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Download The Patriot – Things to Watch Hollywood History. The Battle of Bunker Hill June 17, 1775 Bunker Hill was the objective, yet most of the fighting was on

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  • The Patriot Things to WatchHollywood History

  • The Battle of Bunker HillJune 17, 1775Bunker Hill was the objective, yet most of the fighting was on nearby Breeds HillColonial militia vs. British regularsBritish eventually capture the groundAmerican casualties 450British casualties Over 1,000

  • Weapons of the Eighteenth CenturyVeterans of Indian Wars may have taken tomahawks or knivesMuskets (guns) were long and heavyAn average shooter could probably load and fire an accurate shot in around 30 secondsMuskets were not that accurate due to the shape of their ammunitionTried to compensate by lengthening barrel, making them heavier and tougher to holdAmmo for muskets involved melting lead into a mold then forming into a round ballMold - Courtesy of Missouri State Historical Museum

  • Photos from:Smithsonian National Museum of American History Behring CenterMissouri State Historical Museum

  • How to load and fire a musket

  • Uniforms and ClothingBritish soldiers were called RedcoatsNot all British wore red, howeverCavalry units altered colors to distinguish themselvesThe most famous of these were the Green DragoonsContinental or Colonial soldiers often wore blueContinental militia did not have a standard uniform and wore their own clothesSmithsonian National Museum of American History Behring Center

  • Banastre Tarleton and The Green DragoonsNotoriously vicious British cavalry leaderRoutinely burned housesIn one instance, he supposedly killed Continentals who were surrendering

  • The Battle of CamdenAugust 16, 1780Lord Cornwallis (British) vs. Horatio Gates (Continentals)Gates has the numeric advantage in soldiersGates uses a large amount of untrained militiaWhen the shooting begins, most of the militia retreat immediately

  • Different StrategiesBritish disagree with aiming for officersThey believe without officers, there is no orderThe British did burn down houses of citizens loyal to the rebelsThat was usually as bad as it gotMost honorable type of war was to stand in the field before your enemyAmbushes were considered ungentlemanly and in poor taste

  • The Battle of the Cowpens andThe Battle of Guilford CourthouseLord Cornwallis, leader of British, has no respect for Colonial militiaDaniel Morgan tells militia to form at center, fire two shots, and retreatHe hopes British will chase militiaBritish advance met with Colonial Regulars waitingRegulars fire at point blank rangeMajor victory for Continental army

  • Taxation without representationJust because one state is at war, that doesnt mean they all are

    Do you think the British would have burned down a church?