a comparative study of wordsworth and coleridge as a romantic poets

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  • 1. Topic: A comparative Study of Wordsworth and Coleridge as a romantic poets. Name: Patel Kinjal Paper Name: The Romantic Literature Paper No: 5 Roll No: 16 Submitted to: M.K. Bhavnagar University

2. Introduction *Romanticism generally speaking is the expression *The poetry of this age was marked by intense human sympathy and a consequent understanding of the human heart. 3. Romanticism understanding of Liberty Freedom Human heart Intense human sympathy 4. New Turn to Poetry *Wordsworth and Coleridge *Great poets *Joint efforts *Romantic revival *The meeting of Wordsworth and Coleridge *Nether stowey *Momentous meeting 5. *They decided to transform *Old currents of classicism *They were unhappy *Decorative language 18th century *The first piece of work *Myres humorously calls: *Lyrical Blast 6. Studied the simple objects of nature Coleridge to introduce Supernaturalism , mystery and magic in poetry Wordsworth gave : Charm of novelty to things of everyday 7. *Coleridge introduced the dream-like quality *Wordsworth presented *The common *Simple life of peasants and shepherds *Coleridge went to the *Medieval period *Magic *Mystery 8. One special thing about them Loved and appreciated Nature Wordsworth visited Coleridge at Keswick Immortality ode Coleridge replied with ode on Dejection. Rolled round in earths diurnal course, With rocks, and stones, and trees 9. In certain respects it was who had a better flowering. Coleridge soon came to an end. Wordsworth could not stop the decline in Coleridges poetic power, but one can say that their contribution to English was a landmark for the Romance in English poetry.


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