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  • 1. Tribes and Nations Outreach A Brief History

2. In 1970

  • Benjamin C. Yu Jr. committed his life to Christ at the height of Philippine student activism while studying at the University of the Philippines, in Diliman, Quezon City.

3. In 1975

  • Officially joined Open Doors Asia (ODA), a Bible-smuggling organization founded by Brother Andrew, committed to bring the Word of God to communist and restricted countries.
  • Took up the name Brother Joseph for security reasons


  • Brother Joseph became the first Bible courier of Open Doors Asia (ODA) to China
  • Was the Program Department Head of ODA from 1975 to 1985
  • No major Bible delivery operations into restricted countries in Asia took place without going through the Program Department Head.

5. Also in 1975

  • Together with the late Benjamin Baluyot, founded the Jesus Is Alive Community (JIA) that pioneered the School of Workers (SOW) training program.
  • The Community hasgrown to several hundred churches locally and internationally ever since.

Worship at JIA before Worship at JIA today 6. In 1980

  • After the delivery in 10 days of 30,000 Chinese New Testaments to China (1979), a request for1million Bibles followed. The Lord gave Brother JosephExodus 9:16in a dream
  • But I have raised you up for this very purpose, that I might show you my power and that my name might be proclaimed in all the earth.

7. In 1981

  • After 1 & years of planning, Brother Joseph and 19 other crewmen delivered more than1 million Biblesto China under Open DoorsProject Pearl
  • Cargo weighed 232 tons, wrapped in watertight packages
  • Loaded onboard the bargeGabriela,towed by the tugboatMichael

8. Landed at Swatows beach, China, in June 1981.Swatows beach today 9.

  • It was hailed by Time Magazine as the largest operation of its kind in the history of China.
  • The Time Magazine article on Project Pearl can be read here:,9171,924980-2,00.html
  • Project Pearl videos can be downloaded
  • Or contact TNO at[email_address]for a special viewing.

10. In 1985

  • Brother Joseph, along with the late Benjamin Baluyot, founded Tribes and Nations Outreach (TNO), an organization committed to build the Body of Christ in Asia through training of the nationals and bringing encouragement to the suffering churches in the mission field.

11. Since its founding, TNO became active in reaching out to Asia starting from the Philippines. 12.

  • TheSchool of Workers (SOW) Seminar , using the bookWitness To All Nations , has changed the lives of so many in Asia.
  • SOWis a simple and modular training program designed to train the nationals become workers so they can win their own people to Christ who will, in turn, do evangelism and establish witness churches.

13. Among the major projects of TNO using the SOW during this period were:

  • 1. Operation 300 (1990-1993) , a TNO-initiated 3-year program to establish 300 house churches in Communist Vietnam.By the end of 3years, more than 300 house churches were established across the country, including 12 tribal groups in the South.


  • 2. Operation 10,000 (2001 to 2006) ,a Vietnamese-initiated 5-year program to establish 10,000 underground house churches, with TNO serving as adviser and strategy-covering.At projects end, TNOs Vietnamese contacts reported that 8,500 house churches were established.Today, the SOW is a household word among the underground churches in the whole country.

15. By the end of the year 2000

  • TNO was active in 10 countries including China, Vietnam, and Nepal
  • Equipped 13,308 SOW Trained Graduates
  • Delivered 545,369 Bibles in restricted countries

16. At the turn of the millennium(year 2000)

  • The Lord spoke to TNO:
  • He would givenew revelations , and,
  • TNO would undergo aparadigm-shift


  • This paradigm shift resulted in the establishment of theAsia Strike Force (ASF) , composed oftwo training arms , namely, theLCBTC Training Force , and theFAITH Techno Force

The Asia Strike Force (ASF) F.A.I.T.H. Techno ForceLCBTCTraining Force Spiritual TransformationNaturalTransformation 18. Definitions

  • Spiritual Transformation
  • The Local Church Based Training Center (LCBTC):is a training center conducted inside a local church to equip their own people to become cell leaders, and eventually church planters who will do the work of the ministry
  • Natural Transformation
  • Food Always In The Home (F.A.I.T.H.) Gardening :an intensified/diversified organic backyard gardening approach enabling a familyto produce their daily nutritional needs the whole year round on a hundred square meter lot.

19. The Senior Trainers of the LCBTC Training Force Hermie Malabanan June Alonzo Jess Valerio Larry Ramos 20. The Senior Trainers of the FAITH Techno Force Dennis Tungol Jonathan Libag 21.

  • 1.TheGood News Series (GNS),a basic discipleship curriculum that helps new believers become committed followers.
  • The School of Workers is a basic discipleship curriculum that helps new followers to become effective discipled workers

The following curriculums were also added.. + 22.

  • 2.Food Always In The Home, or F.A.I.T.H., Gardening with Natural Farming (FGNF),which helps workers to become self-reliant and make TNOs ministry holistic in approach.

The following curriculums were also added.. 23.

  • Furthermore,two key strategieswere developed:
  • The Saturation Witness Church Empowerment Strategy (SWCES)for building the Body of Christ

24. 2. The Cell Church Empowerment Strategy (CCES)for establishing healthy local churches. 25.

  • The paradigm shift makes TNOs training program become
  • Movement-making and cross-cultural
  • Holistic and transformational

26. Today

  • TNO has established strategic strongholds in Asia, with visionary teams of nationals giving continuous training in their own countries even without the physical presence of TNO.These include:

China the most populated Communist country India the largest Hindu country The Himalayas the staunchest Buddhist region