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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Im leaving Hult Lodge now what?</p> <p>Your guide to finding off-campus housing</p> <p>How do I rent in San Francisco?</p> <p>The typical basics of the application process</p> <p>Put together your housing application materialsMake realistic plans Searching for apartmentsSigning the lease!</p> <p>Putting together your application materials</p> <p>The following will help speed up your application processApplication cover letterYour rental historySocial Security Number (SSN) and Credit historyProof of income/employment</p> <p>Most common: can be used over and over</p> <p>Keep in mindNot all landlords will require all or any of the above.Some landlords may require additional information.</p> <p>Putting together your application materials</p> <p>Application Cover Letter</p> <p>Your name should be clear and presentState how you heard of apartmentWhy youd be a good tenantYour contact information (email, phone)Does not need to be overly-longSample Application Cover Letter:</p> <p>Hello, my name is Billy Bob. I found your ad on Craigslist, and it sounds exactly like what Im looking for. I am 21-year-old student from Canada and will be completing my degree downtown at Hult International Business School. For the past year, Ive been living in Oakland, and am looking to move to San Francisco. I love to travel and would describe myself as very outgoing, entertaining, and always eager to meet people from new countries. In my free time I like to play soccer, surf, snowboard, and run 5Ks. Ive lived in house-shares in the past with up to six people and it has worked out very well, and I am looking for a similar setup. If the room is still available, please email or call me at 415-XXX-XXXX. Thank you.Putting together your application materials</p> <p>Your Rental History</p> <p>List your past residencesAddressDuration of stayLandlords with contact info</p> <p>Its OK if you do not have a rental history, but be sure to note this in your application.Similarly, be prepared to explain gaps in history.</p> <p>These are seen as references. If you know a past landlord will give you a bad reference, think twice about listing them.</p> <p>Billy Bobs Rental History</p> <p>Hult LodgeSeptember 2014 Present2332 Harrison StreetOakland, CALandlord: Christina Montsma415 869 2900</p> <p>Cool Beach ResidenceJanuary 2008 - September 2014123 Fake AvenueLos Angeles, CALandlord: Guy Incognito101 101 - 1010Putting together your application materials</p> <p>Credit Report and Social Security Number</p> <p>Most commonly used by landlords to check if you are going to be able to pay.If you are not from/have not worked in the United States, you probably dont have these (and thats ok)!Use bank statements from past 6 months, or some other way to show proof of funds.You will likely need to show your I-20 and/or enrollment letter to verify you are a student.Some independent landlords may still require a Social Security Number or credit report. Thats their choice. Hults Preferred Housing Vendors do not require this.Co-SignerSomeone else on the lease who is able to demonstrate proof of funds if you are not (such as your parents).</p> <p>Making Realistic Plans</p> <p>Consider the following before starting your housing search</p> <p> San Francisco is super expensive. What is your budget? How much space do you need? Are you ok with roommates? How far are you willing to commute? What do you need around your neighborhood?</p> <p>In a safe areaClose to schoolAffordablePick twoMaking Realistic Plans</p> <p>Were #1!</p> <p> San Francisco is the most expensive city to rent in in the United States!Average 1-bedroom is $3,370 per month. 2-bedroom is $4,500Oakland is #22; average 1-bedroom at $1,900 per monthBerkeley; average 1- bedroom at $2,720 per month Tiny area, high demand The average apartment can receive hundreds of offers</p> <p>Making Realistic Plans</p> <p>What is your budget?</p> <p>Average 1-bedroom is $3,370 per monthMove in costs = 1st months rent + last months rent + security depositA security deposit is a payment made before you move in, and is usually returned as you move out as long as you adhere to the term of your lease.Moving costs/furniture?UtilitiesBasic utilities: Water, gas, electricMay or may not be covered by landlordCable, internet, phone service are other possible utilities, although not often included.</p> <p>Making realistic plans</p> <p>These factors can typically effect your costs:</p> <p> Location/neighborhood Space/square feet Bedrooms and bathrooms available The view Parking Washer and dryer on site Dishwasher Allowing pets</p> <p>Determine ahead of time what you must have, and what you can compromise on.</p> <p>Above: A nice view in a great neighborhood can be a wonderful experience, but is it worth the cost? Left, top: Amenities, like a washer and dryer are convenient, but often raise the price tag. Left, bottom: Parking is hard to find, and a permanent parking spot costs money. Making Realistic Plans</p> <p>How much space do you need?</p> <p> Roommates save you money!!Average 1-bedroom $3,370 per month$3,370 per personAverage 2-bedroom - $4,500 per month$2,750 per person, per month Most San Franciscans have roommates or housemates. </p> <p>Making Realistic PlansHow to pick a good roommate</p> <p>Late owl or early riser?What does their daily schedule like?Do they smoke, drink, or do drugs?Are they financially responsible?Quiet and relaxed or likes noise and parties?Do they share items (pots, pans, silverware), or separate?How often are their friends or romantic interest over?How do they like to divide up chores?Are they neat/clean or relaxed? What does that mean to them?</p> <p>Even though you may be best friends, you might not be the best roommates. Consider the following about your potential roommates and yourself:Making Realistic PlansHow to Be a Good Roommate</p> <p>Dos </p> <p>Respect your roommates privacyClean up after yourselfDishesLaundryBathroomBe mindful of the noise you makeCreate a chore listPay your share of the utilities/rent on timeDonts</p> <p>Go through your roommates stuffLeave a messDirty DishesLaundryClogged SinksBe loud late at nightIgnore your choresFlake on your bill</p> <p>Two ways guaranteed to terminate any friendship: Not doing the dishes, and clogging the drains.Making Realistic Plans</p> <p>Choose your neighborhood wisely</p> <p> Lots of great neighborhoods! How far are you willing to commute?It takes one hour via MUNI to get from Park Merced (the opposite end of the city) to Hult.MUNI runs throughout the city, and some lines run all night long. Farther from downtown, the cheaper it gets.Some of the best neighborhoods to live in are further out.</p> <p>Planning your commute</p> <p>Left: MUNI runs everywhere, can get you within 2 blocks of destination. Monthly pass available. Above: Some lines run all night, can get you near your destination.Choosing the Right Neighborhood</p> <p>Searching in the right neighborhood can make a huge difference. Living further from downtown could save you big time money. Other neighborhoods can be considered a little rough. Make time to explore as many different ones as you can.Choosing the Right Neighborhood</p> <p>2 bedrooms, as seen on Padmapper, between $2,500 and $3,100 a month, as of today. What does this say about where we should look for deals?What neighborhoods do you want to live in?</p> <p>Name that HoodAnd would you live here?</p> <p>Name that HoodAnd would you live here?</p> <p>Name that HoodAnd would you live here?</p> <p>Name that HoodAnd would you live here?</p> <p>22Name that Hood</p> <p>Main point? There are a lot of cool places to live. Go explore!</p> <p>North BeachNear Campus, lots of food, lively atmosphere, close to downtownMissionGreat nightlife, lots of art, burritos, Dolores Park, Fair-trade organic coffeeRichmondQuiet and relaxing, lots of parks and ocean, affordable, great restaurantsHaight-AshburyColorful, a little cheaper, lots of small shops, Golden Gate Park, hippies.23Searching for apartments</p> <p>Where the real work begins</p> <p> Common ways to search for apartments Expectations when applying Tips and tricks</p> <p>Searching for apartments</p> <p>Common ways to search for apartments</p> <p> Hults Preferred Housing PartnersWork with Hult students year after yearSafe and reliableFound on myHult &gt; Accommodation Craigslist or PadmapperMost common way to find housing in San FranciscoLost of postings, lots of competitionBeware! Scams occur Jump Off CampusPosts by students, alumni for soon to be vacated units</p> <p>myHultAccommodation &gt; Preferred Housing Partners</p> <p>Housing Vendor Fair: April 24th, 12:25pm 1:30pm</p> <p>Searching for apartments</p> <p>Expectations when applying</p> <p> Finding a suitable apartment can take a couple of months: do not put your search off! Competition is fierce! Open houses/viewingsLandlord may want application feeDozens, sometimes hundreds of applicants may be looking at the same apartment Dont expect to hear back from every inquiry you make</p> <p>27Searching for apartments</p> <p>Tips and Tricks</p> <p> Apply early and often Know what you want ahead of timeWhat can you not live withoutWhat are you willing to compromise on Be friendly! Follow up on your applications Timing is everythingMost apartments turnover within a weekIf you get a deal you like, dont let it linger Beware scammers!Never give your personal information out onlineAlways view an apartment before you rent</p> <p>Signing the Lease</p> <p>Closing the deal</p> <p> What the heck is a lease? Terminology Paying the rent Common mistakes Your rights and responsibilities</p> <p>Signing the Lease</p> <p>What the heck is a lease?</p> <p> Binding contract between you and landlord, explaining details of your rental agreement Key itemsDuration of least (6 months,12 months)Your monthly rent paymentTerms of your security deposit Identifies who the renter actually isThose that are legally responsible to pay. Once signed, very hard to get out of. Only sign if you are ready and committed to a place!</p> <p>Signing the Lease</p> <p>Terminology</p> <p> Rent your monthly payment Security deposit Paid when you sign the lease. Usually refunded at end of lease, but can be withheld if you violate lease. Sublet Your name is on the lease, but someone rents your spot for awhile (ie, during rotation). Many landlords dont allow subletting. Utilities Usually, but not always, gas, electricity, and water, and garbage. Make sure you know who pays for these!</p> <p>Signing the Lease</p> <p>Paying the rent</p> <p> Typical move-in costFirst months rentLast months rentSecurity deposit Most landlords only accept written checks for monthly payments. All major US banks offer these. Each lease will have a total amount due; up to roommates on how to divideAre all rooms created equally?Sharing rooms? Payment usually due on the first of the month. Check with landlord for specifics.</p> <p>Signing the Lease</p> <p>Common Mistakes</p> <p>Dont leave the lease earlyIf you sign a 12 month lease, you are expected to stay (and pay) for 12 monthsThis includes rotationDont damage the apartmentDont make excessive noiseExcessive parties, loud musicNoise complaints can lead to fines from police, possible lease violationDont sublet your apartment without your landlords approvalDont not pay your rent if the landlord doesnt fix somethingDo know exactly what is on your leaseDo get agreements in writingVerbal agreements do not hold up well in courtDo take pictures and note damages with your landlord BEFORE you move inThis helps if your landlord tries to fine you for damages laterDo walkthrough your apartment with your landlord when your lease is overTurn in keysAssess DamagesCollect Security Deposit (if applicable).</p> <p>Signing the Lease</p> <p>Your Rights and Responsibilities</p> <p>Landlord must maintain (at no charge/increase in rent)Adequate and safe heatHot and cold running waterElectrical equipment in good orderHousing free of pestsIf in violation, inform landlord, then Department of Building Inspection 3 day minimum notice for Cure or Quit 30 day minimum notice for Just Causes Give your landlord 30 days notice before moving out Walkthrough with landlord at end of lease Must give 24 hours notice prior to entering You must collect your security deposit (if applicable) before you leave! San Francisco Tenants Union (</p> <p>Review:</p> <p>Quick Takeaways</p> <p> Application Materials: Application Cover LetterProof of Finances Make Realistic Plans:San Francisco is expensiveKnow what you can and cant live withConsider roommatesBe open to different neighborhoods Searching for ApartmentsApply early and oftenUse many different resourcesCompetition can be fierce: Dont despair! Signing the leaseKnow what is on your lease!Sign only if you are ready!</p> <p>Q: How can I get an apartment in walking distance to campus, without having to sell my organs in the black market?</p> <p>A: You only need one kidney! But in all seriousness, it is expensive, especially near campus. Best options include finding a roommate (literal roommate, loft beds, dormitory style living). The more youre willing to share, the more youre likely to save. The Tenderloin, a 45 minute walk to campus, can save you money, but it can also be considered a rough neighborhood. But best advice would be to expand your search to neighborhoods that are not around campus, like the Richmond, Haight Ashbury, and Sunset, and youll save without sacrificing on things to do. Q: Do we have any opportunities to pay every month? Is it a requirement to rent apartments for the whole year?</p> <p>A: A little of both, depending on what you find. Most places, like the gateway will require a 6 month or 12 month lease, in which case youll pay your first months rent, your last months rent, and a security deposit as you move in, and then you pay each months rent month by month. After that first lease is up, you typically can pay month by month, or renew the lease. Your landlord does have the right to increase the rent by a certain percentage every year (around 2.5% or so).</p> <p>Other places are certainly more month to month oriented, like Columbus Residence, and will take bookings by the month or even by the week, as opposed to a year-long commitment. Q: Payment. Is it possible to reserve the apartment before September?</p> <p>A: Some places, like Columbus Residence or USA Student Residences, yes! This is really the only way to do things. </p> <p>However, most places and private apartments usually only take residents 30 days in advance. Why? Well, if you book it in May and wont move in until September, the landlord wont get rent for June, July, or August. Thats just bad for their business, especially since demand is so high. Its a sellers market. While this is certainly not the case 100% of the time, it is the likely scenario. Work with landlords to find compromises. </p> <p>A work around may be to book a place starting in May or June, move in, and possibly (if ok with your landlord) subletting it to friends, or just eating the loss. </p> <p>Happy Apartment Hunting!</p> <p>Housing Vendor Fair 12:25pm 1:30pm, April 24th, 2nd Floor</p>


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