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  • 1. The Birthday PartySceneName: Saryu D. BaraiyaSubject: The ModernistLiterature [Paper IX]Roll No: 25Study: M.A.Year: Semester- IIISubmitted to: Department ofEnglishUniversity: MaharajaKrishnakumarsinhji

2. The Birthday Party SceneHarold Pinter Born: 10th October, 1930 Profession: Play writer,Screenwriter, Actor, Theaterdirector, Poet Nationality: British Nobel Prize winner in 2005 His Most Famous works: NoMans Land, The BirthdayParty, Betrayal, His career begin with theplay, The Room Died: 24th December, 2008 3. The Birthday Party Scene 4. The Birthday Party SceneActual The Birthday Party 5. The Birthday Party Scene The Modern play The absurd play First performed: 28th April, 1958 Three Acts:Act - IAct - IIAct - III 6. The Birthday Party SceneCharacters in Act II: Stanley Webber Meg Boles Petey Boles Lulu Goldberg McCann 7. The Birthday Party SceneStanleysBirthdaypartyStanleydenies foritGame:BlindmensbuffDarknessin theroomLulusrapeLuluscries 8. Thank you.