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Tom Watkins. Director of Supply Chain Management. Appalachian Basin Frac Sand Estimated Traffic. Rig Count Considerations. Competition for Rigs Oil vs. Natural Gas In Gas Fields Wet Gas vs. Dry Gas Efficiencies Walking Rigs Pads. PennDot Grant #1. PennDot Grant #2. Rail?. Why? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Slide 1</p> <p>Tom Watkins</p> <p>Director of Supply Chain Management</p> <p>Appalachian Basin Frac Sand Estimated Traffic StateRig CountFrac JobsRequiredRailcars/MoRequiredRailcars/YrRequiredTruckloads/YrRequiredMay-12Feb-13May-13Pennsylvania96596020 2,000 24,000 96,000 Ohio16313211 1,100 13,200 52,800 West Virginia2124248 800 9,600 38,400 Basin13311411639 3,900 46,800 187,200 Rig Count ConsiderationsCompetition for RigsOil vs. Natural GasIn Gas FieldsWet Gas vs. Dry GasEfficienciesWalking Rigs PadsPennDot Grant #1</p> <p>PennDot Grant #2</p> <p>Rail?Why?Established InfrastructureReasonable Transportation Times</p> <p>Why Not?Monopolistic Routes = Unilateral RatesFrequent Job Changes = Car Hire + Track Occupancy CostsExpectation of annual rate increasesWater is an optionPA JobsUWS-Only PA Headquartered Pressure Pumping EntityMeadville HQ ..135 Bradford ..103 Mt. Braddock .....192 Punxsutawney .202 Williamsport .100 Total PA Jobs 732</p> <p>Thank You!!</p>