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  • 1. The Store Manager is a Mexican-Argentinian company.We are a multicultural, business oriented team focused on:OpportunitiesGrowthSimplicityNew BeginningOur goal is to deliver efficient and innovative solutions to the newbusiness paradigm, working side by side with our clients.

2. Our believesIn The Store Manager we develop systems aiming to improve and accelerate employeesbusiness related know how.Our MissionOffer an integrated solution to training and communication, increasing productivity andreducing costs, using top notch technology.Our VisionBe the most efficient in the development and delivery of virtual training, instruction andcommunication solutions for each customer.Our Goals: Understand and translate clients needs Quick Execution Excellent Customer Service Facilitate continuous training Accelerate new employees learning curve 3. 200020052010 Future NewLearning Web 2.0 technologies ManagementSystemInformation goesMobiles, Software appliancesHorizontal, Smart Phones, Tablets, Learning ManagmentOpen Source,Netbooks, etc. SystemSocial Networks,Blog, e-learning,Broadcasting. 4. ToolIt offers a solution to:It is a virtual andinteracitve tool.- Training- Consolidation of- Easy to installInformation - Easy to use- Induction and - Easy to sharecommunicationin different companyareas in real timeAllows trainingprocesses with Allows evaluationconsistent messagesand deliversat all organizationalresults (dashlevels board) Research 5. Point of Sales and working areas virtualization Easy access from Internet or Intranet Complete visibility of Point of Sales Clear and segmented training results (dash board) Users administration by hierarchy and accessability levels Administration of Information by channel and categories User friendly information consolidation and work processes 6. Evaluation as a game: interactive virtual training thatdetermines the level of learning reached in the inductivephaseMetrics: the dash board offers consolidation of results andallows intraction with the data baseCustomized reports: segmented analysis and reports ofresultsSystem Integration: TSM can integrate wtih other companysystems to guarantee the best flow and speed of informationacross areas and regionsFirewall: information is secure 7. Shopper Sales UnitsMarketingCustomerMerchandisersMarketing Human CatmanResourcesTrade MarketingMarketing 8. 2 1Connect 3 4Accelerate5LearningStrategy withCurvePOS execution 9. The Store Manager Benefits Improve decisionJust in time information makingImprove visibility of training advancesGenerate Dashboard/control panelConsolidate all company information in one site Reduce trainig time Allows employees rotation as it facilitates and Reduce training accelerates training Significant savings in training costAccelerate the learning processAllows competences evaluations and decision makingbased upon measures and targets Improve peopleAllows organizational improvements capabilities 10. Strategy Input Evaluation PlanningOutput Implementation Month 1Month 2 Month 301 0203Connection BusinessDeliveryWith areas & Explanation & ResultsSecurity Alignmentguides 11. Brought 2 companies with different cultures together Reduced training times by 80% Reduced training budget by 60% Accelerated communication channel in real time Developed remote schools in different geographic locations Offered continuous employee training Avoided loss of know how due to rotation Reduced induction time A Dash Board was developed that assisted the management team in the strategic decision making process 12. Thank you