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    The Irresistible Charms of

    Ashish Belagali,http://10Xofy.comTwitter: @10Xofy

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    Java popularityHistory of JavaTechnologyStrategy blundersFrameworks & tech stacks

    All pervasivenessAttackersCritiques n MythsTechnology charmsBusiness charms

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    Java still #1 May 2017Java still #1 May 2017

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    1991 Green team at Sun led by James Gosling JDK Alpha and Beta (1995) JDK 1.0 (23rd Jan, 1996) JDK 1.1 (19th Feb, 1997) J2SE 1.2 (8th Dec, 1998) J2SE 1.3 (8th May, 2000) J2SE 1.4 (6th Feb, 2002) J2SE 5.0 (30th Sep, 2004) Java SE 6 (11th Dec, 2006) Sun acquired by Oracle (27th Jan, 2010) Java SE 7 (28th July, 2011) Java SE 8 (18th March, 2014)

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    (1) Compiled

    (2) Interpreted

    (3) Compiled, then Interpreted

    Java Virtual Machine (JVM) technology WORA Write Once, Run Anywhere Better than WOCA Optimizing resource utilization, security Backward compatibility

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    Strategy Blunder - 1Strategy Blunder - 1

    Focus on hardware, ignore software

    Sun did not make money on Java, others did.

    Owned specs, not product. Sun played big brother

    open sourced, first partially, then completely.

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    Strategy Blunder - 2Strategy Blunder - 2

    Craftsmanship ignored initially Examples

    Java UI Performance Templates, method properties,

    lambda expressions Ended up losing developers

    and then playing catch-up, as market forced them

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    Strategy Blunder - 3Strategy Blunder - 3

    Go after foes and friends too compete and include everything

    Examples CORBA RMI Spring EJB3 Eclipse Netbeans Tomcat/Jboss Glassfish

    Made framework vendors insecure.

    Lost money. Made developers happy?

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    33rdrd Party Frameworks Party Frameworks

    Sun stopped playing a leadership role in Java long ago. Talented 3rd party developers who made brilliant frameworks, adopted Java for interesting uses.IBM Eclipse, IntelliJ, Google Android, JRebel

    Image attributions: Matt Raible on Flickr

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    Impressive Technology StacksImpressive Technology Stacks

    JEE Spring Play Spark ...

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    All PervasiveAll Pervasive

    Image attributions: (1) Nimbuzz on Flickr (2) Command827~commonswiki

    Mobile Web(HTML & Rich client)Desktop

    (AWT, Swing, SWT, Webstart)

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    Scala, Guice

    Ruby, Python,Node.js

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    Critiques & MythsCritiques & Myths Java is slow Java hogs memory Java is verbose Java development is slow

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    Technology CharmsTechnology Charms Richest ecosystem of frameworks Mature, enterprise-ready, proven technology Robust, prevents memory leaks and uses

    static typing => developers cannot shoot themselves in the foot

    Highly secure and scalable

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    Business CharmsBusiness Charms Java developers are trained in object

    orientation #1 programming language, Huge community

    support => help available if stuck Huge supply of Java developers => expect

    available throughout life of software Backward compatibility => Old programs dont

    break on newer Java release

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    Thank YouThank You

    Ashish Belagali,http://10Xofy.comTwitter: @10Xofy