The Internet of People: A Call to Arms

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  1. 1. The Internet of People A Call to Arms Avi Bar-Zeev Person
  2. 2. The Call Big Companies are bringing Big Magic Big Magic can liberate or enslave us We get to pick. Heres how...
  3. 3. Game Changing Tech = Human Superpower AR/VR = all of these Airplane (primitive teleportation) Telephone (primitive telepathy) Television (primitive clairvoyance) Computer (enhanced intelligence) Google (primitive omniscience) or (the power to know every dumb fact in existence) (primitive omnipresence) or (the power to keep up with friends you couldnt be bothered to call) Twitter (primitive omnipotence) or (the power to believe youre important) electricity (directed energy) Wheel (primitive telekinesis)
  4. 4. What I couldnt say was... In January 2010, I joined a secret project inside Microsoft to reboot the next-gen Xbox... Management: Give us something that scares us.
  5. 5. I had a few ideas... From: Disney VR Google Earth Second Life First Life Avatar Kinect Holographic TP To: P10/720 Screen Zero Fortaleza HoloLens Microsoft
  6. 6. Holographic TP = Telepresence not toilet paper JPL/Microsoft/Disney/BBC Hundreds of people worked on HoloLens after I did. They ALL deserve credit for their ideas and hard work. ...continued
  7. 7. Now Augmented Reality is really coming... ApparentInvestment CastAR Daqri Meta Vuzix Osterhout Sony Epson ML GOOG MSFT (source: lazy internet research)
  8. 8. But VR is exploding (again)! High Presence Low Relevance
  9. 9.
  10. 10. The Economics of Relevance 90 90 1300 Movies Video Games Talking to your Family & Friends Global market, in billions USD (source: lazy internet research) VR AR
  11. 11. But, Beware the Dark Side...
  12. 12. Be- what? In AR/VR, you are easier to digitize We mediate more of your interactions We stimulate and measure your reactions...
  13. 13. Glimpse the Future Study: VR helped reveal known sex offenders who are more likely to repeat 1. Show them risky scenes... 2. Measure how they involuntarily react... Social Benefit or Thought Crime? Massil Benbouriche, University of Montreal
  14. 14. For the Visual Thinkers The Matrix / Warner Brothers
  15. 15. Tobii The Eyes Dont Lie
  16. 16. Stay Calm and Party On This isnt about you. Its about business models To force change: Do business only with companies that put customers first.
  17. 17. The Call to Arms Big Magic can either Liberate or Enslave us. We should pick.
  18. 18. Heres how... 1. Build the AR/VR analog of the open web 2. Own your content (your data) 3. Create the world you want to live in
  19. 19. Some Arguments Against experiences in web browsers are inferior to native apps (e.g., loading, latency, global optimizations) AR/VR is more interactive and complex than simple web pages as a developer, my obligation is to my customers to ship the best possible experiences its not my problem being more open wont by itself solve privacy the web is a mess of semi-broken, constantly-changing APIs standards are too slow to react to cool new tech like AR/VR native tools are much more polished millions of little content creators make tons of crap (see myspace) its a catch 22, with not enough consumers and outlets to warrant my investment here its not my problem
  20. 20. How the Web Won Out Content is device independent Content is dynamically and neutrally available Content is viewable, copyable, and mashable
  21. 21. What Will Make AR/VR Win? Content is device independent Content is dynamically and neutrally available Content is viewable, copyable, and mashable
  22. 22. For the Visual Thinkers:
  23. 23. AR content adapts to the Environment Microsoft
  24. 24. Content is Mashable Avoid DRM Walled gardens Exclusive app-store markets Platforms that compile or bundle apps
  25. 25. Content is Linkable We need a way to link people, places & things: Securely (cant extract personal info without auth) Selectively (user-defined levels of trust) Robustly (no broken links)
  26. 26. You Own the Content Like the web, open, ubiquitous, and free We need a markup language for reality And an expression language for content
  27. 27. Closing Thought In a world with Millions of servers, Billions of wearables, Trillions of sensors, What matters most is How we treat people.
  28. 28. The Internet of People Avi Bar-Zeev @avibarzeev