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Jay Le Boutillier Share Top 10 Tips for Online Success at blog of Leading Edge Business Options. You will definitely get more benefits using these tips. If you require online marketing service or any question about our other services. Contact Website Design Centre in Australia for Website Design and Online marketing.


<ul><li> 1. Leading Edge BusinessOptionsTOP TIPS FOR ONLINE SUCCESSWebsite Design Centre 1800 774 107 / +617 3102 7487</li></ul> <p> 2. Top 10 Tips for Online SuccessSimple and Well-organised Website DesignHaving your website designed can get a little overwhelming and you might be tempted to put as muchin there as possible but this is when you need to practice a little restraint. Flash animation,background sound and large graphics may not be the best choice, particularly for a professionalwebsite. Focus on whats truly important a website that is organised so that visitors can easily findwhat they are looking for so great navigation and internal linking. The images need to be clear andcorrectly sized and the text easy to read (typically dark text on a light background works best.Work on your response timeWhen a visitor completes an online query, asks a questions via a social media platform or emails yourbusiness they are not just a website visitor, they are a potential customer and need to be treated assuch. If a person walked into your bricks and mortar store would you leave them standing, waiting tobe served? Of course you wouldnt you would ask how you could be of help and answer anyquestions in a timely manner the same rules need to apply for those reaching out through onlinechannels.Engage, engage, engageBy engaging with website visitors and social media followers you have the potential to turn them intoactive participants in your business and increase loyalty, reach and sales. How can you do this?Website Design Centre 1800 774 107 / +617 3102 7487 3. Top 10 Tips for Online SuccessStart up a blog and open it up for comments (beware of spammers though talk to yourwebsite designer about to handle website comments), add a discussion board or forum, getonto social media if you havent already. The big platforms Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest,Instagram and LinkedIn will allow you to converse, share and inform your customers aboutwhat your business is up to.Dont oversellOnce you have a potential customer resist the temptation to do the oversell. A pushysalesperson in a physical store is likely to drive the visitor straight out the door and the same istrue online. Offer information on the advantages, benefits and features of yourproducts/services but dont pressure and dont use spammy language.Welcome backRepeat website visitors = repeat custom. Brainstorm ideas of how to get visitors to return toyour website on a regular basis and you will see an increase in sales. A couple of examplesmight be a discount or sale on a once-a-month basis or a riveting/relevant blog series thatwill keep them returning to read the next instalment. Dont forget to tell everyone about whatyoure doing via an email (newsletter, EDM) and/or social media. Even just adding quality,engaging content on a regular basis can be a good way to get visitors returning to your site (andits great for SEO purposes too).Website Design Centre 1800 774 107 / +617 3102 7487 4. Top 10 Tips for Online SuccessKeep calm and SEOWere sure many of you have heard the term SEO or Search Engine Optimisation many,many times now. And while designing your website and writing content with the aim to rankhigher in search engine results is admirable, dont go overboard. Keyword stuff, engage inblack hat SEO practices and you run the risk that your site will evaluated as spam and bedemoted or banned altogether. Optimizing pages is fantastic, over-optimising pages makesthem unlikeable, unreadable and unengaging to real people and this is something that searchengines are finally taking into account when assigning rankings.Linking upSharing links to the blog posts contained on your website via social media platforms willincrease the traffic to your site and the possibility for conversions.Real people matterWhile giving attention to how to achieve success online its so important to not lose sight ofwhat you are striving for to provide a product or service to a real, live customer. Treat eachand every online visitor in exactly the same way that you would if they were standing directly infront of you.Website Design Centre 1800 774 107 / +617 3102 7487 5. Top 10 Tips for Online SuccessMaintain your database and contactGetting website visitors to sign up for a newsletter or mail out list will help you to maintainyour contact and the potential for repeat custom. An incentive such as a free report, e-course ore-book can assist you in increase the number of people on your database. Once they havesigned up dont lose them dont pester them with constant, repetitive or irrelevant emails once a month and on special occasions should suffice. You also need to ensure that anynewsletter or EDMs (electronic direct marketing) contains high-quality content and providesan unsubscribe or opt out option.Personally connectWhile we all should take cyber security seriously, particularly our personal online security,there is a lot to be said for endeavouring to make that personal connection with visitors viayour online presence. Many find it reassuring to put a face to a name (or a brand) thinkRichard Branson and Virgin Blue, Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook having a team photo onyour website or social media profiles will help to build a rapport between your business andyour customers.Talk to the Website Design Centre team today for more information on how we can helpyou to implement some or all of the top tips for online success. Contact us hereWebsite Design Centre 1800 774 107 / +617 3102 7487 6. Leading Edge Business OptionsBoronia Ct, Albany Creek, QLD 4035, AustraliaJay needto costeffectivelygrow yourbusinessonlineWebsite Design Centre 1800 774 107 / +617 3102 7487 </p>