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  • 1. The Iditarod Dream/ MeMop and the Moondance Kid Key Vocabulary Houghton Mifflin Reading Theme 2 Overview/Wrap up P. HOLT February 2013

2. See if you cancorrectly define the followingvocabularywords. 3. If necessary, usethe context clues from the samplesentences to help you. 4. obstacles 5. obstacles Sample Sentence: There were manyobstacles in theyoung mushers path on race day. 6. obstaclesDefinition:n. Things that block progress 7. spectators 8. spectators Sample Sentence: The spectators linedthe race course for 50 km. 9. spectatorsDefinition:n. People who watch an event 10. pace 11. pace Sample Sentence:The pace of the sleds during the race canvary from fast toslow. 12. paceDefinition: n. speed 13. mushers 14. mushers Sample Sentence:Young mushers startof racing in the Iditarod Jnr. 15. mushers Definition:n. drivers of teams ofdogsleds 16. checkpoint 17. checkpoint Sample Sentence:The rules state amusher must stop forten hours at theovernight checkpoint. 18. checkpoint Definition:n. a place wherevehicles are inspected 19. cargo 20. cargoSample Sentence:The sleds cargocontains wildernesssurvival equipment. 21. cargo Definition:n. things carried by a ship or vehicle 22. inning 23. inning Sample Sentence:The ninth inning of abaseball game can be very exciting! 24. inningDefinition:n. a part of a baseball game during which each team bats 25. foul 26. foulSample Sentence: The batter cannotstrike out on a foulball. 27. foulDefinition:n. Outside the field of play in baseball 28. play-offs 29. play-offsSample Sentence:The ninth inning ofthe play-off game was intense! 30. play-offsDefinition:n. a series of games played to decide achampionship insports 31. respectable 32. respectableSample Sentence:There were arespectable amountof spectators at the ball game. 33. respectableDefinition:n. pretty good