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The Universes pupils


  • William CotterillOUGD301


    William CotterillOUGD301BRIEF 3



    Using Print based medium create, brand and design a new and innovative cloth-ing company that uses ethical modes of produc-tion and distribution based around skateboarding culture and current trends.

    -A print based investiga-tion of retail and garment design with a focus on hemp and natural fabrics, looking at unique cuts of apparel.

    Skill set: Design for fashion, Textiles and laser cutting.

    -5 T-shirt designs

    -1 pull over jumper.

    -Sticker set

  • William CotterillOUGD301Logo & Identity


    The globe design on the right was taken from an Indian Proverb, I wanted the Universes pupils to be more of a collective for people to sharephilisophical and open minded ideas through print. Rather than a beanother clothing brand, so I felt messages like this that provoke your auidience to ponder over the world were quite eye opening.

    The Universes Pupils is a brand that when I first started this brief hadentirely no meaning, but after dedicating alot of time to thinking about what The Universes Pupils could potentially mean and deriving its meaning, I think I brought myproposed brand to life. The Universes Pupils is the title I came up with to try and include as many groups of people as Ipossibly could. I didnt want to limit or create divisions in my auidience andmarket through the title, and I thought this phrase could literally apply to anyone, because we are lit-erally all just the Universes pupils. I worked from handrendered design to digital, working with hand writ-ten type to produce my overall branding. I tried to keep my designs basic and quick, as if theyd been written at that moment in time, this is a reflection on the research I did into the 7 rules of the universe, looking at the makeup of basic forms.

  • William CotterillOUGD301


    Looking at sustainability and ethics, I researched into the production of hemp and bambooclothing, pricing and sourcing fabrics that are environmental friendly and made from natural fibres. I applied my mostsuccessful designs to a series of different fab-rics, using both screen


    print and heat press to manipulate my garments. This extended to explor-ing different cuts of shirts, alternative hems, folded sleeves and cuffs.

    Following current trends I decided to experiment printing on the in-side of my garments, so when the sleeves are rolled up a repeat pattern can be seen on the fabric. The repeat patterns were derived from research into Kaleido-scopes and illustrations of the cosmos. Focusing on process driven techniques, I spent a lot of time working with the laser cutter to create andperfect leather labels for hats. These were then hand stitched onto my hats with contrasting thread to add detail.

  • William CotterillOUGD301


    When purchasing a T-shirt, hat or jumper, I want my customers to go away with a little message to think about, or a line to play on their mind. The swing tags were my basis to getting a message out to my audiencebecause their small enough to collect and hold onto. I decided to use to basis of a photo frame with a white spot varnish to make my print stand away from the stock. I thought the most fitting typeface to use was Per-petua, working all in caps to stick with theconcept behind my brand. The swing tags would beattached to the T-shirt with hemp yarn whenmanufactured.

    To remain consistent to my swing tags, I screen printed the washing labels inside my T-shirts with another little message to leave my customers with.

    Labels and Tags

    THE UNIVERSES PUPILS is all uppercase with no punctuation marks. The reasoning for this isoutlined below, If the word UNIVERSES contains an apostrophe it means the word PUPILS belongs to it and Vice Versa. I want this to be an underlying message..Do we Belong to The Universe Or does the universe belong to us?

  • William CotterillOUGD301


    To bring my prints to life I shot a photoshoot, work-ing on a small budget with 2 friends. I wanted an environment that wasnt too fancy or expensive, but instead full of colour and exposed standard life. I worked with a simple concept, using a world map to go with my theme of no boundaries and no boarders. A map of the world suggest equality be-cause its so literal, I want my brand to be affordable and available to everyone and I think the map helps to communicate this.


    These shots will go on to form the basis for mylook book and onlineshop, continuing thisbrief beyond modulehand in.


    Credits to: Frankie Roberts& Oliver Cassell.

  • William CotterillOUGD301