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<p> 1. THE HOUSE THAT KNOWS TOO MUCH Simone Rebaudengo @shandchipsing frog &amp; THINGSCON WORKSHOP 2. IN ~90 MINUTES WE WILL SPECULATE ABOUT THE FUTURE HOME FILLED OF THINGS THAT KNOW A LOT ABOUT US MAYBE TOO MUCH 3. TINY INTRO+SOME RANTY CONTEXT+GET TO QUESTIONS+GO TO BRUCES 4. HELLO! 5. I LIVE IN A FUTURE 6. OR THE ONLY ALTERNATIVE REALITY WHERE QR CODES ARE USED EVERY DAY 7. BELIEVABLE PRODUCTS for HYPOTETICAL NEAR-FUTURES 8. THIS IS WERE I ENJOY 9. AND I DIG DEEPER 10. SHORTCIRCUIT THESE FUTURES 11. HIDE THE FUTURE IN MUNDANE OBJECTS 12. AND FIGURE OUT WHAT MIGHT HAPPEN 13. MIGHT BECOME A TOASTER ACTIVIST 14. TEACHER OF ALGORHITMS LOOK AT CONTEXTUAL IMPLICATIONS 15. THAT MIGHT LEAD TO NEW JOBS 16. OR PRODUCTS 17. I LIKE MAKE THESE FUTURES WORK 18. GIVE IT A COOL NAME LIKE THE UNMASK! 19. GO AROUND AND MAKE PEOPLE EXPERIENCE IT 20. AND HOPEFULLY GET SOME NASTY COMMENTS 21. IN ~90 MINUTES WE WILL SPECULATE ABOUT THE FUTURE HOME FILLED OF THINGS THAT KNOW A LOT ABOUT US MAYBE TOO MUCH 22. A/B Manifesto (2009), Dunne&amp;Raby 23. TODAY WELL TRY TO FIND SOME GOOD QUESTIONS 24. HOUSE THAT KNEW WHAT???? 25. THE FUTURE WHEN I WAS A KID 26. Ericsson, Social web of things (2012) 27. THE FLAMBOYANT BUT HIPPIE ROOMBA THE SINGLE MICROWAVE AND THE ASSHOLE UMBRELLA 28. WHY DOES MY HOUSE HATES MY EX TOO? 29. WE WILL LIVE WITH THESE OBJECTS 30. Words of a middleman (2012), University of Applied Sciences in Potsdam LISTENING 31. CHATTING 32. ASKING US TO DO WEIRD THINGS 33. SUBTLY OR LESS SUBTLY THEY TAKE DECISIONS ON OUR BEHALF 34. NOT ONLY THIS AUTONOMOUS 35. Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (1614-1716) DE ARTE COMBINATORIA 36. Joseph Weizenbaum (1923-2008) 37. THERE IS NO CLEAR RIGHT OR WRONG 38. 39. SIMPLE QUESTIONS ASWELL CAN BE HARD 40. WE PLAYED WITH MECHANICAL TURKS 41. AS DECISION MAKERS FOR OBJECTS 42. WHAT ABOUT MY COFFE MACHINE? 43. Step 1 /Initial Brainstorming (10mins) Make groups Pick a room, think about what objects are in there Pick One/two object that might be interesting to play with later 44. BUT LETS UNPACK THIS A LITTLE 45. WE ASSUME THAT THINGS ARE SMART AND HAVE BEST INFORMATION 46. WHAT IF MY COFFE MACHINE KNOWS ABOUT MY STRESS LEVEL? COFFEE PRICES MY ACCOUNT PRODUCERS STRIKES MY WORK SCHEDULE FLOODS IN BRAZIL MY COMPANY PROFIT GARTNER HYPE CURVE 47. near far 48. futurepresent 49. THINGS MIGHT KNOW TOO MUCH OR TOO LITTLE TO TAKE A NEUTRAL STANCE SHOULD I GIVE HIM A COFFEE? 50. WHAT IF MY COFFE MACHINE IS PROFIT BASED? PRODUCTIVITY DRIVEN ITALIAN VEGAN JEWISH PERSONAL HEALTH DRIVEN PUBLIC HEALTH DRIVEN 51. actinterpretsense stimuli data information context 52. IF ITS EASIER THINK OF IT AS A PERSONALITYBUTTHATS NOT IT 53. Step 2 / What do objects know about us? (15mins) Lets look at what inputs the objects you choose might have about us # Play with dierent scales from near us to global # Dont think about today only but also future 54. Step 3 / What is their main motive? (15mins) What are the main goals and ideology that your object should follow # Think rst about things related to the object # Think about where society you imagine and the value that it would push 55. near far 56. futurepresent 57. Step 4 / Speculations! (20mins) Lets put our objects, inputs and ideologies on the wall It can be yours, it can related to the type pf object it could be just random Find 3 big questions that you feel might have some strong implications in the daily life of someone Lets discuss on how life would change in this scenario 58. objects data ideology questions ? ? ? 59. HOW MUCH DO WE WANT THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT US? HOW EXPOSED DO WE WANT TO BE TO THIS AS USERS? WHAT NEW CONVERSATIONS MIGH EMERGE WITH THESE OBJECTS? 60. I HOPE THAT FROM TODAY WE WILL ALL USE THE SMART IN A DIFFERENT WAY 61. THANKS! @shandchipsing </p>