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A biography on Steve Jobs and the Apple company


  • 1. By Jesus Valenzuela
  • 2. Who is this guy?? Holy cow!.. Thats STEVE JOBS!!
  • 3. Not New York, but San Francisco!!!
  • 4. They have the same first names, how cool is that!? (Its not that cool 0.o)
  • 5. Owning a business isnt as easy as eating, so they say
  • 6. I have that one And that one Got that one Bought that one on eBay Im selling this one
  • 7. How much of these does Mr. Jobs have?
  • 8. Apple OR M i c r o s o f t
  • 9. Aaahhh. The good ol times!!!
  • 10. Where did I park my hover-car?
  • 11. Why computers?
  • 12. How is my life thanks to Apple?
  • 13. What are they hiding??
  • 14. Th-th-the-the-the-thats all folks!!!