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Events listing for Black History Month (October) in the North East of England.


<p>North East Beat (until 29th Nov)</p> <p>This is Black History Month 2009</p> <p>Intercultural Arts would like to thank all of the venues, and cultural partners that contributed their information to the preparation of this brochure.</p> <p>1st October</p> <p>Youth Arts Showcase</p> <p>Intercultural Arts</p> <p>7.30 10 p.m. Dance City</p> <p>Intercultural Arts presents an opportunity to experience the creativity of young people from around the region to mark Black History Month 2009. </p> <p>The show is produced by YES: the Youth Engagement Subgroup of the Regional Forum for Intercultural Arts and will feature dance, theatre, visual art and design by young people with different cultural backgrounds working together to display their creativity and talents. Complete with exhibitions, discussions and even African board games, it promises to be an entertaining evening out.</p> <p>3/1(under 16)</p> <p>Dance City, Temple Street, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 4BR T: 0191 261 0505</p> <p>1st October cont</p> <p>The Biscuit Factory Autumn Show 2009 showcases 14 pieces of Suzanne Chong's brand-new works and some of her previous works. (until 22nd November)</p> <p>Limited edition prints of Suzanne's selected works are available for sale. Originally from Hong Kong, Suzanne Chong is a UK-based fine artist and arts educator. She received her Chinese art and teacher training in Hong Kong and then her degree in Fine Art and Masters in Museum Studies from Dundee and Newcastle universities respectively. Suzannes work responds to Eastern and Western morals and the complexities this brings to female identity. The juxtaposition of Chinese and Western symbolisms form Suzannes coded autobiography, which explores a struggle between traditional propriety and the liberation of Hong Kong-Chinese womens acceptedroles as good daughters, wives and mothers.</p> <p>Although Suzannes work is mainly inspired by her Hong Kong-Chinese background, her work opens up a conversation with women from different cultures.</p> <p>The Biscuit Factorywww.thebiscuitfactory.comThe Biscuit Factory16 Stoddart Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE2 1AN</p> <p>0191 261 1103</p> <p> October cont</p> <p>Seckou Keita Quintet</p> <p>With a big African heart, virtuoso Senegalese kora player Seckou Keita and his international quintet are not to be confined to any one genre, dipping comfortably in and out of jazz, classical, flamenco, with sometimes hints of rock and reggae. The twenty-one stringed African harp - the kora - takes the lead, with support from double bass/electric bass, percussion, violin and vocals.</p> <p>The Sage Gatesheadwww.thesagegateshead.orgThe Sage Gateshead, </p> <p>St Mary's Square, </p> <p>Gateshead Quays, </p> <p>Gateshead, </p> <p>NE8 2JR.</p> <p>Ticket Office - 0191 443 4661Switchboard - 0191 443 4666-----1st October cont</p> <p>My Native Vale (Until 8 November)</p> <p>This is the first in a series of shows which engages the public in an exciting debate about British art. Focusing on the work of 19th century locally born artist John Martin, artists Simon and Tom Bloor create a new installation using printmaking techniques. Visitors are invited to contribute to the artwork and in the process explore how important birthplace is in defining identity. The TWAM Outreach team will be working with a group of asylum seekers and refugees on this project.</p> <p>The Great British Art Debate is a partnership project between TATE Britain, Tyne &amp; Wear Archives and Museums, Norfolk Museums &amp; Archaeology Service, Museums Sheffield and InIVA. The Great British Art Debate is supported by the National Lottery through the Heritage Lottery Fund, and by the Renaissance museums for changing lives.</p> <p>The Laing Art</p> <p>Laing Art GalleryNew Bridge Street, </p> <p>Newcastle upon Tyne, </p> <p>Tyne and Wear, </p> <p>NE1 8AGTel: (0191) 232 7734</p> <p>-----1st October contInua Ellams presents: The 14th Tale</p> <p>The 14th Tale is a fast-moving story that tells the hilarious exploits of a natural born mischief growing from the clay streets of Nigeria to roof tops in Dublin, and finally to London. Inua vividly recreates the characters that punctuate his upbringing in deft and beautiful poetry, while challenging the audiences expectations of what it is to be a young, black male in London today. </p> <p>Inua Ellams is a word and graphic artist whose work is known for its iconic imagery, unashamed beauty and attention to detail.</p> <p>The Arc</p> <p>Arc, Stockton Arts Centre, </p> <p>Dovecot Street, Stockton on Tees</p> <p>TS18 1LL </p> <p>01642 525199 - Box -----THE HOT SEATS - formerly known as Special Ed &amp; The Shortbus (USA) + local support </p> <p>The name may have changed but everything else is the same, their signature sound, combining the virtuosic soloing and tightness of bluegrass, the band-driven rhythm of old time country, the jerky bounce of jug band - ragtime, and the swagger of good old rock and roll, remaining solidly intact. Described as bonkers but brilliant by Maverick, the band had been together for seven years, before graduating on to the US festivals circuit, fine-tuning their skills on the redneck bars and college clubs circuit where they experimented with a suitcase-full of assorted toys to supplement the guitar/ mandolin/ banjo/ fiddle/ upright bass line-up, employing everything from kazoo and jaw harp to washboard, tin can percussion and Chinese blocks.</p> <p>Last August, as Special Ed &amp; The Shortbus, this white-hot five-piece from Virginia, (Half Hackensaw Boys - half Old Crow Medicine Show) caused a sensation at Edinburgh Festival when they carried off the Herald Angel. The papers arts editor described them as sensational. They also won a clutch of five-star reviews, a fave rave at the Summer Sundae Festival in Leicester and won an invitation to return for their own headline show at Celtic Connections Festival 09 and got a standing ovation.The ClunyThe Cluny, </p> <p>36 Lime Street, </p> <p>Ouseburn,</p> <p>Newcastle upon Tyne, </p> <p>NE1 2PQ</p> <p>Tel. (public / office)0191 2304474</p> <p>E of Africa Trail (until 31st October)10am til 5pm Mon Sat </p> <p>2pm til 5pm Sun</p> <p>Sunderland Museum &amp; Winter Gardens combines a museum, art gallery, exhibition space and Winter Gardens to create a stunning visitor attraction in the heart of the city centre.</p> <p>In the Museum, discover the history of the city from its prehistoric past to the present day. Exciting displays interpret the wide variety of collections, using hands-on exhibits, computer interactives and video presentations.</p> <p>The stunning Winter Gardens stimulate the senses with over 2,000 flowers and plants brought together in a spectacular showcase of the world's natural beauty.</p> <p>Sunderland Museum &amp; Winter Gardens</p> <p></p> <p>Sunderland Museum &amp; Winter GardensBurdon Road, </p> <p>Sunderland, </p> <p>SR1 1PP.</p> <p>Tel: (0191) 553 2323</p> <p>-----Clothing Connections (Until 5th Jan 2010)</p> <p>This exhibition uses items from the Dorman Museums archaeological, social history, costume and textile, natural science and ethnographical collections to make connections between different cultures and across different time periods through the materials and techniques used to create and adorn clothing.</p> <p>Clothing plays an important role in all societies and cultures. As well as providing practical protection against the extremes of climate, textiles can also communicate messages of wealth, social status and religious and ethnic identity through our choice of fabric and ornamentation.</p> <p>Choosing clothes is one of the very first ways in which we learn to express ourselves. We reveal a lot about our individual personality, but also the tastes and social values of the times in which we live, through what we wear. Take a closer look at some of the factors that influence the choices we make such as financial limitations, social aspirations, ethical issues and environmental concerns.</p> <p>This freedom of expression can be taken for granted. In previous centuries, the scope for creating a personal image was much more limited.</p> <p>Clothing chiefly proclaimed the persons status as an indication of occupation and rank. Before the development of artificial dyes, for example, bright colour was rare and expensive and only the rich could afford it.</p> <p>Textiles have also played an important economic role in society, having been widely exported over the centuries and functioning as a negotiable currency. Find out where in the world pigs tusks were as valuable for adornment as gold and silver in other cultures. Find out how the mucous secretions of a Mediterranean sea snail and the cocoon of a moth influenced world economies for over five thousand years.</p> <p>Dorman Museum Middlesbrough</p> <p></p> <p>The Dorman Museum</p> <p>Linthorpe Road</p> <p>Middlesbrough</p> <p>TS5 6LA</p> <p>01642 813781-----2nd October</p> <p>Celebrating Diversity Awards Dinner 2009The Judges Hotel at Kirklevington Hall, Yarm 7pm - 11pmThe annual Diversity Awards Dinner is a major part of the celebration that champions individuals and businesses from across diverse origins in the Northeast. The awards recognize rewards and enhance the contributions of individuals and organizations to the local community. 2009 is a new year and we truly aim to make the Diversity Awards Dinner the event in the Northeast calendar that contributes to the cultural diversity of the region. This year we have even added new awards including Diversity &amp; Inclusion Champion (Individual) and Diversity &amp; Inclusion Champion (Organisation) which makes it that much easier to make sure the people in the North East making a difference get the recognition they deserve.</p> <p>Kirklevington Hall, for more information.3rd OctoberAfrican Dinner Dance</p> <p>Organised by the Nigerian Christian Fellowship, and in celebration of Nigerian Independence Day and Black History Month, the Dinner Dance will take place in Cruddas Park Community Centre, Newcastle upon Tyne. Music/food/displays and all free.</p> <p>The event will last 6-11 p.m and guests are asked to dress smart casual or in traditional dress.</p> <p>Please contact Caroline Afolabi via </p> <p>Cruddas Park Community Centre-----Stage Star North East</p> <p>1pm - 5pm </p> <p>A talent style contest for young people in the North East aged between 11 &amp; 22. Last year showed the very first Stage Star competition with a fantastic turn out from the local people. The North East showed just how talented the region is from singers &amp; dancers to a gymnast and a comedian. This year we hope to have an even greater response from the youths in our region. Rules and info from Arc</p> <p>Arc, Stockton Arts Centre, </p> <p>Dovecot Street, Stockton on Tees</p> <p>TS18 1LL </p> <p>01642 525199 - Box -----5th OctoberBlack History Month Exhibition (to the 17th October)Library Opening HoursSunderland City Library &amp; Arts CentreFawcett StreetSunderlandSR1 1RETel: (0191) 514 1235</p> <p>Email: Opening Hours </p> <p>Monday 9.30 am - 7.30 pm </p> <p>Tuesday 9.30 am - 5.00 pm </p> <p>Wednesday 9.30 am - 7.30 pm </p> <p>Thursday 9.30 am - 5.00 pm </p> <p>Friday 9.30 am - 5.00 pm </p> <p>Saturday 9.30 am - 4.00 pm </p> <p>-----6th OctoberMarkus the Sadist</p> <p>The tale of a talented young emcee's dramatic rise from local battle champion to rap superstardom. Lured by the promise of money and fame, Markus signs his soul away to The Company'. The story takes an unexpected turn when at the height of his popularity Markus decides to completely switch his style. </p> <p>Directed by Jonzi D this rap opera features brand new music from MOBO-award winning Soweto Kinch. The cast includes Bashy as Markus, with emcees Maxwell Golden and Rob Broderick, and actors Nolan Weekes and Maureen Hibbert. </p> <p>The show features specially commissioned video design from, the UK's highest profile online hip-hop resource for news and events.</p> <p>The Arc</p> <p>Arc, Stockton Arts Centre, </p> <p>Dovecot Street, Stockton on Tees</p> <p>TS18 1LL </p> <p>01642 525199 - Box -----6th and 9th OctoberSangini Cooking Demonstrations 1.30 3.30 pm</p> <p>Sangini is unique, in that it aims to reach Black Minority Ethnic women (including asylum seekers and refugees) and other excluded women in an innovative and creative way whilst providing opportunities for tackling inequalities in health. The activities range from the arts and include dance, music and creative writing to culturally diverse approaches to well-being such as aromatherapy, meditation and Centre </p> <p>Bunny Hill Customer Service Centre, </p> <p>Hylton Lane, </p> <p>Sunderland, </p> <p>SR5 4BUCentre Telephone: 0191 520 5213</p> <p>Booking Essential.</p> <p>7th &amp; 8th OctoberKismet 8 pm.The world is changing, climate has become chaos. Few can breathe the air unmasked. Nature only survives in laboratories. An ecologist, with her pockets full of seeds, is compelled to cross borders to be with her star-gazing sister.Intertwined with their lives are a doctor and an administrator. One man is surrounded by his powders and pills and the other filled with a profound sense of duty.</p> <p>Theatre, film and movement collide in a tale that explores the power that changes the path of our lives. </p> <p>Performed in English, Farsi and Azeri.</p> <p>KISMET* - a ZENDEH co-production with Dramatic Arts Center Iran in association with Northern Stage</p> <p>Northern Stage, </p> <p>Barras Bridge, </p> <p>Newcastle upon Tyne </p> <p>NE1 7RH </p> <p>Telephone 0191 230 5151 </p> <p>Email creates innovative intercultural theatre productions exploring internationalism and transnationalism. ZENDEH is committed to cultural diversity with a special interest in Iranian cultural relationships. ZENDEH operates the ZENDEH Laboratory for creative research, development, participatory learning and sharing of professional OctoberWor Poets!</p> <p>As part of the region's programme of Black History Month events and to (belatedly) mark National Poetry Day on October 8th, Intercultural Arts is proud to present "Wor Poets": the newest addition to the region's rich tradition of performance poetry, at Northern Stage.</p> <p>Wor Poets 'hail' from the West Indies, Southern Asia, Southern Africa and North East England and create a harmony of intercultural voices, ideas, perspectives and shared experiences that create an entertaining and enjoyable evening. They have a range of professional experience as performers and published poets and are great ambassadors for the region's growing intercultural awareness. They have been working together to create this show and to share skills with workshop groups in community centres. Welook forward to welcoming you to a real intercultural experience.Northern Stage, </p> <p>Barras Bridg...</p>