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<ul><li> 1. Seth Edward Watkins Aka Bo, Daddy, Stud, Toughie, Galco, Gorton, ST8BOY</li></ul> <p> 2. In Seths rise from boy to a man he had humble beginnings balling with a bowl cut at the YMCA. 3. Puberty was a rough time for little Sethy as he couldnt quite escape his chubby baby face 4. Then we got to husky Seth. I like Bojangles, and NC State, and Betsy. She always gives me second helpings. Seth Watkins 5. Whoops not Seth 6. We also have the famous toughie Seth. Britt Cherry tried to say something about Betsy so I took him OUT! Got a pretty cool scar and oh man you should have seen the dog. I showed him who daddy was. -Seth 7. Here is I cant open my eyes Seth 8. And who can forget fisherman Seth. I mean dear lord you have 22 pictures on your facebook of you with fish. Get a new hobby. At the same time you have six pictures of you with women. Thats a fish to girl ratio of 22/6. 9. Toughie fisherman Seth 10. Im convinced this is going to be Seth after his midlife crisis 11. Seth loves animals 12. and for some reason gingers. 13. Happy early 21st from your favorite ginger tarheel 14. Go Heels. See you Saturday</p>