guns of ticonderoga fight for new york - mesa, of bunker hill – ... guns of ticonderoga !...

Download Guns of Ticonderoga Fight for New York - Mesa,   of Bunker Hill – ... Guns of Ticonderoga ! Washington arrives outside of Boston and takes command of troops. ! The Vermont Green Mountain

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    Siege of Boston

    British have thousands of troops holding Boston.

    American forces occupy the hills surrounding the city.

    Battle of Bunker Hill British take the hills but loose huge casualties.

    Guns of Ticonderoga

    Washington arrives outside of Boston and takes command of troops.

    The Vermont Green Mountain Boys (Ethan Allen) had captured Fort Ticonderoga

    Washington sends soldiers to get the guns of Ticonderoga.

    The Guns are place on Surrounding hills over night and the British flee Boston.

    Fight for New York

    In the Summer of 1776 the British move fighting to New York. 30,000 troops & 300 ships arrive in New York.

    The British easily take Long Island, but Washington is able to escape across the river.

    Americans win some small encounters, but are pushed out of New York.

    Crossing the Delaware Trenton and Princeton

    Battle of Trenton

    Washington organizes a crossing of the Delaware at night and attacks Hessian (German mercenaries) on Christmas morning.

    Trenton is a huge morale victory.

    Battle of Princeton

    British forces attack Washington near Princeton, he holds line.

    Washington then retreats, circles around and defeats the attacking force.

    Again a huge boost to morale

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    Valley Forge

    Washingtons victories at Princeton and Trenton boost American confidence in Continental Army.

    However, the following winter at Valley Forge almost leads to a soldiers revolt.

    The army camps for winter without adequate food, clothing, or shelter. Several die, other desert.

    Washington is able to keep most of the army together and alive.

    Victory at Saratoga

    Gen. John Burgoyne (British) plans to divide large British force to surround Americans and crush them.

    The force moving from the south is met by Benedict Arnold and delayed.

    The Northern British force alone is defeated by General Horatio Gates.

    Help from Europe

    Saratoga is a huge victory. General John Burgoyne surrenders his whole army to the Americans.

    This helps convince France and the rest of Europe that America might have a chance.

    France agrees to send soldiers, ships, and money (a lot of money) to help the American cause.

    War in the South and West

    The British realize this will not be a quick war.

    Instead of pumping massive resources into the war, they will use loyalist and slave rebellion to win.

    The southern colonies are filled with British loyalists.

    Slaves are offered freedom if they will join the British.

    Siege of Yorktown

    The French join the Americans in their war for independence.

    British army is surrounded and surrenders. October 1781.

    Treaty of Paris

    At the Treaty of Paris, Britain formally recognizes American Independence.

    The war is over.


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