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  • Too much too young ; Make-up and me Lyndsey Jones
  • Introduction
    • In this presentation I am going to explore why we decide to wear make-up and the reasoning behind this.
    • I am going to look specifically at the younger generation and what makes them start wearing it and what influences them at such a young age. I will also look at the marketing of the products and the way they advertise these to children.
    • Exploring theories : such as the ideal self and looking glass theory in detail to understand why we wear makeup. I will include my personal and other peoples experience with makeup and why I wear it and what influenced me to start wearing it at young age.
  • Why do we wear makeup?
    • In a lot of cases media and peers influences most people to wear makeup. In my opinion it is a case of supposed to by women as a reason why they wear it and not a need.
    • - In the younger generations case , makeup is related to feeling grown up just like parents and celebrities that they look up to. We live in a society now that if girls dont wear makeup they are classed as less devolved by there peers. Confidence can also have allot to do with why women wear make-up. It can almost be a mask to hide behind to cover up there true identity.
    • - Wearing make-up can also be a tool in helping someone to be someone else or ideal self , which is being someone they are not and someone they want to be.
    • Magazines;
    • These are the biggest contributor for putting women under pressure to wear make-up and aspire to be like the models
    • and celebrities that feature in them. There are always
    • advertisements for the latest make-up products, the
    • page contains a model with the make-up on, these
    • are usually deceiving to the audience due to editing,
    • so therefore are more appealing to buy and more
    • persuasive.
  • Young girls and make-up
    • - TV programs
    • Recently there has been television programs about young girls modelling. These programs showed moms dressing up there daughters at the age of 8 below, and entering them into competitions to show off there daughters.
    • All the girls wore make-up and fake-tan and wore revelling clothes. The young girls saw these routines as normal as they didnt know any better. All the pageants were taken seriously and the girls felt like they had let there moms down if the didnt win. Therefore parents are a big factor.
  • Young girls and make-up
    • This case of too much too young is an extreme case of growing up too fast, but there are many moms than let the daughters wear make-up at a young age not realising the effect it could have at a later stage. For young girls make-up is seen as a grown up thing that the people they look up to do. At a young age we learn all our trades from our parents and follow and copy what they do and aspire to be like them. This is why I think girls start to wear make-up and associate it as grown up.
    • Next are some pictures of young girl aged 2-6 >>>
    • The clip I am going to show next is a television program from America about young girls as young as 4 years old been entered for beauty pageants by there mothers, they are dressing them up to look like young women to show off there daughter to win trophies.
  • Video: Toddlers and Tiaras DMAX UK
    • I have a strong opinion on these sorts of programs. These shows are representing and promoting the behaviour of the parents who are treating their 4+ year old daughters like teenagers, dressing them up and applying make-up to them what it is not needed at all. These shows are showing the extreme of all the parents actions who are seeing this as normal behaviour.
    • I feel that my relationship with make-up is not as extreme, but it could be argued that any dependence on make-up is setting a bad example for the younger generation. It makes me wonder whether I should be careful about wearing and promoting make-up in front of my young cousins.
  • Why did I start to wear make-up
    • - Early stages
    • When I was younger, I wasnt really interested in dolls and babies to play with. Everyone else my age played with barbies, cindies and baby born doll, but the didnt interest me. I liked to play with my moms make-up. I loved putting it on and it making me feel grown up. My mum didnt like me playing with her make-up, my mom used to take it off me but as I grew older my mom used to buy me sets for Christmas and birthdays. I think the theory ideal self comes into this one; I wanted to be like my mom all dressed up because I looked up to her, and also to people I saw on telly and wanted to feel grown up.
    • Started wearing make-up
    • I started to wear make-up in year 6. I only wore it because I could and not because I need to. Having that freedom was good but I had no reason to wear it at such a young age.
  • Me and make up now
    • I think my mom should have been more strict on letting me wear make-up at such a young age. Looking back I didnt need to wear makeup in primary school and only wore it because I could. If my mom wouldnt have let me wear it that young I dont think it would have been such a necessity now. She might have given me a stronger message that I should seek my true self rather than searching for an ideal self
    • Now
    • I still wear make-up now but not as much as I used to. A few years ago I couldnt leave the house without applying mascara and eyeliner. Now I realise make-up is not a need and I tend to wear it more when I go out.
  • Influences
    • I think the main influences are :
    • Peers
    • Magazines
    • Advertisement
    • Celebrities
    • TV programs
    • Male attention
    • Trying to fit in
    • School
    • No confidence , insecurities
    • Women you look up to (mom and people in your families)
    • Friends
    • Ideal self (aspiring to be something/someone else)
    • Is there anymore that you can think of ? .
    • Sexual attractive
  • Children's brands
    • - What's changed?
    • There are many children's brands on sale that sell make-up for children. When I was younger Barbie did dolls and accessorises for them such as clothes as plastic cars. Barbie is a brand aimed at around 3-7 year old girls. Over the years the Brand has expanded and now does make-up for children, hair colours and also now nails and has grown very successful.
    • There is also a hello kitty brand that has also changed from when I was younger, they now what a huge make-up brand that are all aimed at children.
    • I remember when I had my first make-up set for Christmas off my mom and dad, the set contained brightly coloured eye shadows and blushers, now the make-up seems to advanced so much that the make-up is good quality for such young children.
    • The danger with linking grown-up make-up to toys is that it creates a sub-conscious link in the childs mind between fantasy and reality, and secures the ideal self in the every day.
  • The advertising of make-up products to children
    • When all the children's programs are on telly there are many adverts that advertise there products to children. This is so they are noticed by the young children and wanted. The girls on the telly are all dressed up with make-up and a lot older than the girls that the brand is aimed at.
    • This targeted advertising is to make sure it is noticed by the children. The Barbie make-up brand has done that successfully that they have teamed up with a major make-up brand called MAC , this make-up brand is of good quality and usually aimed women.
    • The way the make-up is advertised on the telly it is seen as fun and girly, so therefore makes the young girls want to be like them and feel older as such an innocent age.
  • Celebes and make-up
    • When we see celebs with no make-up we, we all are shocked and we all have our different opinions of what they look like. Magazines are always criticising celebrities for not wearing make-up then complaining if they are wearing to much. I think that they are pressured, I buy heat magazine on a regular basis and constantly see the celebs with no make-up pages these pages make me feel that I have to where make up so therefore self consciously I feel I have to where make up because of the perception of women with no makeup is a negative one, because these magazines are also viewed by the younger generation, these can also have an effect on there view on make-up so they feel the need they need to wear it at such a young age which is unnecessary.
    • What are