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<ul><li><p>Things to Do Before Your Move </p><p>Its time to move out of your old </p><p>home and into the new one. Its </p><p>supposed to be an exciting </p><p>process, so dont let all the work </p><p>dull that enthusiasm. Now before </p><p>the moving day itself there are in </p><p>fact quite a number of things for </p><p>you to do. Read up on the </p><p>following list of things to do before </p><p>your move according to our </p><p>friendly home movers to avoid the </p><p>unwanted mishaps and mayhem </p><p>later on. </p><p>TO DO # 1: Update your address </p><p>and have your mail re-directed. </p><p>Get your postal address updated. </p><p>You would not want any of your </p><p>mails to get lost. Worse if they end </p><p>up in your old home, you risk </p><p>having someone open and steal </p><p>them divulging possible </p><p>confidential information such as </p><p>credit card numbers, phone details </p><p>and the like. </p><p>TO DO # 2: Inform your bank and </p><p>update your contact details with </p><p>them. </p><p>See to it that you give your bank a </p><p>call and inform them about your </p><p>change of address as well as your </p><p>new landline details. Like the </p><p>former this will aid from any mails </p><p>getting lost and it will also ensure </p><p>that the bank can contact you in </p><p>case of any emergencies. </p><p>TO DO # 3: Consume all your </p><p>perishables and grocery items. </p><p>Do not stuff your pantry and fill </p><p>your refrigerators. As much as </p><p>possible only keep food that you </p><p>are sure you will be able to </p><p>consume without excess. This is </p><p>so that you will not be packing all </p><p>your groceries with you and </p><p>bringing them along as well. You </p><p>can do your shopping in your new </p><p>place. </p><p>TO DO # 4: Change the locks of </p><p>your new home. </p><p>For safety reasons, change all </p><p>locks before you move in and start </p><p>bringing your stuff. You dont know </p><p>for sure who else has a spare key </p><p>to the home. Even if the brokers or </p><p>sellers have assured you well, its </p><p>best to be safe than sorry. You do </p><p>not want risking your or your </p><p>familys safety. </p><p>TO DO # 5: Be sure to have all </p><p>utilities in place. </p><p>Are your electricity, water, phone, </p><p>internet, cable and other utilities </p><p>running at the new place? Have </p><p>you cancelled the ones in your old </p><p>home? If your answer to both </p><p>questions is a no then you better </p><p>start working on this a.s.a.p. You </p><p>do not want to move in and have </p><p>no light at night or water to help </p><p>you clean up. Likewise you do not </p><p>want to keep paying for the utilities </p><p>at your previous place when you </p><p>are no longer using them. </p><p></p></li></ul>