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<ol><li> 1. Tibet is situated on the high Tibetan plateau and this is a fascinating and remote country. Tibet is in the centre of towering Himalayan peaks, Mount Everest is included in it and Mount Everest is known as Qomolongma in the native language of Tibet. The main feature which makes Tibet a tourist place is neither the high snow-capped mountains nor the beautiful green valise and the scenic views but the Tibets devout Buddhism. In the rout one can see the prayer flags, temples and the monasteries in honour of the Buddhist gods. There are certain tips which can help a person a lot in enjoying every bit if the Tibets culture and the scenic beauty of this place. Taking help of Tibet mate Tibet holidays can makethewholetrip easier for thetourists. Lhasa which is called the holy city of Tibet lies thirty six thousand meters above the sea level, because of this very reason at first the tourist or the person new to this place will face some breathing problem and will take some time to adjust. There are many placesin lhasa where one can visit such as the Potala Palace, the spiritual heart of Tibet- the Buddhist Jokhang Temple, the Sera and Drepung monasteries which are the schools for the Tibetan apprentice monks. One can also go to the famous clifftopGanden Monastery which isjust at a35 km distancefrom theLhasa. </li><li> 2. Tibet guide to help you while on yourtrip Taking the help of a Tibet Travel Guide to know about the famous places of Tibet can help the tourists a lot as then they can have all the knowledge about the famous and the most visited place in Tibet. In the Friendship Highway to Everest base camp the prayer flags are lined on the sides of the road and this runs from Lhasa to the place known as Kathmandu, Nepal. In this very route one can also visit and see the beautiful lake which ispopular by nameof Yamdrok-Tso and thetownsof Shigatseand Gyantse. Themain placesof the Tibet which everyoneon thetrip to thisvery beautiful placevisits are the temples of Tibet. The experience and the feeling which one gains after visiting these temples stay with the person for the whole life. The architectural beauties of the temples are breath taking, for example Drepung Monastery designs resembles the scales of a fish if seen from above. Most of these structures are designed so that it can represent thebelief of Buddhism. </li><li> 3. It is true that after the trip to this beautiful place and after having the glimpse of beautiful culture one will surely have a better understanding of the culture and the beliefs of Tibetan people. One can not only enjoy the beautiful scenes of the nature amidst of the mountains and the greeneries but can also experience the culture and will surely take away some glorious memories of Tibet with him or her. Tibet is the best tourist place to visit for experiencing belief and beauty simultaneously. </li></ol>