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The Beauty of Nature. Unitatea şcolară: Grup Scolar “ C.A. ROSETTI” Constanţa Romania Directori: Viorica Crişan, Omer Gulmer. Profesori coodonatori : Anişoara Iordache Cornelia Nicolae Doina Rusu Amelia Munteanu. Ilie Lăcrămioara. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • The Beauty of NatureUnitatea colar: Grup Scolar C.A. ROSETTIConstanaRomania

    Directori: Viorica Crian, Omer Gulmer

  • Profesori coodonatori:Anioara IordacheCornelia NicolaeDoina RusuAmelia Munteanu.Ilie Lcrmioara

  • Elevi participani:Popescu GabrielaXII BILICHIDREANU ALINA GIORGIANA ---XII BANDREI CARLOVA---XIIIC(SERAL)TOB ALEXANDRU---X DCosmina Ifteni -- XI GAlina Bumbac--XIGClaudia Rosu--XB


    Photos by Anisoara Iordache

  • Natural beautyThe beautiful landscape of Romania that A. Russo resembles a fortress with its crown of mountains, surrounded by hills, valleys and plains hemmed south of the Danube, Prut east, north and west of the Tisza rivers converge, which eventually carries its waters into the Danube as all in a big collector.The main rivers in our country: Olt, Mures, three three rivers, tributaries IOR peisasistice offer besides beauty, and many of the soil and subsoil wealth, coveted historically by many proud empires, which by fierce wars attacked "poor rich country" with a desire to enslave us!Elev: Popescu Gabriela Cls a- XII-a Profesor coordonator : Nicolae Cornelia

  • ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTIONWe can say that the environment should be adapted and arranged to meet the needs of individuals, which involves taking the nature of their processing resources and to serve the population.This addict knows a high reciprocity due to the fact that are adapted to the environment more or less and its protection - as a necessity of survival and progress -is a matter of major a nowadays insuarance for social evolution.Accordingly , it is necessary to preserve environmental quality ,reducing negative effects of human activity with its implications.Pollution and depletion of deposits in amounts of renewable materials and rhythms beyond the possibilities of their recovery naturally produced serious imbalances to the planetary ecosystem.The environment protection has been a major problem of the last decade discussed at a world wide level , giving birth to serious debates between the developed contries and also the developing ones.This thing led to the birth of some international organizations which have as main objectives the adoption of solutions fot the decrease of pollution and the increase of the environmental quality level as a whole.ILICHIDREANU ALINA GIORGIANA CLASA : XII a BProfesor coordonator: NICOLAE CORNELIA

  • Oraul meu iubit ase psri sunt pe cer, Una spune: Las-m s te privesc, Constana! Ora cu magic interior, Ora de lacrimi i de dor. Cine oare e ca tine? Ce ascunzi att de bine! - Un mister sltuit, Ce n-a fost descoperit. O veche legend ne ndrum Spre portul mrii-acoloPescruii se adun. Navele vin i se duc Parc portu-i un haiduc Ce-i extinde-n deprtare Existena sa cea mare. ANDREI CARLOVA clasa a-XIII-a CProfesor coordonator: Amelia Munteanu

  • Frumuseea naturii poate da fericire sufletului cci ntre natur, fericire i linite sufleteasc exist o armonie total,greu de diluat.Contemplu un col de natur :simt c fericirea mi curge prin vene. e liniste, e tot ce-i poate dori un suflet dezamgit!

    ELEV TOB ALEXANDRU, DIN CLASA A X-ACoordonator:prof. Donina Rusu

    Colaj realizat de Toba Alexandru

  • Nenorocirea poate fi o punte spre fericire./ proverb persanIn fericire, ca si in nefericire, caracterul omului ales ramane acelasi./proverb persanFericirea i nenorocirea nu au poart; omul ins o caut mereu./ proverb chinezPROVERBE CULESE DE PROF. RUSU DOINA\

  • Haiku de Cosmina Ifteni

    nceput de septembrie... pe leagn o pisic i-o frunz . Plimbri pe falez , In deprtare catarge deschise . Toamn timpurie , Umbrele de soare nchise - Castele stricate.

    Elev: Cosmina Iteni clasa a-XI-a G

    Coordonator: Anisoara Iordache

  • Haiku de Alina Bumbac

    printre ramuri de gutui pisic neagr - amurg in balans. scuturnd nucul ... miorlit . pe jos, nuci i-o pisic . joc cu ghemul de ln , apus de soare rsfirat in vie . gnd de poet , rsrit i-un strigt de pescrupe falez.Alina BumbacClasa a-XI-a G

    Profesor coordonator: Anisoara Iordache

  • Poezie vizuala -Cosmina Ifteni

    Ciugulind clipe de via... Roile scaunului Duc amintirea Unei copilrii ngheate . * Picking moments of life ... Wheels of a chair Leading thought A frozen childhood.. Elev: Cosmina Iteni clasa a-XI-a G PROFESOR coordonator: Anisoara Iordache

  • Poezie Vizuala- Cosmina IfteniCrizanteme mov, Taina nopii n petale, Numai stelele plng * Purple chrysanthemums , Mystery of night in petals , Only the stars cry. Elev: Cosmina Iteni clasa a-XI-a G PROFESOR coordonator: Anisoara Iordache

  • Poezie vizuala- Cosmina IfteniTrandafiri la fereastr , Toamna picur printre frunze Linite i armonie. * Roses at the window , Autumn drop among leafs Peace and harmony. Elev: Cosmina Iteni clasa a-XI-a G PROFESOR coordonator: Anisoara Iordache

  • Poezie vizuala-Alina BumbacTineree departe, Alee plin de gnduri , Printre copaci Numai strigtul clopotului . * Youth far away , Alley full of thoughts , Among trees Only a cry of a bell.

    Alina BumbacClasa a-XI-a GCOORDONATOR- Anisoara Iordache

  • Poezie vizuala-Alin BUMBAC

    Cornul belugului Vars n pia Struguri i mere. Nimic nu e gratis! * Wealth horn Pour in the market Grapes and apples . Nothing is free!

    Alina BumbacClasa a-XI-a G

    Coordonator: Anisoara Iordache

  • HaikuClaudia Rosu

    copilria- zmbet de copilai o amintire. printre nori gri- se ascunde ruinat cercul luminos. dansez singur- ploaia mi fredoneaz poveti de amor.

    Claudia RosuEleva in clasa a-X-a BCoordonator profesor: Ilie Lacramioara