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Designed Specifically for Select Brother Sewing & Quilting Machines

THE Dream Fabric Frame Virtually Unlimited Creative OptionsThe first of its kind, THE Dream Fabric Frame opens up an exciting new world of embellishment when used with Brother machines and accessories. Enjoy the freedom to create various techniques for endless creativity.

The Perfect Recommended Machine

THE Dream Fabric Frame Starter Kit Included

Thread PaintingUnleash your inner artist! THE Dream Fabric Frame is the perfect canvas for painting even drawing with thread. Add dimension and texture with ease.

Free-Motion CouchingUsing the optional couching foot specific to your machine, embellish garment pieces, wall hangings, upholstery and quilts. Simply insert the cording or yarn of your choice into the couching foot and stitch away!

QuiltingWith its large workspace and free-motion features, you no longer need to constantly move your fabric. The machine does the work as you move it across the fabric, zone to zone.

Appliqu Apply free-motion stitching to your appliqu pieces to create a unique design. Simply adhere fabric pieces in place with double-sided fusible web and stitch over the edges. Use a twin needle for a more decorative look.

Needle FeltingEasily turn roving and wool yarns into artful embellishments. Add felting on top of embroidery, or felt a variety of fabrics without adding roving or wool, including Dupioni Silk, Cotton Flannel and Polar Fleece.

Looking for the perfect machine to use with THE Dream Fabric Frame? With advanced features like the Multi-Function Foot Control function and expansive 11.25 workspace, the DreamCreator Innov-s VQ2400 is the ideal machine for working with quilts or garments on THE Dream Fabric Frame. Built with 50% brighter lighting than most Brother machines, see your work in brilliant light! Sew and quilt faster up to 1,050 stitches per minute, while enjoying luxuries like automatic needle threading and bobbin winding while sewing.

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THE Dream Fabric Frame is compatible with the following machines that are available for separate purchase:

THE Dream Machine Innov-s XV8500D DreamWeaver XE Innov-s VM6200D DreamCreator XE Innov-s VM5100 DreamWeaver Innov-s VQ3000 DreamCreator Innov-s VQ2400 PQ1500 Series

Everything you need to get started! Experiment with quilting techniques, build your confidence, and fine-tune your quilting skills. Kit includes:

Warm Blend batting

Top and backing fabrics

Simplicity Pro cotton quilting threads and Organ brand quilting needles Free-motion quilting template to practice on

DreamCreatorTM Innov-s VQ2400

Special Bundle


ask about our


Thread Painting

Free-motion Couching



Needle Felting

THE Dream Fabric Frame by Brother, developed in conjunction with The Grace Company, one of the top manufacturers for both machine and hand quilting frames, is easy to assemble and is manufactured for durability and reliability. Constructed with tube steel and extruded aluminum, the frame has fully welded sides, guaranteeing increased frame strength. Now you have the peace of mind knowing you never have to worry about shifting or rocking while youre creating your favorite project.

Smooth Gliding Carriage SystemYour Brother machine easily fits on the smooth gliding carriage system.Simply place it on the frames trolley system, lock it in place, and youre ready to go. The machine glides effortlessly with accurate movement, making it perfect for small, intricate stitching.

Sit or Stand with Height Adjustable LegsAdjust to the perfect height table height, standing heightand a setting in between so you can create for hours in the position you prefer. Raise or lower in one inch increments from 29 to 39.

Fabric Hooks/Unique Fabric Management SystemThe five big hooks under the frame are perfect for keeping your project off the floor.

Fabric Management ClampsFirmly secure your fabric into place on the rails. Simply find the groove in the rail, then easily snap into place. The included unique bungee cord system makes securing even the smallest fabrics easy, too!

Easy Grip HandlesErgonomic placement of handles gives you effortless control of the machine. Unique handle mechanism allows the handle to be swung up and away to allow for easy bobbin exchange.

Floating Take-up FabricThe rail stays at a continuous height so you dont have to raise or adjustit when you move your fabric to a new position. The fabric floats abovethe frame, out of the way of the machines arm, keeping your workspace free!

Ratching Rails and Ratchet WheelThe multi-rail directional-rolling creates even tension on both the widthand depth simultaneously. Easily rotate the rails using the hand wheel,creating even tension on the surface of the fabric.

Introducing THE Dream Fabric Frame, your key to unlocking the true potential of your advanced BrotherTM Sewing and Quilting Machines. Now you can make your workspace virtually endless. THE Dream Fabric Frame includes the SureStitch Stitch Regulator for enhanced stitch creation and control during free-motion sewing. And, when used with Brother machines equipped with multi-function foot controller capabilities, you will enjoy built-in features such as thread cutting and single stitch sewing all at your fingertips.

Made exclusively for Brother by The Grace Company, THE Dream Fabric Frame gives you an expanded workspace for endless creativity and more freedom to create all in a space smaller than you ever dreamed of. Measuring at just 3 feet x 5 feet, its perfect for just about any size room, yet it handles everything from garments to king-sized quilts! Its also versatile mount a new machine easily, in just minutes. THE Dream Fabric Frame opens up an exciting new world of embellishment for your Brothermade machine and accessories. Easily create thread painting, free-motion couching, appliqu, needle felting, and more!

Sewing Machine not included.

THE Ultimate Accessory Fits Virtually Everywhere

Durable and Reliable














just 3 x 5 feet

3 x 5 feet


Stitch RegulationThe customized SureStitchTM Stitch Regulator provides regulatedstitching and utilizes the machines full stitchper minute range. All of this control is right at yourfingertips. How convenient!

Multi-Function Foot Control CapabilitiesFor Brother machines equipped with multi-function foot control capabilities, you can access features thread cutting, single stitch, and needle position up/down at your fingertips.


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