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Introducing new ways of learning + a project named Toyhouse which develop spaces for creativity into universities in China. http://www.toyhouse.cc


  • 1. Towards a shareablelearning environment : Chinese Experiments Clment

2. About meKeywords :hack, online writing, multimedia grammar, datavisualization, China, languages, sharism Writing articles, code and research papers In charge at Sharism Lab 3 years teaching experience in China 3. WHAT IS LEARNING? 4. 5. HOW DO WE LEARN? 6. How do we learn? 7. How do we learn? Atkinson, Quentin DLanguage exchanges 8. How do we learn? Through exchanges 9. How do we learn? 10. Howlearning works Memory NetworkPath 11. Through exchanges 12. Social LearningInternal 13. What is learning?"To learn is to optimize ones networks." --Jay Cross 14. Giant NeuronIsaac Mao 15. SharismThe more you share, the moreyou get shared 16. Formal exchanges Learning institutions 17. A learning environmentUniversities 18. Classrooms 19. Why should I study?What for ? 20. Are diplomas useless ? 21. WHAT CAN BE DONE? 22. From course to knowledge 23. IndividuationDIYLearningPath 24. Stanford OnlineCourses 300 000 students register 25. A teacher? What for? 26. Provide guidancePoint resources Setupenvironment 27. Workshops 28. Link people with knowledge 29. Provide an environment 30. TOYHOUSE : AN EXPERIMENT INCHINA 31. Ben Koo + Founder ofToyhouse+ Courses: AppliedMath, Database,GMS+ UNESCO 32. What is Toyhouse?http://toyhouse.ccToyhouse is a place that supports playful learning activities. 33. Playful activities in toyhouse 34. Toyhouses in China 35. 36. Share learning experienceTeacher ->Group ->Student -> 37. Work with other Makerspaces Makerspaces Toyhouse 38. Develop a Curriculumwith XinCheJianHackerspaceIn Shanghai 39. Define a set of minimal skills ofimmediately useful skills across a widevariety of disciplines (mechanical,electrical, software, design and humansciences) to become a well-rounded makerand human being able to conceive, design,implement, operate, maintain andpromote serious hobbyist and artisticprojects. XinCheJian Curriculum 40. WE make stuff 41. Apprentices becomes teacher 42. Makesense 43. Event Organization 44. ToyhouseWe work with artists, social architects, businesspeople, scientists, engineers, ...We welcome allkinds people to join Toyhouse Lets collectively utilize school resources in a moreproductive manner. 45. THATS ITTHANKS ! 46. Clment Renaud - @clemsos - www.clemsos.comQUESTIONS?