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If you're looking for an affordable Digital SLR, you have options – a lot of options. Narrow your choices by weeding out the best from the rest. From there, decide what you want – a rugged digital SLR like the Pentax K series, or an out-of-the-box star like the Nikon D series. In this presentation, we'll look at the best affordable Digital SLR models and help you find the right camera for your needs. When you're ready, visit for a great deal.


  • 1. Take Your Best ShotWith the Best Affordable Digital SLRs

2. Affordable BrillianceIn order to get the best possible photos, many people are moving beyond the point-and-shoot and into the realm of the Digital SLR.From there, they often find unfamiliar territory filled with pricy cameras and a bounty of lenses. But take heart - you can move into DSLR territory without breaking the bank. In this presentation, well show you how to do just that, with our short list of the best affordable Digital SLRs. 3. The Canon RebelWhile a pro might go for a Canon EOS 6D, hobbyists will be more than happy with the Canon Rebel. From there, the choice is relatively simple T3i or T4i? 4. Canon Rebel T3iThe Canon Rebel T3i is a great,easy-to-use, versatile camera,perfect for anyone looking to getmore color, life and mega pixelsout of every shot.Shoot brilliant 18 mega pixel stillsand HD video in 1080p.Load up on Canon DSLR lenses, and get the shot you want any time. 5. Canon Rebel T4iAn echelon higher than the T3i, theCanon Rebel T4i allows forcontinuous, high-speed shootingwith 5 FPS (frames per second)and an ISO of 12,800, for greaterlight sensitivity.This makes the T4i perfect forshooting in low light. 6. Nikon D SeriesNikon consistently makes some of the best cameras on themarket. Their D series, including the D3200 and D5100allow for affordability, versatility and out-of-the-boxfunctionality. Which should you get? 7. Nikon D3200The Nikon D3200 represents anexcellent value in the crowdedfield of DSLRs. With a full 24.2mega pixels and 11-point autofocus,this is an out-of-the-box star thatis both versatile and easy to use. 8. Nikon D5100A step up from the 3200, TheNikon D5100 is an affordableDSLR that comes with theadded benefit of being able toshoot from a variety of angles,thanks to a Vari-Angle LCDMonitor.An 11-point auto focus and self-cleaning sensor make thiscamera a low-maintenance winner. 9. Pentax K SeriesThose looking for an affordable Digital SLR for use beyondthe everyday should take a close look at the Pentax Kseries weather sealed cameras. 10. Pentax K-30Adventurers who want a relativelyaffordable camera that can holdits own in harsh elements andtake stunning photos along theway should look no further thanthe Pentax K-30 Weather Sealed Digital SLR.With an ISO of 25,600, the ability to shoot 6 frames persecond and Pentaxs Sensor-Shift Shake Reduction, thisis the camera you want on the trail, on the slopes and onthe river. 11. About CametaCameta Camera is a truebrick-and-mortar camera storein Amityville, NY. Weve beenselling photography equipmentand distilling advice to professionalsand hobbyists alike more than 25 years.For more photography tips, visit our blog at