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<ul><li><p>hippopotamuselk</p></li><li><p>lynxdeer</p></li><li><p>sharkwhale</p></li><li><p>sealswalrus</p></li><li><p>iguanavaran</p></li><li><p>lizardsquirrelSea-horseoctopus</p></li><li><p>melkruilyivpseyopfsayrfalqrepljgznscreuuwalrusxvuafiiqddqwfcnjnsrhippopotamusrofeydeertjhxejoctopuseyuplbgjkpytisealansharkrlizard</p></li><li><p>ANSWER THE QUESTIONS Which sea animals do you know?Shark, walrus, sea-horse, octopus, sealwhale, dolphin, jelly-fish, crab, lobster.</p><p>Which reptiles do you know ?Snake, crocodile, frog, lizard, turtle,varan, iguana.</p><p>What animals live in our region ?Wolvers, foxes, hares, bears, deer, elks,hedgehog, squirrels, lynx.</p></li><li><p>1. BIRD2. DOGS3. CATS4. SPIDERS5. WOLVE6. BEARS7. LIONS8. BEES9. SNAKEWhat animals doA) hunt in a park, howl at nightB) make honey,buzz,sting.C) roarD) hiss,slither along the groundE) bark, wag their tailsF) build nest, lay eggsG) make webs to catch fliesH) hibernate during the winterI) purr,scratch</p></li><li><p>GROUP OF ANIMALS1. a herd of a. fish2. a pack of b. whales3. a swarm of c. wolves4. a shoal of d. birds5. a flock of e. cattle 6. a school of f. bees</p></li><li><p>GRAMMARWrite the comparative and superlative of</p><p>Fast ( faster, the fastest )Funny ( funnier, the funniest )Useful ( more useful, the most useful )Big ( bigger, the biggest )Intelligent ( more intelligent , the most intelligent )Good ( better, the best )Large ( larger, the largest )</p></li><li><p>ANIMAL PROVERBS</p><p>You cant treat an old dog new tricks.</p><p>You can lead a horse to water but you cant makeIt drink.</p><p>Dont count your chicken before they hatch.</p><p>The early bird catches the worm.</p></li></ul>