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<p>Ticonderoga (May, 1775)</p> <p>Ticonderoga (May, 1775)Benedict Arnold &amp; Ethan Allen go to British fort to steal/capture cannons.Cannons for Boston1st offensive attack on crownEthan Allen takes the credit/doesnt give Benedict Arnold any credit.Green Mountain Boys (Ethan Allens troops)</p> <p>Second Continental CongressMay 177556 delegates back to Philadelphia1. John HancockPresident of Congress (wearing uniform)Wants to be commander of the army.2. Who will they select to lead the army?</p> <p>Why?3. Write the Olive Branch Petition to King.4. August: King ignores the petition.</p> <p>Battle of Bunker Hill (June 1775)Militia have control of Bunker and Breeds Hill across from Boston Harbor.Patriots low on ammunition. Dont fire until you see the whites of their eyes.British attack 3 times before taking hill.</p> <p>Bunker Hill ContinuedBritish take the hills, however, the colonists had killed more men. Over 1,000 British soldiers were dead or wounded. 400 colonists were dead or wounded.The colonists had won a victory of confidence and pride. The British never again underestimated the patriots bravery and marksmanship. </p>