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The Prodigal(pg.131) Photograph (pg. 161). Nick Pablo Cristian. Harbour (pg. 133). In this chapter we see Odaatje s love for the Ceylonse harbour . Explains the memories he had of saying goodbye to his mother and sister. Significance of the harbour . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


The Prodigal(pg.131) Photograph (pg. 161)

The Prodigal(pg.131) Photograph (pg. 161)NickPabloCristianHarbour (pg. 133)In this chapter we see Odaatjes love for the Ceylonse harbour.

Explains the memories he had of saying goodbye to his mother and sister.

Significance of the harbour.

Being a place where goodbyes are told. Pg. 133,

It was a place he loved Harbour. Lost Ship. Chandler. Estuary.Harbor


Moonsoon Notebook(ii) Pg. 135In this chapter, Ondaatje talks about the wildlife in Ceylon.

Wildlife stormed or crept into homes this way.

He recalls the sounds of the wildlife that surround the house.

Has tape recorder with the noises of the night and listens to them.

How I Was Bathed (pg.137)This chapter focuses on a story told by Gillian during a formal dinner. The story illustrates how Ondaatje who at the aged five of attended a school with majority of females was bathed by Yasmine Gooneratne. He and other classmates were bathed every second evening. Years go by until he finally sees Gooneratne again at a conference, but never did the bathing come up in conversation. She collected our clothes, threw them out the room, and locked the door. The eight of us were herded terrified into one corner. (pg.138) Can someone please read the second chapter in in pg.138.He also questions how an event like this which is suppose to be so traumatizing to any other child has not affected him any way. Why do you guys think this is?

Wilpattu (pg.140) On April 8th they took a drive from Anuradhapura towards the Wilpattu Jungle, through the small town of Nochiyagama. Once they reached their destination they are assigned a tracker-guide. A thunder storm then begins so they took the opportunity to shower. He then sees a black wild boar appears to what he claims to be majestic. He feels threatened and that the boar has options if he decides to attack.If I am to die soon I would choose to die now under his wet alphabet of tusk, while I am cool and clean and in good company. (Pg. 142)April 11th while everyone is packing they are suddenly interrupted by deer scream who is ready to get pounced on by a leopard. Everyone awaits the kill. He then tries to locate his soap which has gone missing so he begins to ask around. He receives the same answer from the cook and tracker tell him the boar has taken it. He then pictures the boar taking it back to his friends just ridiculing the humans and their shower.Kuttapitiya (pg. 144)Focused on they lived on home with a garden that gave fluorescent flower one day and dead the next. Lalla. Arguments adventures haircuts all occurred in this garden his brother even bobsledded there which wasnt to safe. Then he had a sister named Lalla who would pick endless flowers and took them with her. The father then became the founding member of The Ceylon Cactus and Succulent Society. The gardening took different roles and eventually Lalla wasnt into cactuses and her visits tapered away. The family was once left alone but the place could be perfect.Travels in Ceylon (pg.147)Ceylon is a small country, filled with railways. Ondaatjes father was obsessed with the railways and due to his military service he received free train passes.His father held up the train on multiple occasions and especially while in uniform.One day his father attempted to commit suicide by walking to the middle of a tunnel and standing there naked as he waited for the trains to come through. His wife came and talked him out of it.Ondaatjes mothers writing has changed over the years. Why do you think the author mentions this?Resthouses are an old tradition and are placed every 15 miles along the road in Ceylon due to the dangerous roads.His father Mervyn, engaged in a literary war with the Bandaranaike.Mervyn became banned from the railways

Sir John (pg.156)They visited Sir John ask him what he knew of their fatherSir John showed them around his palace while telling them the story of their father. Sir John kept becoming distracted from the story.There are many animals roaming about as well as the cast for the theatre group of CamelotA photographer showed up with a married couple. The man in the couple got down on his knees and went under the girls dress and began biting her thighpg159. Hell of a lot of trouble that one caused. What?.....pg157 What does this quote show about his father?

Photograph (pg.161)The only picture of his father and mother together was presented to him by his aunt.1932, honeymoonWhat we think of married lifepg162. The only writing on the postcard like photoEvidence of how perfect the two were for eachother