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<ul><li><p>LIBRARY OF TIBETAN WORKS &amp; ARCHIVESCentre for Tibetan StudiesDharamsala, H.P., INDIA+91-1892-222467, 226095</p><p> THE TIBET JOURNALA publication for the study of Tibet</p><p>AN INDEX OF THE</p><p> TIBET JOURNAL</p><p>1975 - 2005</p><p>Compiled &amp; edited by</p><p> Dhondup Tsering</p><p>EDITORIAL INFORMATION</p><p>Board Members</p><p>Print Subscription</p><p>Electronic Subscription</p><p>CONTENTS</p><p>Articles</p><p>Review Articles</p><p>Book Reviews</p><p>Notes</p><p>Obituaries</p><p>Conference Reports</p><p>CONTACT</p><p>For submission of articles, reviewarticles, book reviews and others.</p><p>Dhondup TseringMANAGING EDITOREmail: tjeditor@ltwa.net</p><p>The Tibet JournalLibrary of Tibetan Works &amp;Archives, Gangchen KyishongDharamsala 176215, H.P.,INDIA</p><p>+91-1892-222467, 226095</p><p>za publication for the study of Tibet</p><p>THE</p><p>TIBETJOURNAL</p><p>ISSN 0970-5368</p><p>Vol. XIX No. 2 Summer 2004</p><p>h-SOME SELECTED SPECIAL ISSUES OF TIBET JOURNAL</p><p>Women and Tibet, Winter 1987- Janice D. WillisTibetan Contributions to the Madhyamaka, Spring 1989- Paul WilliamsShakabpa Memorial Issue, Winter 1990, Spring &amp; Summer 1991- H.E. RichardsonPowerful Places and Sacred Spaces in Tibetan Religious Culture,Summer, Autumn &amp; Winter 1994, &amp; Spring 1995- Toni HuberTibetan Muslims, Autumn 1995- Marc GaborieauRussian Tibetan Relation, Autumn 1996- Andrey TerentyevBon Religion of Tibet, Winter 1998- Per KvaerneContributions to the History of Tibetan Art,Autumn &amp; Winter 2001, Spring &amp; Summer, 2002,Autumn &amp; Winter, 2002, Spring &amp; Summer, 2003- Erberto Lo BueBritish Raj and Tibet, Winter 2003- Alex McKayContributions to the Study of Tibetan Medicine,Winter 2005, Spring 2006- Alessandro Boesi &amp; Francesca Cardi</p><p>........... AND MUCH MORE INSIDE</p></li><li><p>The</p><p> Tib</p><p>et J</p><p>ourn</p><p>alEDITORIAL BOARDGeshe Lhakdor, Gyatsho Tshering, Tashi Tsering, Nathan Katz, Bikkhu Pasadika,Anne-Marie Blondeau, Per Kvrne, Toni Huber</p><p>POLICIESThe Tibet Journal is a quarterly publication of the Library of Tibetan Works &amp;Archives (LTWA) devoted to the presentation of scholarly and general interestarticles on Tibetan culture and civilization by Tibetans and non-Tibetans. Opin-ions expressed by contributors do not necessarily reflect the views or policies ofthe Editorial Board of The Tibet Journal or the LTWA. Responsibility for viewsexpressed and the accuracy of articles rests entirely with the authors.</p><p>EDITORIAL CORRESPONDENCEThe Tibet Journal welcomes submission of articles and research papers in En-glish, adequately substantiated or otherwise documented, with Wylie roman-isation system. Article should be typed and double-spaced. We request that allcontributions sent to the journal have both the print and diskette/CD copy (inMS Word). Contributors will receive a copy of the Journal, and up to 20 offprintsof the particular article. Unaccepted articles will be returned upon request. TheJournal encourages readers comments on articles published in recent issues. Ad-dress articles, rejoinders, editorial enquiries, and books for review to: Manag-ing Editor, The Tibet Journal, Library of Tibetan Works &amp; Archives,Gangchen Kyishong, Dharamsala 176 215, H.P., India Tel: +91-1892-222467, 26095, Fax: +91-1892-223723, Email: tjeditor@ltwa.netPRINT SUBSCRIPTION/DISTRIBUTIONWe have appointed M/S Biblia Impex Pvt. Ltd. as the sole distributing andselling agent of The Tibet Journal in print form w.e.f. Vol.XII, 1987. Pleasesend all enquiries relating to subscriptions to: Biblia Impex Pvt. Ltd., 2/18,Ansari Road, New Delhi 110 002, India, Email: contact@bibliaimpex.com</p><p>ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION RATESIndia Rs. 350</p><p>Single copy Rs. 100Abroad US $ 45 (Air Mail)</p><p>Single copy US $ 12 (Air Mail)ELECTRONIC SUBSCRIPTIONFollowing an agreement, we have appointed EBSCO Publishing, USA, our soledistributing and selling agent for electronic publication w.e.f. Vol.XXVII, 2002.For subscription contact EBSCO Publishing, 10 Estes Street, Ipswich, Mas-sachusetts 01938-0682, USA, email ep@epnet.com or visit www.epnet.com</p><p>COPYRIGHTExcept where otherwise declared, the entire contents of The Tibet Journal areunder the protection of the Indian Copyright Act of 1957, the Berne Conventionof 1956, and the Universal Copyright of 1952. In case of reprint usage, the Man-aging Editor should be informed and source credit given to the authors of theindividual articles, as well as to The Tibet Journal.</p></li><li><p>THE TIBET JOURNAL1975-2005</p><p>VOL.I, NO.1, JULY/SEPTEMBER 1975Tamdin D. Gyalpo, Managing Editor</p><p> 3. Editorial 5. Mahamudra-The Method of Self-Actualization</p><p>H.V. Guenther24. The Historical Status of China in Tibet</p><p>Zahiruddin Ahmad36. List of Buddhist Terms</p><p>Edward Conze63. Some Observations of the Draft Constitution of Tibet</p><p>Ghanshyam Pardesi72. The Kalacakra Initiation</p><p>Ngawang DhargyeySherpa Tulku, Alexander Berzin &amp; Jonathan Landaw (trans.)</p><p>78. The Influence of Religion on Tibetan PoliticsPhuntsog Wangyal</p><p>87. What is Nirvana?Doboom TulkuGavin Kilty &amp; Brian Beresford (trans.)</p><p>94. Ayurveda in TibetBhagwan Dash</p><p>105. Five PoemsGyalpo Tsering</p><p>NOTES</p><p>109. Interest Rates in TibetJampel Kaldhen</p><p>113. Who was the Founder of the Bon Religion?B. I. KuznetsovStanley Frye (trans.)</p><p>BOOK REVIEWS</p><p>115. Tibetan Newspaper Reader, Kamil SedlacekIreneusz Kania</p></li><li><p>119. Red Star over Tibet, Dawa NorbuPhuntsog Wangyal</p><p>128. Contributors</p><p>VOL.I, NO.2, APRIL/JUNE 1976Tamdin D. Gyalpo, Managing Editor</p><p> 3. Editorial 5. The Tibetan Heritage of Buddhist Art</p><p>Chogyam Trungpa10. The Chinese Venture in Kam, 1904-1911, and the Role of Chao Erh</p><p>fengElliot Sperling</p><p>37. The Significance of Buddhist Psychology for the WestDaniel Goleman</p><p>43. Tibetan Literature of the Eighteenth CenturyL. S. Savitsky</p><p>47. Mandalas: Ritual and FunctionalGary Houston</p><p>59. Saffron in Ayurveda and Tibetan MedicineVaidya Bhagwan Dash</p><p>BOOK REVIEWS</p><p>67. Tibetan Language: Three Study Tools, Ngawang Thondup NarkyidPhilip Denwood</p><p>72. The Dawn of Tantra, Herbert V. Guenther &amp; Chogyam TrungpaL. M. Joshi</p><p>77. Contributors</p><p>VOL.I, NO.3&amp;4, AUTUMN&amp;WINTER 1976Yangzom Tsarong, Managing Editor</p><p> 3. Editorial 5. Tibet: A Living Tradition</p><p>A Symposium held at the Newark Museum, October 18-19, 1975Valrae Reynolds</p><p> 7. Introductory RemarksHuston Smith</p><p> 9. The Religious Culture of TibetLobsang Lhalungpa</p></li><li><p>17. Religious Symbolism East and WestCharles A. Kennedy</p><p>25. On the Supramundane and the Divine in BuddhismSeyfort Ruegg</p><p>29. The Kalacakra InitiationErnst Haas &amp; Gisela Minke</p><p>32. Aspects of Hindu and Buddhist TantraAlex Wayman</p><p>45. The Ritual Music of TibetPeter Crossley-Holland</p><p>55. Tantric Medicine and Ritual BlessingsWilliam Stablein</p><p>70. Alexander David-Neels Adventures in TibetFact or Fiction?Braham Norwick</p><p>75. Tibetan Buddhism in the WestKarl Springer</p><p>NOTES</p><p>81. A Short History of Tibetan Translated LiteratureSamten Norboo</p><p>85. Zog chen Gon paRingu Tulku</p><p>87. Contributors</p><p>VOL.II, NO.1, SPRING 1977Yangzom Tsarong, Managing Editor</p><p> 1. The Social and Political Strata in Buddhist ThoughtSamdhong Rinpoche</p><p>10. Ministers of the Tibetan KingdomH. E. Richardson</p><p>28. A Sanskrit Manuscript from Tibet: The Bhavanakrama by KamalasilaE. E. ObermillerStanley Frye (trans.)</p><p>35. The Quest for the Brahmaputra River and its Course According toTibetan SourcesJohn A. Ardussi</p><p>50. Dolpo, NepalJohn Smart &amp; John Wehrheim</p></li><li><p>SHORT STORY</p><p>60. The SilenceJamyang Norbu</p><p>POEMS</p><p>66. The Weatherman, The Nomad II, The Nomad III, The HermitGyalpo Tsering</p><p>68. Highlands of TibetChogyam Trungpa Rinpoche</p><p>NOTES</p><p>69. A Short Investigation of the Proclamation of New Literary StandardsL. T. Doboom TulkuBrian Beresford (trans.)</p><p>74. Tibetological Research in Buryatia and Perspectives of itsDevelopmentR. E. PubaevMichael Roach (trans.)</p><p>77. A List of Important Variae Lectiones of the Lhasa Edition (Nalandaxylograph) of the Vimalakirtinirdesa SutraBhikkhu Pasadika</p><p>BOOK REVIEWS</p><p>80. History of the Monastic University of Drepung with a Sketch of theSpiritual History of Tibet, Geshe Gedun LodroPer Kvaerne</p><p>82. Tibet: A Handbook, Helmut Hoffman in collaboration with StanleyFrye, Thubten J. Norbu &amp; Ho chin YangGary Houston</p><p>83. The Foundation of Buddhist Meditation, Venerable Kalu RinpocheElinor Roos</p><p>85. A Thousand Tibetan Proverbs and Wise Sayings, Reverend J. GerganK. Dhondup</p><p>VOL.II, NO.2, SUMMER 1977Yangzom Tsarong, Managing Editor</p><p> 3. Editorial 5. Glossary of Place Names in Western Tibet</p><p>F. A. Peter</p></li><li><p>38. History and Religion in the Ladakhi KingdomThomas A. Marks</p><p>57. Hemis Festival, LadakhBrian Beresford</p><p>69. Tibets Influence in Ladakh and BhutanK. Dhondup</p><p>74. Historical Observations on Buddhism in BhutanThomas A. Marks</p><p>NOTES</p><p>92. Restoration of Lost Sanskrit Texts from their Tibetan TranslationsV. Raghavan</p><p>94. A Critical Edition of Tibetan Translation with Restoration in Sanskritand Explanatory NotesBiswanath Bhattacharya</p><p>97. Posture during MeditationThubten Kalsang</p><p>98. Contributors</p><p>VOL.II, NO.3, AUTUMN 1977Yangzom Tsarong, Managing Editor</p><p> 3. The Self-ImageTarthang Tulku</p><p> 8. Interview with the Dalai LamaGod is your Business, Karma is my BusinessA. J. Singh</p><p>13. Anima and mKha gro ma: A Critical Comparative Study of Jung andTibetan BuddhismNathan Katz</p><p>44. On the Weather and Climate of TibetJ. M. Walker</p><p>NOTES</p><p>62. A Short Review on Tibetan Literature and its Mongolian TranslationsT. Damdinsuren</p><p>67. The Structure of the dGe lugs Monastic OrderSherpa Tulku, Khamlung Tulku, Alexander Berzin &amp; JonathanLandaw</p></li><li><p>BOOK REVIEWS</p><p>72. Kindly Bent to Ease Us Part II: Meditation, LongchenpaJohn Blofeld</p><p>74. Lhasa and its Mysteries, L. A. WaddellSamten Norboo</p><p>76. Reflections of Mind, Tarthang Tulku (ed.)Karma Khechog Sangpo</p><p>78. Creative Meditation and Multi-Dimensional Consciousness, LamaAngarika GovindaGary Houston</p><p>79. Meditation: Journey to the Self, Ardis WhitmanGary Houston</p><p>81. Contributors</p><p>VOL.II, NO.4, WINTER 1977Yangzom Tsarong, Managing Editor</p><p> 3. Tibet and the Dalai LamaOlaf Caroe</p><p>13. The Ancient Tibetan CosmologyHelmut Hoffman</p><p>17. The mDo mdzangs blun Foreword: Scripture of the Wise Man and theFoolStanley Frye</p><p>31. Education in TibetTashi Dorjee</p><p>NOTES</p><p>38. DisappointmentChogyam Trungpa</p><p>41. The Tibetan VinayaAnukul Chandra Bannerjee</p><p>43. Shi gnas (Samatha) MeditationThubten Kalsang</p><p>50. Correspondence</p><p>54. Contributors</p></li><li><p>VOL.III, NO.1, SPRING 1978Yangzom Tsarong, Managing Editor</p><p>3. Address of H.H. the Dalai Lama to the First All-India StudentsConference, Himachal Pradesh</p><p> 6. Tibet: A Phoenix Among NationsRam Rahul</p><p>30. The 1901 Proclamation of H.H. the XIIIth Dalai LamaTenzin Chhodak</p><p>39. Compositional Structure in Tibetan IconographyK. M. Gerasimova</p><p>BOOK REVIEW</p><p>52. Secret Doctrines of the Tibetan Books of the Dead, Detlef Ingo LaufGlenn H. Mullin</p><p>58. Contributors</p><p>VOL.III, NO.2, SUMMER 1978Yangzom Tsarong, Managing Editor</p><p>3. Tang Dynasty Influences on the Early Spread of Buddhism in TibetMark Tatz</p><p>33. Karunabhavana: Notes on the Meaning of Buddhist CompassionLuis O. Gomez</p><p>BOOK REVIEWS</p><p>60. Tibetan Buddhism in Western Perspective, H. V. GuentherL. M. Joshi</p><p>62. Elegant Sayings, Nagarjuna and Sakya PanditaBrian Beresford</p><p>64. Buddhism: A Select Bibliography, Satyaprakash (compl. &amp; ed.)K. Dhondup</p><p>66. Contributors</p><p>VOL.III, NO.3, AUTUMN 1978Yangzom Tsarong, Managing Editor</p><p> 3. A Geography and History of ShambhalaGar je Khamtrul Rinpoche</p></li><li><p>12. The Seventh Chapter of the rGyal rabs gsal bai me long and aProblem of Tibetan EtymologyIreneusz Kania</p><p>21. In Praise of CompassionJeffrey Hopkins</p><p>29. Buddhist Images and their Powers in Indian and Tibetan ThinkingJohann J. Blomeyer</p><p>NOTES</p><p>35. Influence of the Pamirs on Tibetan CultureB. I. Kuznetsov</p><p>38. Tibetan CultureNamkhai Norbu</p><p>41. The Lo sar of Ladakh, Spiti, Lahul, Khunnu and Western TibetS. S. Gergan</p><p>44. Contributors</p><p>VOL.III, NO.4, WINTER 1978Yangzom Tsarong, Managing Editor</p><p> 3. Nanchao and Tibet in Southwestern China and Central AsiaThomas A. Marks</p><p>27. A Hierarchical Pattern of Tibetan SocietyGirija Saklani</p><p>34. Some Aspects of InitiationAlex Wilding</p><p>41. Tibetan Refugees in India: A Sociological Study of an UprootedCommunityGirija Saklani</p><p>POEMS</p><p>47. Sailing on the KyichuDhondup DorjeeDeresiDorjeeOn Mothers ReturnGyaltsen TseringBroken DawnSonam DhargayViolent AutumnSonam Dhargay</p><p>49. Contributors</p></li><li><p>VOL.IV, NO.1, SPRING 1979Yangzom Tsarong, Managing Editor</p><p> 3. The dGe lugs Tradition of Buddhism in TibetYongzin Ling Rinpoche</p><p> 7. British Penetration of Intransigent TibetSuchita Ghosh</p><p>17. Ascending the Ladder of Highest Realisation in this Life: Instructionfor RetreatNawang Tsering</p><p>28. The Sutra Requested by the Old WomenStanley Frye</p><p>34. Mi la ras pa and the gCod RitualCharles D. Van Tuyl</p><p>BOOK REVIEWS</p><p>41. Glimpses of Abhidharma, Chogyam TrungpaL. M. Joshi</p><p>42. Garuda, Chogyam Trungpa (ed.)L. M. Joshi</p><p>43. The Canada-Mongolia ReviewStanley Frye</p><p>44. Contributors</p><p>VOL.IV, NO.2, SUMMER 1979Yangzom Tsarong, Managing EditorK. Dhondup, Assistant Editor</p><p> 3. Sanskrit in Tibetan LiteratureHis Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama</p><p>6. Introductory Notes to the Pramanavarttika Based on Tibetan SourcesL. W. J. van der Kuijp</p><p>29. The Dialectic Which Refutes Errors Establishing Logical ReasonsRobert Clark &amp; Lozang Jamspal</p><p>51. Tibetan OraclesH. R. H. Prince Peter of Greece &amp; Denmark</p></li><li><p>LETTER</p><p>57. A response to I. Kanias article The Seventh Chapter of the rGyal-rabs gsal-bai me-long and a Problem of Tibetan Etymology (TheTibet Journal, Vol.III, No.3, Autumn 1978, pp.12-20.Josef Kolmas</p><p>NOTE</p><p>58. What is Tantra?Geshe Ngawang Dhargyey</p><p>BOOK REVIEWS</p><p>61. The Kingdom of Ladakh, Luciano PetechNawang Tsering</p><p>62. Bodhisattva of Compassion: The Mystical Tradition of Kuan Yin, JohnBlofeldNathan Katz</p><p>65. Contributors</p><p>VOL.IV, NO.3, AUTUMN 1979Yangzom Tsarong, Managing EditorK. Dhondup, Assistant Editor</p><p> 3. Tibetan Buddhism in America: The Late SeventiesAgehananda Bharati</p><p>12. Narita Yasuteru: First Japanese to Enter TibetPaul Hyer</p><p>20. An Introduction to Tibetan Buddhist PsychologyLeo Matos</p><p>28. Kuan Yin and Tara: Embodiments of Wisdom-Compassion VoidJohn Blofeld</p><p>37. Monuments of the Aesthetic Thought of the Orient: The Tibetan Canonof Proportions (Treatises on Iconometry and Composition from Amdo,18th century)K. M. Gerasimova</p><p>BOOK REVIEWS</p><p>52. Buddhist Wisdom: The Mystery of the Self, George GrimmRichard Sherburne</p><p>53. Studies in the Buddhist Culture of India, Lalmani JoshiAlex Wayman</p></li><li><p>55. Yoga of the Guhyasamajatantra, Alex WaymanL. M. Joshi</p><p>59. Contributors</p><p>VOL.IV, NO.4, WINTER 1979Yangzom Tsarong, Managing EditorK. Dhondup, Assistant Editor</p><p> 3. Tsong kha pa on Analytic MeditationRobert A. F. Thurman</p><p>17. A Captivity in Ninth Century TibetElliot Sperling</p><p>68. Contributors</p><p>VOL.V, NO.1&amp;2, SPRING&amp;SUMMER 1980Yangzom Tsarong, Managing EditorK. Dhondup, Assistant Editor</p><p> 3. Editorial 5. The Dalai Lama Speaks</p><p>H. H. the Dalai Lama34. The Meeting of East and West: The Dalai Lamas First Trip to the</p><p>United StatesJames Nashold</p><p>42. Interview with the Dalai Lama: Wisdom, Love and Compassion are theGoals of all ReligionsJames Nashold</p><p>48. The Dalai Lama and AmericaJan Andersson</p><p>64. An American Press Conference with the Dalai Lama69. The U.S. Tour: A Traditional Perspective</p><p>Glenn H. Mullin78. His Holiness: Europe 1979</p><p>Gelong Jampa Kelzang</p><p>BOOK REVIEWS</p><p>81. Nagarjuna, K. Satchidananda MurtyL. M. Joshi</p><p>84. Aryasuras Aspiration and a Meditation of Compassion, The Secondand Fourteenth Dalai Lam...</p></li></ul>