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Beauty in Nature. Andy Goldsworthy. Goldsworthy, A. ( n.d. ).  Andy Goldworthy [Portrait]. Retrieved from - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Beauty in NatureAndy GoldsworthyAndy Goldsworthy is known for making art out of nature. He says I am no longer content simply to make objects; instead of placing works upon a stone, I am drawn to the stone itself. I want to explore the space within and around the stone through a touch that is a brief moment in its life (Goldsworthy, 1994, p. 6).Goldsworthy, A. (n.d.).Andy Goldworthy[Portrait]. Retrieved from

He is interested in combining and bringing out the different parts of one part of nature. He walks around in nature until he finds something that draws him in. He focuses on all aspects of the elements such as texture, color, and character.

Goldsworthy, A. (n.d.).Pebbles Broken & Scraped[Sculpture]. Retrieved from a lot of his works he takes stones and covers them with other elements in nature such as bones, ice, leaves, flowers, sticks, and more. He attaches them together using materials found in nature like clay and water. He also worked with making sculptures out of stones and rocks

Goldsworthy, A. (n.d.).river rock finished with gold leaf[Sculpture]. Retrieved from is temporary

Goldsworthy, A. (n.d.).Icicle Star, joined with saliva[Sculpture]. Retrieved from in nature consists of patterns and texture

Describe its texture6Is a flower art?

What kind of patterns do you see? Describe its texture. 7Vocabulary Composition-the manner in which the parts of a thing are put togetherConstruction-the process, art, or manner of building somethingFocal point-having central or great importanceThree-dimensional-relating to or having the three dimensions of length, width, and height (ex. Cube)

My source was: Merriam-Webster Children's Dictionary. (2008). London: Dorling Kindersley.

Art ProjectConstruct a three-dimensional composition with stones as the focal point. You may use glue or strings to hold your composition together. Use natural objects to create your three-dimensional composition. Use effort in creating your composition. Use stones as the focal point in your composition. Can use any objects found in the buckets in the back.

Show teacher example and demonstrate techniques for gluing and holding things together. 9Safety ProceduresStones and rocks are not to throw at other people.Sticks are not for poking people. Clean up any spills with paper towels.

Drawing time (5 minutes)

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