the romantic british poets. i. intro i. introduction a. definition: b. defining moment:

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The Romantic British Poets Slide 2 I. Intro I. Introduction A. Definition: B. Defining Moment: Slide 3 I.Introduction C. Intellectual Background 1. transcendentalism 1. transcendentalism 2. time, history, and nostalgia Slide 4 I. IntroductionC. Intellectual Backgroun 3. Organicism a. Descartes three substances substances b. Spinozamatter and mind are both part of god 3. Kantmind is not just a passive receiver; it participates in creation Slide 5 Organicism universe God God Humans Humans Slide 6 C. Intellectual Background 4. Nature 5. The Imagination 6. The Figure of the Poet a.b.c. Slide 7 II. William Blake (17571827) A. Introduction 1. Biographical stuff 2. Visionary, Genius, Artist, Poet Slide 8 II. A. Blake--Introduction 3. Blakes vision 4. Blakes Archetypal Pattern Radical Innocence Innocence Innocence Experience Experience Slide 9 II. Blake Introduction 5. Blakes theory of love and sexuality Slide 10 II. Blake Introduction 6. Blakes Theory or Religion a. Blake saw a gap between real religion and institutionalized religion a. He was a devout Christian, but saw Jesus as not God becoming man but as man becoming God, i.e. a human who reached the level of wisdom (of radical innocence) that is available to all of us Slide 11 II. A. Blake Introduction 5. Blakean Theory of the Imagination 1. All reality is mental 2. Inner and outer realities co-create each other 3. Humanity recreates existencegives it meaning (responsibility of the conscious individual) Slide 12 B. His Poems 1. Songs of Innocence and Experience a. Mock on Mock On b. Chimney Sweeper c. Divine Image and Human Abstract d. The Lamb and The Tyger e. London f. Garden of Love g. Proverbs of Hell


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