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The Fuzzy Tail is a play on Chris Anderson's Long Tailbut that's where the similarities end. Being "fuzzy" means unlearning the way we've always done things and moving away from rigidity toward adaptability. The first draft of this presentation will be presented to employees of Critical Mass, a digital experience consultancy based out of Calgary, Canada.


<p>fuzzytail.ppt</p> <p>David ArmanoVP, Experience Design | Critical MassLogic + Emotion |</p> <p>criticalmass.comThe Fuzzy</p> <p>The</p> <p>Fuzzy Tail</p> <p>Its like theLong Tail</p> <p>Only</p> <p>Fuzzy</p> <p>When was the last time you met a blacksmith?</p> <p>= +</p> <p>Or needed one?</p> <p>People who did this:</p> <p>Now do this:</p> <p>So whats your job?</p> <p>Now put on your fuzzy glasses.</p> <p>How fuzzy are you?</p> <p>not as fuzzy</p> <p>getting fuzzy</p> <p>awfully fuzzy</p> <p>rigid</p> <p>fuzzy</p> <p>This isnt fuzzy.</p> <p>waterfall</p> <p>Source:</p> <p>Neither is this</p> <p>Assembly line</p> <p>Or this.</p> <p>silos</p> <p>This is.</p> <p>overlaps</p> <p>hierarchy + networks</p> <p>Fuzzy logic (and emotion)</p> <p>Are fuzzy peopleright-brainers?</p> <p>Wow!</p> <p>Not quite.</p> <p>Fuzzy people arelight-brainers</p> <p>light-brain functionsagile</p> <p>inquisitive</p> <p>adaptable</p> <p>flexiblepliableNote: I am not a certified brain surgeon. This visual is conceptual only.</p> <p>How do we get fuzzier?</p> <p>Forget you were ever an expert.</p> <p>At anything.</p> <p>Unlearn.</p> <p>So you can learn again.</p> <p>Proof of fuzziness</p> <p>The T-shapedindividual</p> <p>From T-shaped toSun-shaped</p> <p>Passionate individuals.Collaborative teams.</p> <p>Individuals.</p> <p>Teams.</p> <p>Lets meet some fuzzy people.</p> <p>Chad Hurleydesigner</p> <p>Steve Chen engineer</p> <p>Jawed Karim geek</p> <p>Youtube is innovative</p> <p>Innovation is fuzzy</p> <p>Fuzzy perfect</p> <p>12</p> <p>3</p> <p>4</p> <p>Universal Media Player</p> <p>Community</p> <p>Distribution</p> <p>Context + Relevance</p> <p>Fuzzy work in the office:</p> <p>design lead + flash designer</p> <p>Core team:</p> <p>design lead + interaction designer + flash developer + project manager </p> <p>Core team:</p> <p>creative lead + designer + dev 1 + dev 2 + project manager + advocate</p> <p>Core team:</p> <p>Why should you care?</p> <p>Because were not in the Website business.</p> <p>Web</p> <p>site</p> <p>$400</p> <p>.00</p> <p>Were in the ideas + experience business.</p> <p>So lets get</p> <p>Fuzzy</p> <p>David ArmanoVP, Experience Design | Critical MassLogic + Emotion |</p> <p>criticalmass.comThe Fuzzy</p>