable. 6. I love wearing earrings and necklaces.. This is my school uniform and I dont like my uniform. 7. My style icon is Nikki Reed. 8. SERHANS FASHION STYLE M Y S T Y L E I C O N I S B U R A G L S O Y ( F A M O U S T U R K I S H A C T O R ) . I L O V E H I S S T Y L E . I T I S D I F F E R E N T B U T C O M F O R T A B L E A N D D R E S S Y. T H A T S W H Y I L I K E H I M . 9. My clothing style is both comfortable and stylish .I love causal clothes . I also love dresses My favourite colors are blue or turquoise My stile icon is Serenay Sarkaya because her style is similiar to mine.Her style is comfortable and stylish,too. AYSENURS STYLE 10. I like wearing casual clothes.I prefer jeans and t- shirts, I love wearing sports shoes,shirts.I sometimes wear dresses inspecial days.My style icon MERVE BOLUUR 11. My style is comfortable and casual. I like T-shirts and jeans.I also wear trainers and tracksuits.My prefer sports style For me, the most important accessory is watch.I dont have a style icon. ANILS STYLE </p>