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A reflection by Fr. Joseph Jablonski, MSC a Missionary of the Sacred Heart


  • 1. By. Fr. Joseph Jablonski, MSC

2. Your son ordaughter hasbeen cared for byyou 3. always. 4. Making great sacrifices,you even paid for theircollege education. 5. Then the shock came of discovering that he or she was on drugs 6. and had even stolen money fromthe familys saving account tosupport the addiction. 7. After a long period ofdenial and 8. Photo is of a model and is for illustration onlyafter ending-up on the street with nothing left, 9. your son ordaughter realizes their need for help and areadmitted into a treatment center. 10. Now, after many months of rehab, its time to be released. 11. What do you do? 12. We hope you enjoyed this reflection by Fr.Joseph Jablonski, MSC.If you would like to read other reflections byFr. Joseph, please visit the Sunday Reflectionpage on our Missionaries of the Sacred Heart USA Province305 S. Lake Street, PO Box 270 Aurora, IL 60507 (630) 892-2371 13. Photo Credits Slide 1: Photo from Slide 2: Photo by Anna Langova via Slide 3: Photo A3330Pilot via Slide 4: Photo mammamaart via Slide 5: Photo SochAnam via Slide 6: Photo by Junior Libby via Slide 7: Photo iqoncept via Slide 8: Photo Alina555 via (Photo is of a modeland is for illustration only.) Slide 9: Photo SCGstudio via Slide 10: Photo Liliboas via Slide 11: Photo by Jasmina007 via Slides 13-14: Photo by Primroz Cigler via PublicDomainPictures.netPhotos are for illustration only. Please note that any