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Transforming Learning, Training and the College. Stephen Murgatroyd, PhD FBPsS FRSA Chief Innovation Officer, Contact North | Contact Nord. “Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future” Niels Bohr. “The future will be better tomorrow..” Dan Quayle. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Technology, Real Learning and the Future

Transforming Learning, Training and the CollegeStephen Murgatroyd, PhD FBPsS FRSAChief Innovation Officer, Contact North | Contact NordPrediction is very difficult, especially about the future Niels BohrThe future will be better tomorrow..Dan Quayle

The future is here. It just isnt widely distributed yet..William GibsonSetting the contextBefore we get goingThis of The Age of Disruption

The Six Big DisruptionsEconomic DisruptionDecline of the US as an economic superpower and the emergence of the BRICs economiesThe great recession and the jobless recoveryMergers and AcquisitionsLow productivity in Canada Falling competivenessDecline of traditional industry and emergence of new..Political DisruptionTerrorismPower relationships China, India, US and EU versus Others (e.g. Copenhagen COP15)Federal Provincial Relations (e.g. health care)Cause driven movements anti HST, Tea Party (US) new democracy

Social DisruptionDecline of democracy as a form of governanceGlobalization and social networksDemographic DisruptionsLow level of birth replacement for many northern countriesHigh level of birth for aboriginal peoples, India, AsiaChallenges for literacy and numeracyGlobal war for talent

Environmental DisruptionClimate changeWater as a challenge Eau CanadaEnergy and stewardshipNatural resource economies and environmental concernsThe Disruption of Personal IdentityBlurring the line between connection and connectivity marriage, family, communityShifting identities in the workplace the multigenerational workplace

Some Implications We are preparing students for jobs that dont yet exist in industries that are just emerging in economies that are changing in a global war for talent

Demand for Skills.Where the skills required are very different from the skills we now focus on

andProductivity and competitiveness are imperatives its all about the economyMoney will become increasingly scarce lean will be keyTime is the new frontier for innovation 2 year degrees (UK), 3,5,6,and 8 week courses based on outcomes (Kentucky), self-paced (Athabasca).

Drivers for New DevelopmentsWhat YOU Need to be Able to SayWere glocal global organizations offering local connectivityWere partners with business, community and non profitsWere technological savvy connected, engaged and wired to the worldWere effective and efficient more learning in less timeWere affordable you cant afford not to be here

Learning and where expectation of learning are very different from those we now prescribe..Technology, Real Learning and the Future

What are emerging technologies?

think digital devicesThink pair share16

think of a range DEVICES

devices are getting smaller

and are increasingly disruptive

think APPS


think intelligent WEBthink DIGITAL TEXTBOOK

Think New Skillsabout 20-20 learnersSkills for the 21st Century

embrace digital toolsthink MOBILE LEARNING using smart devices25Mobile LearningAnytime, anywhere engagementVideo, audio, text and group work through handheld devices (iPad, Smart-Phone) growing volume of smart apps to enable learningStrong focus on trades


highly personalized experiences28


break down classroom walls30The Implications

more project based work, less instruction

more PEER TO PEER learning less instruction

more OUTCOME based learning less focus on process & timeKentucky College and Technical System (KCTS)Courses based on outcomes, not time3, 5,6 and 8 week coursesOnline plus some experiential sessionsStudents start on any Monday for 48 weeks of the yearAll have individual mentors plus academic coachingMaterials online partnered with PearsonDigital textbooks

more WORK BASED learning credits and less classroom work

MoreTRANSFER CREDITSless colonialismMore ROUTES to Diplomas, Certificates & Degrees

Six Suggestions for New LearningMore project based work, less instructionMore peer learning, less instructionMore outcome based learning, less focus on process (especially time in class)More work based learning credits and less instructional creditsMore transferable credits and less colonialism More routes to Certificates, Degrees and Diplomas less the one lane highway..

A New Learning Environment(its actually a workspace at Google)

The New CollegeWill have individual work spaces and some rooms for team work..Will have grand challenge based courses and programsWill have a requirement for peer, social and networked learningWill have few residency requirementsWill focus on outcomes not timeWill be wired to work, community and non profitsand..Will have very high levels of student engagementVery satisfied faculty who coach, guide and mentor and support learningWill be truly learning focusedWill be nimble

the future isnt what it used to be..Yogi 993 7784


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