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<ul><li><p>TheyllNever Forget</p><p>The ThompsonsParty.</p><p>Neither will the Thompsons. Because the law says anyadult who gives or sells beer,wine, wine coolers or liquorto a person under 21 facesup to a year in jail, aminimum fine of $1,000 forthe first kid served and$2,500 for each additionalminor. Giving your own son ordaughter a drink is illegal,too. Before you make amistake, call or write forour free brochure, TheResponsible Parent, andread it. A downloadable PDF is also available online at: guarantee its somethingyoull remember for a long,long time.Pennsylvania Liquor </p><p>Control BoardNorthwest Office BuildingHarrisburg, PA 17124</p><p>Pennsylvania ChapterAmerican Academy ofPediatrics</p><p>Commonwealth ofPennsylvaniaDepartment of Transportation</p><p>TheHe</p></li><li><p>IMPORTANT WORDSIMPORTANT WORDSTO REMEMBERTO REMEMBER</p><p>SOME QUICK FACTS ABOUT ORGAN AND TISSUE DONATION</p><p> There is no age limit for organ donation.The general age limit for tissue and cornealdonation is 70.</p><p> Most major religions support donation. Donation is considered only after death is</p><p>declared. Donation does not hinder funeral</p><p>arrangements. There is no cost to the family of the donor.</p><p>TO GET AN ORGAN AND TISSUE DONOR CARD,CALL:In Eastern Pennsylvania:</p><p>Gift of Life Donor Program . . . . . 1-888-DONORS-1</p><p>In Western Pennsylvania:Center for Organ Recoveryand Education (CORE) . . . . . . . 1-800-DONORS-7</p><p>For additional organ and tissue resourceinformation, call:</p><p>PA Department of Health. . . . . . 1-877-PAHEALTH</p><p>WHEN YOU GET YOUR LICENSE, REMEMBER THESE IMPORTANT WORDSTheyre important words to thousands who await life-saving organ and tissue transplants. Words that could helpothers regain sight through cornea transplants, heal from burns more quickly with donated skin, or walk withoutpain with transplanted bone.Individuals who choose to save a life by saying "yes" to organ and tissue donation should place the donordesignation on the license and sign a donor card. The wish to donate also should be shared with family andfriends so that they are aware of the important decision that has been made to help others.</p><p>ORGAN DONOR</p></li></ul>