the altar. understanding the altar the ot altar was a place of sacrifice. the ot altar was a place...

Download The Altar. Understanding The Altar The OT altar was a place of sacrifice. The OT altar was a place of sacrifice. It’s a sacrifice to come to the altar

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  • The Altar

  • Understanding The AltarThe OT altar was a place of sacrifice. Its a sacrifice to come to the altar. Some will bring sacrifices to the altar.The OT altar was a place of death. Some will come to put things to death. Some will come to repent: repentance is death to lifestyle. In all of the above cases, they will need our help.

  • The Altar WorkerGods expectation is that we study his word to become a workman; a workman that needs not be ashamed if hes working. We get trained and in turn, train others so the church can grow.

    2 Tim 2:15 Study to show thyself approved unto God a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

  • The Altar Worker In Mark 16 casting out devils is listed ahead of speaking in tongues as signs that follow believers. Its important that we are well equipped to do Gods work.

  • At The AltarBeing equipped thoroughly is not just knowing the basic Word of God but knowing how to be: Sensitive to the voice of God.How to follow the spirit.How to minister to somebody to receive the Holy Ghost. How to minister to help them with their shame. How to do spiritual warfare. How to have a personal and intimate relationship with God, helping others hunger and thirst for that same relationship.

  • The Workman At The Altar God wants to do His works through you. Each of us has a different gift from God. Our being thoroughly furnished, equipped or complete for every good work is His desire in effectively ministering to others.

    2 Tim 3:17 That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works

  • What We Impart You impart not understanding of knowledge but a spiritual transmission: what they dont have, they now have. Acts 3:6 Peter said, silver and gold have I none but such as I have, give I thee Freely you have received, freely give. You cant give away what you dont have but you can be used of God to give.

  • What You Have - InvestGod expects us to take what weve received and invest it invest it in others lives so that they can take that deposit and gain growth and interest on it for God. This is the will of God. Its the spiritual cycle.

  • Why People Come to the AltarHelp / Problems in life. Healing. Deliverance. Repentance.Receive Gods Spirit.Pray for loved ones / others.

  • Laying It All Down At The Cross What do you want God to do for you today?Do you want God to fill you with the Holy Ghost? Its good for them to say so because saying so strengthens their resolve to be filled.Be sensitive to the spirit leading .. if you dont feel anything move to the next person

  • How People ReceivedActs 2:1 they were all with one accord (same passion, same burden, same voice).Acts 8:14 when they laid hands on them they received the Holy Ghost. Acts 10:34 while he yet spoke the Holy Ghost was poured out. Acts 19:1-7 Paul laid hands upon them and they received the Holy Ghost.

  • What Qualifies You? You must have a sincere compassion and burden for that person. You must have faith theyre going to receive it. Faith is projected like a radio signal. Doubt is transmitted in the same way so believe and do not doubt in your heart. Have faith in God and God will pour out his spirit.

  • What They Battle Fear: afraid they wont get it. They must believe to receive. Doubt: not sure about this. Read Acts 10 for they heard them speak with tongues and magnify God and Peter said can any forbid water that these should not be baptised. They have to repent of their sins.

  • What We Battle Doubt: Too often we substitute physical exercise for faith because our faith is limited. Our limited faith and doubt will be transmitted. We cannot rely on emotions but rather the power that works in us.

  • Observation Did you speak words or sentences you did not understand?Tell them to relax: people who are tense are less likely to receive. Listen put your ear down to their mouth to hear them.

  • Things That Will HinderUnrepented sin. Unbelief/doubt/low self esteem/unworthiness.Unyieldedness/unwillingness to let go.Disobedience/rebellion.FearEvil spiritsIntoxication

  • How To Pray For The SeekerDont lay hands on people too quickly - wait until the anointing comes. When faith comes into your heart that theyre going to receive the Holy Ghost, lay your hand upon their head (and dont do it like they have leprosy or something), do it with faith and authority.

  • Transmitting and ExpectingThere is a transmission when hands are laid upon the head in the proper way. It must be done by faith. When you say: Receive ye the Holy Ghost, expect them to receive it!Dont take your hand off of them until they receive it. Allow faith to come into their heart keep your hand there.

  • Instructions First, repent. You cant get the Holy Ghost without repenting. Speaking in tongues is a process of learning how to submit or yield to God. Encourage them to do this. The spirit gives the utterance but they have got to speak. Encourage them to give the spirit voice. Desire - seeks after God. Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness for they will be filled. Matt 5:6

  • InstructionsGet your attention right on Jesus get your mind on the Lord. Visualize Him. Have faith that God is going to give you the Holy Ghost. Youre going to walk out of here with the Holy Ghost. Worship the Lord the Holy Ghost comes in worship. Halelujah is the highest praise.

  • Instructions God does not respond to begging. Begging does not move God to do anything. God responds to repentance and faith. If they sound like theyre begging, tell them to stop begging but rather believe that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek him. Hell give it when you believe youre going to receive it. This isnt about unworthiness for all have sinned.

  • Actions Toward Receiving Desire him will all your heart; get your attention on Jesus ChristFaith have faith that hes going to give you the Holy Ghost and because of your faithWorship the Lord. When you do these things youll feel an invisible power come near you thats the presence of God to give you the Holy Ghost.

  • Actions Towards Receiving When you feel that power (unction, anointing) in your heart, believe this is it. And as you praise him, your tongue wants to speak words or sentences you cannot understand. Continue to give your voice and forget about saying halelujah or praise the Lord let the Lord put the words in a language that you never learned in school. Thats what we call speaking in tongues.

  • Elements to Receiving Faith is necessary to receive anything from God. Paul reminded the Galatians that they had received the Holy Ghost by believing what they heard. Gal 3:2Jesus said that the spirit will flow through whoever believes in me. John 7:38We must inspire faith in the heart of the seeker.Prayer the Holy Ghost is given in response to believers prayer. Earnestly seek Gods face.

  • Elements to ReceivingObedience Acts 5:32 Peter said God gives the Holy Spirit to those who obey him. The primary purpose for receiving the Holy Ghost is to receive power to witness. Acts 1:8God is ready to empower those who are ready to obey His command to share the gospel with the lost.

  • Elements to ReceivingYieldedness to God is vital to receiving. The seeker should be instructed to yield their entire being to the Lord. This includes their whole mind, body and spirit. Its through yielding that the Holy Ghost can fill the person, take control of their vocal chords, and speak through them in other tongues.

  • Ministering To OthersWorking the altar is about feeling after the spirit on both sides: you seek for a leading while they seek for an infilling. What about those who claim to be born again? Assure them that if they are born again God is ready to flow a river of living spiritual water through them that begins in the belly and comes out of your mouth. John 7:38 Thats the Holy Ghost. Remind them of the promises: everyone who asks receives Luke 11:9-10

  • What Not To DoSpeak in one ear while someone is speaking in the other. Speak when its NOT the Holy Spirit giving you what to say. Leave flesh behind. Block a minister who comes to pray.Shake their heads, yell in their ears, speak in tongues in their ears to where they cant hear their own thoughts.

  • It Is Gods Altar Be respectful of it. Be mindful of it. Be careful with it. Be sensitive in it. Souls are saved, healed and delivered here. The devil wants them to doubt. God wants them to believe.

  • The Altar