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The Endangered Whale Shark. By: Avery Owen 7 th grade Vickery Creek Middle School. Introduction. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • By: Avery Owen 7th grade Vickery Creek Middle School

  • I chose an article on the endangered marine animal, the Whale Shark. The Whale Shark is not a predator of man, and does not deserve to be harmed . Why do people in some parts of the world bring harm to the Whale Shark? Lets consider some amazing facts about these fish, and about how they live.Introduction

  • The huge Whale Shark is found worldwide in tropical , warm, temperate seas. It is the largest fish in the sea, reaching lengths of 40 feet or more. It is distinguished by its two-toned pattern of light spots on its dark grey back. It can eat a lot of different marine animals, but its favorite is plankton. While the Whale Shark is swimming close to the waters surface, its very large gaping mouth scoops up these animals, along with any small fish that happen to be around. Known as a filter feeder, the Whale Shark extends its jaws and sucks everything in its mouth. It then shuts its mouth, forcing water to filter out of its gills. Everything that is left becomes the sharks dinner and is circulated through its system. The Whale Shark continues to be hunted in parts of Asia, for its meat and for medicinal purposes.

  • I learned that:The Whale Shark can be 40 or more feet in length. Known as a filter feeder, it extends its mouth sucking everything in; it shuts its mouth forcing water to filter out of its gills; and it finally circulates the food through its system. But most of all, I learned that we need to stop the hunting and killing of Whale Sharks , in parts of Asia , for food and medicine .


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