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<ul><li><p>Transforming Learning in High School for College and Career Success</p></li><li><p>Agenda</p><p>Current CTE and Need for Change</p><p>Goals</p><p>Accomplishments</p><p>Partnership with ConnectEd</p><p>Next Steps</p></li><li><p>Where Weve Been</p></li><li><p>Student Enrollment in CTEStudents</p></li><li><p>High Growth Jobs*StudentsBased upon data from the Gulf Coast Workforce Board, 2013</p></li><li><p>The Need for Change*Findings from Gap Analysis conducted by Dr. Jim Stone, Director, National Research Center for Career &amp; Technical Education:</p><p>Our current CTE programs are not preparing students for high-growth, high-demand jobsMany of our high schools are offering the same CTE career pathways, causing redundancy in low-demand fieldsThe school facilities are not adequate to support the types of CTE programs being offered or that need to be offered, and The instructional models are not innovative in providing students opportunities for internships, student-run businesses or student organizations to support the career pathways</p></li><li><p>Where We Are Headed</p></li><li><p>GoalsEnsure equitable access to quality CTE programs for all studentsProvide relevant and highly engaging courseworkIncrease the number of students graduating with industry-recognized certificates and relevant work experienceIncrease student opportunities to earn college credits and potentially Associates Degrees</p></li><li><p>*AccomplishmentsImplemented &gt;FUTURES Academy</p><p>Streamlined industry certifications</p><p>Researched nationally recognized programs </p><p>Established the HISD Chamber of Commerce</p><p>Aligned with 2012 Bond Program</p><p>Engaged ConnectEd</p></li><li><p>ConnectEd PartnershipOur current partnership with ConnectEd furthers our high school transformation work by:</p><p>Strategic Planning and AlignmentStakeholder EngagementTraining and CoachingOnline Education Platform Linked Learning &amp; ConnectEd StudiosFormalizing Work-Based Learning Experiences</p></li><li><p>a non-profit organization that partners with communities to transform education through Linked Learning. Linked Learning combines strong academies, demanding technical education, real world experience and personalized support to ensure all students, regardless of life circumstance, graduate ready for college, career and life. *ConnectEd is . . . </p></li><li><p>*</p></li><li><p>Leads the multi-year California Linked Learning District Initiative that includes Long Beach, Sacramento, Los Angeles, Oakland and over 150,000 HS students so far.</p><p>Serves as lead technical assistance provider for AB790 state-wide Linked Learning pilot.</p><p>Expanded Linked Learning into Michigan, Wyoming, and Texas, with more states to come.</p><p>*ConnectEd </p></li><li><p>*Four Pillars of Linked LearningA comprehensive four-year program of study in a career-themed pathway integrating:Rigorous academicsReal-world technical skillsWork-based learningPersonalized supports</p></li><li><p>How we know its workingLinked Learning studentsAttend school more consistently (2-4% improvement)Are more likely to graduate; less likely to dropout (57% vs. 36% statewide in CA)Enroll and persist in postsecondary programs at higher rates (10+%)Earn as much as $2,500 more annually in the eight years after high school graduation</p><p>*</p></li><li><p>*Common Pathway FeaturesOperate as small learning communities within large schools or as small-themed schoolsUtilize a common set of student learning outcomes to guide and align assessment, curriculum, and instructionBlend rigorous academic and career-themed course content through rigorous and relevant standards-aligned projectsOffer dual-enrollment and dual-credit with college institutions</p></li><li><p>*Creating a System of High-Quality Pathways</p></li><li><p>*Systemic Approach to Linked Learning</p></li><li><p>*Next Steps</p><p>Identify High Schools for Phase I</p><p>Train Coaches</p><p>Conduct Summer training on Linked Learning</p><p>Implement Districtwide CTE Pathways</p><p>Formalize Industry Partnerships</p><p>Finalize Student Enrollment in &gt;Futures 2013-2014 cohort (Ongoing)</p><p>*****Through funding from the Raise Your Hand Texas foundation, Dr. Jim Stone from the National Research Center for Career &amp; Technical Education and Houston ISDs CTE Department analyzed district-wide programming and found such issues as, </p><p>misalignment with current industry need and current CTE offerings, program redundancy across neighboring schools as schools attempt to be all things to all people, inadequate and inequitable facilities, and a lack of innovative instructional models that include student based enterprise, internships or student organizations. </p><p>*One of the things very exciting is to provide multiple career pathways available for students and to allow them to select fields of interest for them.</p><p>Creating interconnectedness and alignment of programs across HISD.</p><p>*Ensure equitable access to quality CTE programming for all studentsleveraging the Bond to take a new look at programming and facilities across the districtIncrease the number of students graduating college &amp; career readyarticulating clear pathways to students and parentsaligning programs to the local labor market demandProvide relevant and highly engaging coursework that keeps students in schoolproviding internship, job shadow and field experiencespartnering with specific, invested business partners</p><p>*Most FUTURES Academy students will have earned 17 college credit hours at the end of this semester</p><p>HISD Chamber has already produced the following partnerships: </p><p>&gt;FUTURES Academy implementation</p><p>Conducted a GAP Analysis of CTE offerings, facilities and equipment on all high school campuses to industry demands in order to determine the best possible programming for schools</p><p>Streamlined industry certifications to eliminate those not recognized by industry and add those in high demand</p><p>Researched and evaluated nationally recognized programming and engaged in ongoing dialogue with experts in the field </p><p>Established the HISD Chamber of Commerce</p><p>*Our partnership with ConnectEd is not an add on or initiative. Our partnership is a natural extension to accelerate achieving our goals because they have structures and supports that we can readily adapt in HISD.</p><p>Our current partnership with ConnectEd furthers our high school transformation work by:</p><p>Helping us engage stakeholders to build a common vision and expand opportunities for studentsProviding technical assistance and coaching support at the district, campus, and teacher levels for strategic planning and tactical implementationTraining teachers and principals on an education platform, called Linked Learning and Providing an online platform that supports collaboration, curriculum mapping and project design, through ConnectEd Studios</p><p>*PLEASURE TO BE HERE AND TO PARTNER WITH SUCH A GREAT DISTRICT AS HISDCURRENTLY SERVE AS VP, PAST THREE YEARS PRIOR 22 YEARS IN PUBLIC URBAN EDUCATION, CAO IN OAKLAND WITNESSED THE POWER OF LINKED LEARNING TO TRANSFORM STUDENTS LIVES. WANTED A SYSTEMIC SOLUTION FOR ALL CHILDREN. SOMETHING I KNOW IS SHARED BY THE LEADERSHIP HERE IN THIS ROOM.PARTNERSHIP AND CAPACITY BUILDING FOCUS. WORK FROM LOCAL CONTEXT, SUPPORT LOCAL LEADERSHIP, ASSET NOT DEFICIT ORIENTATIONRECOGNIZE GREAT STRENGTHS IN COMMUNITIES SAW THOSE STRENGTHS IN OUR READINESS ASSESSMENT VISIT IN APRILLINKED LEARNING IS AN APPROACH, NOT A MODEL NOT IMPOSING. SUPPORT A PORTFOLIO AND BELIEVE IN DIVERSITYBELIEVE IN COMMUNITY AND TEACHER ENGAGEMENT - BOTTOM UP COLLECTIVE OWNERSHIP, BUT BALANCED WITH STRATEGIC GUIDANCE FROM DISTRICT LEVEL = NEED A PLAN THAT ENSURES EXCELLENCE WITH EQUITY OF OPPORTUNITY AND ACCESS**FREQUENTLY IN SCHOOL REFORM WE FALL INTO A CLASSIC MEANS-ENDS CONFUSION. THAT IS, THE REFORM PROGRAM OR STRATEGY ITSELF BECOMES THE END, WHEN IT IS ONLY THE MEANS TO THE TRUE END STUDENT SUCCESS. PROBLEM IS WE FREQUENTLY DONT DO A GOOD JOB OF DEFINING THAT SUCCESS. WE ALLOW PROXIES TO REPRESENT SUCCESS A DIPLOMA, A TEST SCORE, A GRADE POINT AVERAGE. WE THEN MAKE ASSUMPTIONS ABOUT WHAT THOSE MEAN A STUDENT KNOWS AND CAN DO. THAT PERPETUATES INEQUITY IN THE SYSTEM. WE KNOW THAT A GPA FROM SCHOOL A MEANS SOMETHING DIFFERENT THAT A GPA FROM SCHOOL B, OR EVEN FROM TEACHER A TO TEACHER B. </p><p>IF WE WANT TO TRULY COMMIT TO COLLEGE AND CAREER READINESS FOR ALL STUDENTS, WE MUST GET MUCH CLEARER ABOUT WHAT THAT ACTUALLY MEANS AND WHAT IS MOST IMPORTANT FOR THE COMMUNITY BUSINESS, POST-SECONDARY, CIVIC, FAITH, AND PARENT COMMUNITIES. CONNECTED WORKS WITH COMMUNITIES TO BUILD A GRADUATE PROFILE SIMILAR TO THE ONE THAT YOU CREATED IN 2002 AS PART OF THE PARTNERSHIP WITH HOUSTON A+ AT THE TIME. THIS WHAT DESCRIPTION OF THE END THE OUTCOME - GUIDES AND ALIGNS ALL THE HOW EFFORTS THE MEANS. IT ALSO MEANS THAT CHANGES IN CURRICULUM, INSTRUCTION, ASSESSMENT AND SCHOOL DESIGN MUST OCCUR TO ENSURE STUDENTS ACHIEVE THE OUTCOMES. THAT IS WHERE LINKED LEARNING CAN HELP. </p><p>**CA LLDI COMPLETING ITS FOURTH YEAR. DATA IS VERY POSITIVE.LONG BEACH FIRST BROAD PRIZE WINNER, KNOWN NATIONALLY FOR INNOVATION AND QUALITY OF IMPLEMENTATION. WOULD NEVER AGREE TO PARTICIPATE IN SOMETHING WASNT GOING TO MAKE A SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCE. WILL BE HOSTING A VISIT WELCOME MORE OF YOU IN THE FALL.</p><p>DISTRICTS HAVE MADE A STRATEGIC GOAL OF 50-100% OF THEIR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS IN LL CERTIFIED PATHWAYS BY 2016.LEGISLATURE PASSED A LAW LAST YEAR CREATING THE LINKED LEARNING STATEWIDE PILOT 63 LEAS WITH STATE FUNDINGCONNECTED EXPANDING BEYOND CALIFORNIA MICHIGAN, WYOMING, TEXAS. IN DISCUSSIONS WITH WASHINGTON STATE AND NEW YORKEXPAND CAREFULLY. SYSTEMIC WORK IS CHALLENGING, LONG TERM INVESTMENT, FOCUS ON LOCAL CAPACITY BUILDING NOT DRIVE BY TRUE PARTNERSHIP**BRAD</p><p>Four Pillars of Linked LearningRigorous academics. The academic component of Linked Learning includes college preparatory English language arts, mathematics, science, history, and foreign language courses.</p><p>Real-world technical skills. A challenging technical component of three or more courses that help students gain the knowledge and skills that can give them a head start on a successful career.</p><p>Work-based learning. A series of work-based learning opportunities that begin with mentoring and job shadowing and evolve into intensive internships, school-based enterprises, or virtual apprenticeships.</p><p>Personalized supports. Student supports including college and career guidance, academic counseling, and supplemental instruction in reading, writing, and mathematics that help students master the academic and technical learning. ******</p><p>FOCUS ON CREATING A SYSTEM OF HIGH QUALITY PATHWAYSCONNECTED ONLY WORKS WITH DISTRICTS AND REGIONS, NOT WITH INIDIVIDUAL SCHOOLS ONLYSYSTEMIC APPROACH BUILDS SUSTAINABILITY AS THE ENTIRE COMMUNITY EMBRACES AND SUPPORTS THE LL APPROACH*BRAD103:00 106:00</p><p>LL DIFFERENT BECAUSE SYSTEMIC APPROACH WORKS ACROSS ALL LEVELS OF THE SYSTEMSTUDENT-CENTERED APPROACH ALIGNS ALL EFFORTS WITH THE COLLECTIVE VISION AND GOAL OF ALL STUDENTS CACREACH LEVEL HAS ITS OWN KEY ROLE TO PLAY IN THE SYSTEMALL NEED TO WORK IN UNISON TO CHANGE THE WAY EDUCATION IS DELIVEREDWHEN THE ENTIRE COMMUNITY EMBRACES THE COMMON VISION AND THE LL APPROACH, IT COMMITS TO SUSTAINING THE DIRECTION AND WORK THROUGH CHANGES IN LEADERSHIP, INCLUDING THE SUPERINTENDENT AND MEMBERS OF THE BOARD</p><p>- WE ARE UTILZING THIS APPROACH IN DISTRICTS AS LARGE AS LOS ANGELES, AS INNOVATIVE AND RECOGNIZED AS LONG BEACH, AND AS SMALL AS BIG PINEY, WYOMING. </p><p>UTILIZE THE REST OF THE TIME FOR QUESTIONS*Milby, Reagan, Eastwood, Furr, Yates, LECJ and Sterling or Worthing, and North Forest HS</p><p>Formalize industry partnerships for job shadowing, internships, mentoring, and field experiences</p><p>Recruiting for &gt;Futures 2013-2014 cohort</p><p>*</p></li></ul>