hippopotamus elk lynx deer shark whale seals walrus.

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hippopotamuselklynxdeersharkwhalesealswalrusiguanavaranlizardsquirrelSea-horseoctopusmelkruilyivpseyopfsayrfalqrepljgznscreuuwalrusxvuafiiqddqwfcnjnsrhippopotamusrofeydeertjhxejoctopuseyuplbgjkpytisealansharkrlizardANSWER THE QUESTIONS Which sea animals do you know?Shark, walrus, sea-horse, octopus, sealwhale, dolphin, jelly-fish, crab, lobster.Which reptiles do you know ?Snake, crocodile, frog, lizard, turtle,varan, iguana.What animals live in our region ?Wolvers, foxes, hares, bears, deer, elks,hedgehog, squirrels, lynx.1. BIRD2. DOGS3. CATS4. SPIDERS5. WOLVE6. BEARS7. LIONS8. BEES9. SNAKEWhat animals doA) hunt in a park, howl at nightB) make honey,buzz,sting.C) roarD) hiss,slither along the groundE) bark, wag their tailsF) build nest, lay eggsG) make webs to catch fliesH) hibernate during the winterI) purr,scratchGROUP OF ANIMALS1. a herd of a. fish2. a pack of b. whales3. a swarm of c. wolves4. a shoal of d. birds5. a flock of e. cattle 6. a school of f. beesGRAMMARWrite the comparative and superlative ofFast ( faster, the fastest )Funny ( funnier, the funniest )Useful ( more useful, the most useful )Big ( bigger, the biggest )Intelligent ( more intelligent , the most intelligent )Good ( better, the best )Large ( larger, the largest )ANIMAL PROVERBSYou cant treat an old dog new tricks.You can lead a horse to water but you cant makeIt drink.Dont count your chicken before they hatch.The early bird catches the worm.


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