the st. louis republic (st. louis, mo). (st. louis, mo ... rt.tqm ti 97 tmnmnil palmer, links to des

The St. Louis Republic (St. Louis, Mo). (St. Louis, MO ... rt.tqM Ti 97 TMnmnil Palmer, links to Des
Download The St. Louis Republic (St. Louis, Mo). (St. Louis, MO ... rt.tqM Ti 97 TMnmnil Palmer, links to Des

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    hrWP ' - '! aV ' --wrs-a 'is?"i'" fcv..'." 9w-- THE EEPUBLIC: THTJRSDAX FEBRUARY 28. 1901.

    ? f L' s's.--f jf& .1 ftVt A


    L-e- HEl

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    ."i I:' '

    m- ,.. i

    L3s. EJi- - -

    m '

    iv, ''ilfej -- .lr3fl Let us remind yon that Famous ts

    headquarters for correct Livery Suits.

    Our line Coachmen's Coats Is always complete.

    For Butlers', Grooms' and Bell Boys' Uniforms take your orders and have them made at short notice.

    Our experience as to what Is abso- lutely correct Is at your service.

    Sole Agents BROADWAY for Rogers, Peet AND

    r &CO..N.Y. MORGAN.

    But Is bright and attractive with fprtnx goods that are arriving dally. Many novelties that It will be lmnoIble to du plicate this season are among them. Thoxo I

    stuay eaeci line to znaae eariy lection.



    Illinois Banker, Arrested at Ke-- ' quest of Depositors, Lays

    &? His Troubles This. SKliS- -


    smiRv VHs--


    Rffefiiia Lecturer on the Properties of yp-i.y-

    c Liquid Air He Had Attained P&.'.1? a

    rt.tqM Ti 97 TMnmnil Palmer, links to Des Plalnes and Ashley. I1L. and


    Mi .T.iO'



    we up


    wbo win



    Ino.. have closed, witn total HtMIltle. estimated at JSO.WW. was arrestea t iU home In Des Plalnes y. Palmer

    I wsnted by the authorities ot Ashley, and ai arrest was at their request.

    As-l- nst Palmer's bank at Ashley there-ar- unsatisfied claims of J40.00Q. Depositors

    at the Ellettsvllle concern claim C0.006 and have filed many suits ot attachment since the bank closed Its doors a week ago. The deCcit in the accounts of the Des Plalnes institution is put at J12.000. The police haye been looking for Palmer since lion-da- y.

    It is believed he Will not be fey the Des Plaines authorities, because his safeties have promised to make good the MM owed depositors, and. Out of

    for E. J. Meyers, his partner, who .altered by the failure of the bank.

    Lectured pu LIonM Air.. AS on the (properties ofrltquia

    Jr Palmer has traveled aU over the . TJaKed Btates, and, by some, was hailed

    saUho superior of Trlpler, the discoverer of tthe liquefying process. Be is a lawyer aaf-:- teacher, having; at different times eeMucted classes In a local high school --a4 in the college at .Qulncy. IU. 'vPatoer 'said to-d- ay that Inability to real-I- s

    c& bis securities In UQUid-a- lr projects wis'the cause of the closing of his banks,

    .: asserted that if allowed to carry out Ms plans he would be able to pay his credi- tors dollar for dollar.

    Beat Leklata Hard Coal, L98. y 9 arlor Co.. M Century bldg. TeLBim

    Btocation by means on brings

    ,Tks self --reliant roan Is master ot both self 4 ;.. ; ,mmm uv wuriu. a.ue jaume wuwi vucm cn-S- s lastiuctlon by In 109

    iva r3iri..-ors- of study. Write the InstructionTl,i ill I S, TAnl, DAMiMfA fn mImi..&v WOir


    gga&Stfr: " --"bV


    .National Impu- tation.




    consider- ation



    sPaBSC-'''- -




    MLssteW Valley Traer r POWTMISO W AMP

    vr DEATHS.

    .JMULDT On WedDtd7 broa-- T 27, 1901, at 5j tw " vwmw mw sjn w -- , iwiuvru

    w UUU tfaum, b u 4ur 4M MTIVllm flu Bradr). tI from raatdenc. Vo. 411T Oozras areene,

    j'-- at las p. m.. on Friday, lurch 1. to St. Ana's ": :.Cfcawa, tbosc to Calvary Ccmttary.

    ."VQUbOCK : KUn A. Bollock (dm Hadlry). iMtts- - balod Ui of Jaa. Bullock, on Tueiday.Mna . lMn. tM a. m.. at resldtnce. No.' Soma JeSerson avenue. 'Manneet at CoUlntvUle. nL. Thurdy.

    Train Uaves Union station 1 p. m. T Johanna Dusmhev. belovftd 'wife

    Ograher. mother of John. MIk. Wil- - ,' Annie and Mary Dumirtiey, at family real--

    ho. Z7 nortn seventa street. ast St. Wednesday. Fehrpary 7. 1901.

    from family residence. Friday, March St. Patrick's Church, thence to Mount

    !?'.iOiW Cemetery. -- After m. llnrerinr illness, at Silver

    . m.. Tuesaay, worvxiy &, ivuj, unui i.husband of Marr B. Harper (nee Bur- - and con of Mrs. Marie Harner. In ths

    year of his axe. rat at St. uoua.

    notice of funeral will be given.

    r On February St, 101. at tM p. m.. after t llinems. Edwin Joan 07. acea vr years. I htuhani of Mamie Jov (nee Morris).

    ' ot Edward, Charley, Robert. Mamie and "". -

    will take place Thursday, etruary ;M1, at 1 p. m., from family residence. Na

    atnund place, to Beueiontaine cemetery Invited to attend. Member or Columbia

    .Ko. OL KnlghU of Pythias. St. Louis Drummers, United Commercial Traveler.

    lie. III., papers please copy. r- - r .

    ', "WtfTtXt On Wednesday. February . 1KH. at,, ;T o'clock p. m.. Kate Motley, ased years. V ' .am runerai wm on piace rrajj, aiarcn 1. at;1 .,m-- . from Ko. 12M North Tenth street to


    ('HnLU-O- n Wednesday. Februarr 27. 1)01. at:t.'eloek a. m, ater a Unserlna' lilnera. Theor V.WV DHUf, Kfc UU SVK1UCUUO. A1U. A,V iinis O-- L"-- . . . .,. .. yUVJS StOUCV OK HUMIU WUI U (ITW. ? rsX'..VAri ajviviwi vm iiwji reorasiT jg, jiv k. oi.. uicr uuu uioni, cuniiy vanMM roee rocnouonj, oeiovea sister of Hy.halaen'and Mrs. W. N. Skinner nea Vlrhnl.

    .ssaK'-M-ta- e are of a years and s months.

    ..'Tsaui at takes place from her late resldene. Ktw.MK XUlnols avenue, Thursday, February 3. Ml, at 1 P. m thence to Benefontains Cemetery,

    ivMefds and relatives are Invited to attend. jtoseny. sio., ana jreru, ma., papers pieast

    1QCMBERS of St. Louis City Drammers" As-- itlon are reciuestea to attena runerai or ae--

    srotser. d joy. ra. sjbchhoff. eecretary.

    the Medical Profession-The- re win be a or tne meaicai proiessiou at in . m.

    Sail oa Thursdav evenlns. Februarv 2K. at$ao o'clock, for he purpose of psastnr le ' resoiuuoa on ine oeaui or tne late r Thomas U E. NEWMAN,

    ex.. uemm jteaicai oocteiy.


    Yote on the Spooner Declara- tion Was Forty-Fiv- e to

    Twenty-Fiv- e.


    Avalanche of Passionate Ora- tory Preceded the-Fina- l

    Action. -

    VTashlnston, Feb. 27. The Senate yadopted, by a vote of 43 to 23, the Spooner Philippine amendment to the army ap- propriations bill. It was a party vote, withthe exception of Senator Hoar (Itep.). who voted with the Democrats, and McLaurln nfu' who votcd with tne Republicans.The Cuban amendment was nlai adopted,tne vote being to 20. N'ot since the enactment of the resolu-

    tions declaring a state of war to exist be- tween the United States and Spain ha3 there been such an avalanche of passionateoratory as preceded the vote.

    Throughout the session the army appro-priation bill was under discussion, the con- troverted questions being the Spooner Philippine amendment and the Piatt Cuban amendment. Both amendments wens de- nounced as vicious and pernicious leetela-tio- n,

    subversive of the principles of this Government and unparalleled In the history of legislative enactments.

    Senators Turner of Washington. Tillman of South Carolina, Pettigrew of South Da- kota, Hoar of Massachusetts, Teller of Colo- rado, llallory of Florida, XJndsay of Ken- tucky. Culberson of Texas, Jones of Arkan- sas, Allen of Nebraska and others addressed the Senate, all of them denouncing the pro- posed legislation.

    TO K.VTliM) THC CONSTITUTION. Hr. Teller gave notice of an amendment

    to the Philippine section, as follows: "That the Constitution of the United

    States Is hereby extended over and declared to be In force in the Philippine Islands so far as the same or any provision thereofmay be applicable."

    Ills purpose In offering the amendment, her said, was to ascertain whether those whosay the Constitution does not extend over the Philippines are willing that it should extend over the Islands. He had no Idea that the United States ever would surren- der the Philippines.

    Mr. Pettigrew made a vigorous attackupon the Philippine amendment, particu- larly, declaring that It would encourago "Jobs" and "schemes" for the advancement of interests of trose "on the Inside." He read letters and papers concerning the con- nection of LleuUnr.nt Colonel Heistand of the Adjutant General's department with a proposed company to control the hemp product of the Islands. He read the charges made by Major Hawkes against Heistand and others in the War Department.

    I'ETTIGUKW'S STnoXG LANGUAGE. Mr. Pettigrew contended that no legiti-

    mate efforts were being mado to prepare the Philippines for civil government, and he declared that the barbarities practiced In the Philippines by our forces had been equaled only by those of the "civilized armies at Pekln."

    "I hope." ho said, in conclusion, "that this country will see the Infamy of its course and turn its back upon a policy which has already covered it with shame and disgrace--"

    Mr. Turner of Washington, continuing his speech of last night, criticized the Spooner amendment as a departure from the Amer- ican system the first departure In the nis-to- ry

    of the country. "It is an extraordinary proposition." ha

    declared. "To my mind. It is a monstrous proposition, which no party ought to coun- tenance for a moment. We may wellcountry,. If proposition.of the Senator

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